Sunday Stash #111 – Delusional David

Honeys, babes, dahlings! I just arrived back from California this morning on a cloud of pixie dust and  adrenaline. After only spending five days there, is it possible to be jet lagged now from the jet lag I experienced upon my arrival? The way my fuzzy head is feeling, I think so! Even though this was technically a work trip, I spent some quality time with quilty friends, and met some of the fabulous Glitterati at the Intrepid Thread on Friday. I’ll tell you all about it next week after I’ve finished unpacking all of my fabric purchases. (There may or may not be a lot of them, depending on if Mr. Sparkles is reading this).
Today, I’m sharing with you a few David Butler surprises that have been lingering in my stash waiting for their grand debut! These are from Shaman, Vagabond, Empire, and World Tour. I knew eventually I’d have enough new odds and ends for them to hang out together in their own post. Gosh, I really need to just start cutting into these beauties, but I can’t decide if David likes to play with himself, or with others? I’m hoping he likes to play with others, mmm hmmm!
I’m still completely smitten with that rust-coloured World Tour print. Anyone that has fabric with their initials as a motif has arrived to the party and is serving face like a god-damned diva! Tell me, you divine human beings out there, would you use fabric that had “MS” sprinkled throughout? How about “Glitterati” or other sparkly catch-phrases? Let’s ponder this together! 

I want to give a special shout-out to Jack who I sat next to on the airplane. I felt like I was talking to my nineteen year old self, and I just wanted to share with him everything I’ve learned about life. If you’re reading, you definitely left an impression, and I wish you nothing but the best on your journey! 
For the rest of the Glitterati, never forget to spread love wherever you are. You could be changing someone’s life with the flick of a tray table, and you don’t even know it. Love your neighbour as much as your fabric!

10 Responses

  1. One Wee Bird says:

    Jesus a 5 day turn around trip just about negates the jet lag altogether….you're back before your body knows you've left!! LOL

  2. memmens says:

    I'd never noticed that DB before – how funny, nothing wrong with a bit more self promotion!

  3. Well, you do share initials with a certain American domestic/lifestyle guru! Surely you can make use of that… there must be products out there sporting her initials!

  4. Susan says:

    Certainly time you had your own fabric line – I was thibking more the other MS (Multiple Sclerosis) maybe you need to use / create a middle name???

  5. AMM says:

    And the Glitterati love text fabric! Perhaps with a sprinkle of very on trend metallic touches throughout? Other text could include sparkle, truth tea, #hastag, fabulous, we are $ew worth it. For starters

  6. Mmm yes, something snazzy please and it must contain the word "Snap!"

  7. Alicia Key says:

    Love the 2 in the first picture. Are those knits or quilting cottons?

  8. Katy Cameron says:

    Oh I've met some awesome people on planes, and some that have had me laughing days later (however unintentionally ;o) )

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