Winners’ Circle

It’s time to announce the winners of two recent giveaways. Now normally I’d just head to, grab a number and it’d be a done deal. Well not today, folks, not today! I’m bored with random numbers so it’s time to do things differently. The first giveaway was for a copy of Amy Garro’s new book, Paper Pieced Modern.

I asked you to tell me what colour(s) you’d use to make this quilt. Well, my favourite response was from americanadian, so I’m declaring her the winner! I think with her clear vision of this quilt, she definitely deserves a chance to make it. Americanadian, I’ll be in touch via email!

The next giveaway was for a fat quarter bundle of Kim Anderson’s new fabric range, Tidal Lace. I’ve now made 16 tide pool blocks, and started piecing my own quilt top together from this range. I’m quite chuffed with how sophisticated it feels, while still maintaining a traditional vintage vibe. I think you’ll have plenty of opportunity to let your creative hearts wash over you with this range.

For this giveaway, I asked my AU/NZ readers to simply provide a colour palette or design style that makes you uncomfortable. Well, I laughed out loud when I read Mel’s comment below. A broccoli quilt?! Can you even? I have to agree, though, some fabrics should not be allowed to go into production, and broccoli fabric is certainly one of them! So for providing the most interestingly bad suggestion, Mel wins this round!
Thanks everyone for playing! Who knows how the next round of winners will be selected, but keep your answers interesting and it might just be you! 

4 Responses

  1. V Hair says:

    A broccoli quilt sounds awesome – and so much better than the vegetable!

  2. memmens says:

    I like your style, there's nothing wrong with making people 'work' for a giveaway, I've hosted a few where people think that they can leave a random comment rather than answering the question – they never win 😉

  3. carla says:

    Hi!!!! Too funny!!!!! I love it!!!!! Congrats to the winners!!!! Thank You

  4. Katy Cameron says:

    You totally have to make a broccoli quilt now…

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