Sunday Stash #138 – Liberty Bundles of Love – Part 2 of 3

Give me Liberty or give me … um, well, just give me more Liberty please! These coffers are running over, but trust me that is a good thing for the giveaway that’s going to be happening next week. I hope you can name something you like because it could soon be yours! (hint, hint) When I was standing with Robyn from The Strawberry Thief pulling oodles of fat quarters from her Liberty stash, we came across this graffiti like floral in two colour ways. It’s second from the left in the photos below. I was immediately drawn to it because of its hand drawn nature, originality, and deep saturation. Plus, someone got all Jackson Pollock on it, and Lord knows I love a good alcoholic painter with an ego trip.
So anywhooo, I just thought these two pieces really had potential to be so very different, just like those turquoise belts in The Devil Wears Prada. I set about trying to create fabric bundles that had a masculine versus feminine vibe. I can see pairing this first one with some Art Gallery Pure Elements in Nocturnal or Moonstone to give it a serious, winter sophistication. And those crazy, fuzzy, stripes! Can you imagine using that as a background or neutral? Imagine the pulsating and textural rainbow it would create. Gah! Where is my rotary blade? You could also see any of these as hanky squares in a  suit. 
On the flip side of that masculinity, its sister fabric wanted to be more ribbons in my hair, fields of daisies, and bold saturated colours. She’s a saucy minx and wants everyone to know about it! Y’all know I’m not all about cutesy florals, but there’s a time and place, and I think the colours in all of these mesh well. When working with this bundle I’d really want to pull out the yellows and teals, so I’d combine them all with both, alternating between each as a neutral. My daughter Charlotte would love pillows like these filling her room, so that may be on the to do list soon!
So again, I show you all these because Liberty is so much more than Liberty. It’s a crazy minefield of colour, boldness, man, woman, old and young and The Strawberry Thief has them all. Which ones do you like? I hope you’re starting to figure that one out! (hint hint)

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  1. GranChris says:

    I don't have a blog but I love your Liberty fabrics.

  2. Lisa J. says:

    These are beautiful Molli: Specially love that crazy one in the girly picture on the left.

  3. Jayne says:

    I can be a girly girl, but I really love crazy, wild and WTF kind of prints! The stripes are amazing, but I'm digging the first one on the left! It looks like tiny pixelate squares! Squeal!!

  4. I really love the first grouping of fabrics; the stripes and pixelated prints in particular really speak to me. It is so fun to make mindful pairings and see how different the results can turn out. Much like no two quilters will make a quilt from a pattern. 🙂

  5. Funny, I had to look twice to see which was the same print in different colorways. Amazing what a difference the colors will make. Seriously crushing on the woven looking stripe in the masculine group. yum yum.

  6. Liz says:

    These are such lovely fabrics. I'd always believed that Liberty is on the stuffy-formal-floral-old-lady-ish end of the fabric spectrum, it's nice to see that I was wrong! Big congrats to you and Mr. Sparkles by the way!

  7. The O's says:

    Hmmm… hanky squares… suit… diamonds… I wonder, just wonder where this might be going…
    Love all of these EXCEPT the far right one in the girly grabs, blerch, sorry, that one just doesn't do it for me. I, yeah, no, just can't do it.

  8. SewPsyched! says:

    HAHAHA! Oh, Molli, you just make my heart glad 🙂

  9. Katie says:

    I LOOOVE the floral on the upper right. Straight out of my childhood. Now don’t go telling how old I am! 😉

  10. Congratulations on your engagement !!!! You sure can keep a secret 🙂 About those fabrics – I never would have guessed that all of those are Liberty but I'm no expert. Love those hillside houses and that flower print with the dark background nearby the houses.
    Colleen @

  11. Danielle says:

    that floral graffiti is called "Macleod". I'll see if I have it in the other colourways for you

  12. Julie Beard says:

    Dear Mollie,
    I'm glad your coffers are running over because mine are definitely not!!! After making my recent purchases in the last few days I'm cleaned out. I've layby the sizzix fabi cutter starter kit and purchased 2.5 inch half squared triangle die from one of my favourite stores spotty! Plus I purchased the quick curved ruler at a bargain price at another favourite place that I go. So that I can now make twisted blossom blocks from and several small pieces of fabrics for my insanity quilt project from Face Book. All my fabrics are blue tonal's with some cream or blues on blues or cream with touches of blues with varying light, medium and dark blues tones. So I love seeing your liberty fabrics they brighten my blue's right away. I love your colour selections because one or two of them could fit easily into my current project. I particularly like: A boy Dreams A, Karter B and Macleod A they are all stunning. So I've decide to sign up for Strawberry Thief's newsletter. So that I too can dream of owning Liberty Fabrics at some stage once all my current projects are out of the way.

  13. greeneggs says:

    Your blog posted prompted me to finally get off my ass and buy some liberty. Photos of it online tend to be a bit lacklustre and underwhelming. 'Why all the fuss?' I thought. 'Must be more to this than the photos show' I thought. So I went to TST website and ordered 4 fat quarters. Order arrived within a week or so. *drool. You've fueled another fabric obsession!

  14. greeneggs says:

    oh, and ps congrats on your engagement!

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