Juki, the AQC and Me!

I just can’t hold it in any longer! I have no idea what I was waiting for (pinch me it can’t be real!), but today is the day I must tell you my most very ecstatic news. I am now a Juki Brand Ambassador! I mean, I’ve always thought I was something of the sort considering how many times I’ve recommended the brand. However, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago, when I got synced up with Mr. Chow Song Jie from Juki Singapore that this shit got real, y’all.
First, I simply must give a big thank you to the Gresch family at Sewing Machine Warehouse in Penrith for making that connection happen. I met the Gresch family at the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair last year when they saw me demonstrating my Juki TL-98P near the front of the entrance hall. We’ve had long, deep and meaningful convos since then about how Juki fits into the meaning of life. Oh, it plays an intrinsic part, trust you me!
So when the news broke that Juki representatives were coming to Australia they immediately reached out to see if I would be interested in meeting with them. Um, YES. They brought Chow over to my place for coffee and some of Mr. Sparkles’s irresistible coconut and blueberry cake. I’m absolutely sure that was the secret weapon! After getting to know each other for a few hours (including a time-stopping trip into my sewing studio), Chow agreed that I would be perfect as a Juki Brand Ambassador. Maybe those weren’t his exact words–he’s the strong-silent type–but I could tell from his body language that he was all about it!
So what does this all even mean? Well number one, it means I get to keep on keeping on in preaching the Juki gospel! Except now, I get to wrap myself in royal blue sequins and glitter and show you how good it feels to sew at speeds of 1500 stitches per minute. It also means I’ll be attending the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne on April 16-19. You’ll find me demonstrating the love of my life, my Juki TL-98P in Stand 104. Besides the TL-98P, there’s going to be the Juki Quilt Virtuoso Pro TL-2200 QVP 18″ Longarm Machine on demo in the same booth. It’s not even coming to Australia until September, but you can check it out with me at the AQC!
What it means most of all though, is that I finally get to meet the Melbourne Glitterati! I think I’ll just bring every single work-in-progress I have, and demonstrate on how to finish them. Or gurl, maybe you can help me finish them?! I got piecing, I got FMQ-ing, I got binding, take your pick!  Please do come say hello! I want lots of photos, and lots of Juki test driving! 

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  1. Ah! Happy days!! Can't wait to hear about all the goss from Melbs 🙂

  2. Sooli says:

    Exciting news indeed! Wish I was going and I'd definitely pop in for a bit of FMQing on your Juki! Watch you don't get those blue sequins caught in your bobbin!

  3. Heather J says:

    Congratulations! This is awesome news. Hmm, must figure out how to swing a trip to your country to see you in action.

  4. That is super exciting and congratulations! They are lucky to have such a passionate and enthusiastic and sparkly ambassador. 🙂

  5. Jayne says:

    That is so cool…congrats! I love your enthusiasm!

  6. Carol Q says:

    clever Molli Sparkles. congratulations and well deserved! x

  7. The O's says:

    This I feel, is just the beginning my dear. Well done you and well done Juki. x

  8. SewPsyched! says:

    I am so thrilled for you!!! Woohoohoo!!! Up and on, up and on!!!

  9. Congrats!!! I'm a Jukista, does that make you a Jukeester? Hmmm, maybe not the best choice. How about a Jukiteer?

  10. Sha-wing! I'm local so I'll see you there!

  11. Honey, you got it all!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy to hear about your new found stardom. I can see it all now…..you enter, stage left, garbed in a stunning royal blue number, covered in sequins, pearls and rhinestones, and glide over to your seat next to the Magnificent Flying Juki. You are speechless, when you notice that your chair has been covered with the very best of velvets and satins, all generously sprinkled with, you guessed it….GLITTER!!!!! Your fingers fly over the Juki, programming, this, that and everything, finishing everything you have brought with you, and the crowd is on their feet, cheering and cheering, until they can't cheer any more. Then, when you are exhausted and can't possibly sew another thing….YOU WAKE UP!!!!! Wish I was able to be there, but I know you'll be the star of the show! lv2bquilting2@comcast.net

  12. marina clark says:

    Hold still beating heart, Molly Sparkles in the FLESH…. Will be there. Come to Melbourne my pretty we may never let you go…

  13. Very cool! So happy to hear! I must confess though … I was engrossed in the article until my fat chick eyes saw "coconut and blueberry cake." Um … what? Wher are THOSE photos?!

  14. Onya Molli Sparkles! We love you.

  15. Congrats!!! WOW and WOW!!! That is so cool and I know you will be perfect for the job!!! I look forward to hearing about all your Juki adventures!!! Go get em!!!

  16. Terrific sense those Juki folks have! Congratulations!

  17. leica mom says:

    You, Molli Sparkles, will singlehandedly redefine JUKI.

  18. Julie says:

    Fabulous my dahling! Wish I lived in OZ so I could see you all the time instead of once a year 🙂

  19. Susie says:

    Congrats! How wonderful?! I'll pop by and see you in action.

  20. kiwikid says:

    Wonderful news..congratulations!! Will call by and say hello and see yourself and Juki!!

  21. Beth Strand says:

    I'm so excited for you! I'm a Bernina girl, myself, but I do respect sewing machine diversity! 😉 Big, big, big congratulations! Beth @ Words & Stitches

  22. Ali W says:

    I think this is fantastic news! You absolutely deserve this kind of recognition and I think you will be a great ambassador for Juki and be quite accessible to all kinds of quilters. Of course I am seething with envy, but I shall direct that energy to producing great quilts of my own and pestering my husband to buy me a Juki for our anniversary. After all I will have put up with his motorsport obsession for 15 years soon!! LOL. Congratulations!!

  23. Laurelle says:

    Wow I get back from the bush camping in dirt and grime with seven kids to read this ! The most exciting news! Molli Sparkles will be at the AQC ! Ha Ha. I am working at a friends booth so will see you there! Wait till I tell the kids. I can feel the eyerolling from them coming on. Oh and the Juki thing awesome too, congratulations. You deserve it.

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