A Proud Dad II

How special is it when you get to sew with a loved one? I find it so, so rewarding, especially when you haven’t had to tie them to the chair, threaten their lives with your seam ripper, or ask that they at least pretend to enjoy basting your hexies with a smile rather than a look of sheer terror on their face. So, so rewarding. 
Well, that happened this weekend, y’all! My daughter Charlotte came over for a visit, and she needed an emergency birthday gift for her mum. Now, I could have made something for her to gift, but it wouldn’t have had that same “I made this for you…” ring to it. Instead, I suggested Charlotte make her mum a pillow; I would only direct and teach, and she would construct. She eagerly agreed. Charlotte raided the blue scrap bins to match her mum’s bedding, I suggested half-square triangles, and we were off! 
This was 13 year-old Charlotte’s first time making an entire project by herself, and colour me impressed. I promise, I didn’t do a stitch of this pillow! She cut all her fabrics, made all the HSTs, trimmed all thirty-six of them, laid out the design, stitched them all together, ironed and nested her seams appropriately, quilted the pillow-top, squared it up, assembled it to the top-stitched seamed backing fabric, turned it inside out and viola: 16″ pillow, thank you very much. 
Girl’s got skills. Proud doesn’t even begin to describe. You can read about our last sewing adventure in my original “A Proud Dad” post. Maybe this could be a series, at least, I hope so.

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(Am I allowed, even if I didn’t make this?)

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  1. Debbie says:

    SO sweet! And beautiful to boot!

  2. wow! Very impressive! I was scared to even try all those little pointy bits for the first few years. She did a beautiful job! And a she is a beautiful young woman too ! You have good reason to be proud .

  3. Charlotte says:

    what a beautiful pillow! Could she make me one? 😉

  4. Cathy says:

    Awesome! I keep hoping my daughter will eventually show an interest. But so far, not. Charlotte did an excellent job!!

  5. Pat says:

    Excellent job! You have multiple reasons for being proud.

  6. Carol Q says:

    fab cushion defo a quilter in the making!

  7. Sew beautiful!! And the pillow is too!!

  8. Katy Cameron says:

    Excellent, chip off the old block there!

  9. Jean(ie) says:

    Yay Charlotte! It's a beautiful pillow! And to Dad: you have a beautiful daughter!

  10. Your daughter made a lovely pillow. You are a lucky dad

  11. That is fantastic, you must be so proud!!
    I think you need to come to Adelaide and do some classes, I'm a bit hopeless with matching up my seams!!! 🙂
    Go on, you know you want to hehe

  12. Christine S says:

    What a gorgeous pillow!

  13. Excellent job! Mum's gunna love it.

    I also read A Proud Dad I. You are one lucky man, and that is one lucky girl, to get to have each other in your lives.

  14. Julie says:

    Wow – you'll be able to have special sewing weekends and fabric shopping trips together. Beautiful cushion.

  15. The O's says:

    are you surprised! I'm not, with such talent flowing through her veins I'd say hang on to your hot pink fedora coz she's got it in her sights lol! Well done Charlotte, I hope Mum likes it!

  16. Am L says:

    Wow, Charlotte did a great job! You must be a very proud dad!

  17. Vera says:

    Neat. HSTs were a great choice.

  18. Louise B says:

    Well I'm just plain jealous! Neither of my two are interested in sewing in the slightest. I love Charlotte's cushion.

  19. Lovely! (the pillow AND the daughter!)

  20. Girl totally has skillz! That's amazing!

  21. Sooli says:

    Noice! Loving the blue fabrics, great job Charlotte!

  22. Awesome job, Charlotte! The color placement is wonderful… and of course props to dad for great coaching and having such a delectable scrap bin to wade through : )

  23. TexPat says:

    I echo Louise B! Neither of my girls are interested in sewing. Charlotte is lovely and does beautiful work!

  24. She has your eye for colour! I love the subtlety of the star.

  25. Sam says:

    A fabulous job Charlotte! Well done. Wish I could get my daughter interested but she would rather stick pins in her eyes than fabric at the moment. I guess I ought to cut her some slack, I never discovered sewing until was 44!

  26. gorgeous! Of course you are proud! Great color choices!

  27. Charlotte did a fantastic job!

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