Sunday Stash #127 – Two Greens & A Brown

Whew, I got my order from Intrepid Thread right in the nick of time for this week’s Sunday Stash! These greens are Kona Sour Apple and Kona Leprechaun, and let me tell you, they were not easy to choose. How do y’all do it when looking at your Kona card? Those little swatches are just big enough to make me think I know what I want, and just small enough to make it impossible to decide. Please don’t use my photo to reference your colours though, the lighting here today was wackadoo!
Oh, and look, I bought some brown fabric! Gasp! In another modern quilting universe the Earth just stopped spinning. I know. This is American Brand Made solids in get this, brown. You can’t help but chuckle now when you wind up with fabric that doesn’t have a marketing name like chestnut, mocha or sable. Those Kona peeps be gettin’ creative!
Don’t ask me what I’m making with these because it’s all top secret and stuff. So top secret that I won’t be able to share it with you until next April. For realz, I’m now working towards deadlines a year in advance. Yeah, blows my mind too, I could be dead by then. With that thought I best get busy!

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  1. Clumsy Chord says:

    I love brown fabric… not nearly enough getting used out there! Also, I did a green and brown quilt earlier this year, so naturally I think it's a great combo 😉 (Mine was really more grellow than green, though… I kind of diverged from the new mama's nursery plans.)

    I kind of hate the little squares on the Kona colour card – it's just not big enough! I'd really like at least a 2-inch square because sometimes you don't really get a very good read on the colour in those little squares. I have a tendency to buy the two or three that seem most likely, and then to choose from them once they arrive. There's a lot of kind of greyed out colours mixed into the Kona colour wheel and it's not always obvious in a square inch swatch.

  2. V Hair says:

    How weird – I just bought some Lepruchaun and Brown too! I have a Kona colour card and sometimes struggle to differentiate between shades on it. Particularly the greens and creams. im not sure you can be cream/green colour blind…

  3. Brown?! WTF. Not you buying it… I'm sure you'll glitter it up or something… but it simply being called brown. Unacceptable. Didn't those colour designers have Crayolas? Colours are supposed to have names. Lipstick, nailpolish, paint, fabric…. you name it. Literally.

  4. Jayne says:

    Do you find it hard to get motivated for a 'top secret' project that isn't due for so long? For some reason I have fallen out of love with greens. Weird how that happens. But I love the sour apple!

  5. I had a hardware shop. I refused to sell this shade of paint…."Mission Brown" because everyone painted all their woodwork this colour! E-e-uw! But now I just think.."chocolate!!" Which you can't have enough of…

  6. Kitty says:

    Wow, brown!? I am SO not a brown person, I'm really curious to see what you create. And next April, eh? Getting started on my birthday present a year in advance?! Fab! You're so thoughtful! Speaking of birthdays, no sign of baby night quilter yet… he very well might share a birthday with you (and his uncle!)!

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