Sunday Stash #77 – FiFi’s Fabricology

Make sure you head over to Quirky Hannah for today’s link up and giveaway! She’ll be going live a bit later today when it is actually Sunday in her neighbourhood. For now, you can drool over my fabric, just as long as you bring your own wet nap…
I’ve got an “I fell off the wagon”-sized stash to share with you today! Now, technically, I don’t own a wagon, nor did I make any promises to stay on it for that matter. What I do know is that my wagon holds a whole lotta fabric, and I’ll gladly take it with me anywhere.
The latest place I filled it up was at Fifi’s Fabricology on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. It was my first time to Fifi’s, but whoa, am I glad I tracked this place down. Honestly, it’s not easy to find: go through the city, past suburbia, around the hill, down the lane, and follow the gravel road all the way to paradise. But once you’re there, you can see why people never leave.
This is the view from the front steps of Fifi’s Fabricology. Can you believe it? Could you imagine working in a more serene environment? I swear Bambi must be hiding in that grove of trees over there! Oh, but you know I didn’t let this view distract me for long; I was banging on their doors at exactly 9am to let. me. in. (I think I even beat Ms. Fifi herself into her own shop!)
Now, if you haven’t been to Fifi’s you best be planning your trip right now. There is a sale room. Not a sale section, you heard me right, a sale room. It’s not filled with dusty fabric from 1997 either. It’s chocker-block full of the best of recent designer lines that you’re now unlikely to find on your fave American fabric sites. I saw plenty of Vintage Modern in there for those of you still chasing after Bonnie & Camille!

I was on a mission to gather some Kate Spain yardage to join in on Ms. Midge’s Kate Spain charm square swap. Oh, and that sale room delivered! I picked up pieces from Central Park, Terrain, and Cuzco. Previously, I wasn’t a huge Kate Spain fan, the florals and over-saturated pinks put me off. However, after I started playing with her fabrics from all the ranges, I realised how well they coordinated together. I love getting outside my own comfort zone (that’s how we grow!) and this seems like a colourful place to do so.

There must have been some sort of time-space continuum happening in that sale room because when I finally made it out, my head was spinning, and I was sporting one of those trendy Jesus beards. (Seriously, what’s up with those!?) Anyway, I staggered into the main site of Fifi’s Fabricology and nearly fell on the floor. Fabric everywhere. Everywhere. My eyes didn’t know where to look first.

I avoided the huge selection of Kaffe (for my own self-preservation), and found the grey ombre from V. & Co. that I need to finish up my Colour Drain quilt top. I also found some additional sale fabrics in the remnant bin, including the last of this Oh My! by Sanae for Moda, Poppy Fields yardage and fat quarter. Ever since I made this block out of the black colour way, I’ve wanted more of it to use as a quilt backing. At this stage, the front of the quilt doesn’t even matter!

Oh, and then I of course sniffed out some Parson Gray. Don’t think for a hot pink second that Mr. Butler would elude me in a place like this. I was pleasantly surprised to see bolt after bolt of his fabrics at Fifi’s. She must have a hot day-um type o’ thing for him too!

Then, I kind of went into a daze, and just started adding stuff to the cutting table. All I needed was this cookies n’ cream style Oval Elements from Art Gallery, but for some reason I bought the silver and black as well. I already had them at home! Sigh. Knowing I could no longer see straight, it was time to high tail it out of there! I was drunk on fabric!

I made it back to the car clingy all this goodness tightly to my chest, only to find my work colleague passed out in the front seat. Note to self, don’t leave the windows rolled up while shopping for fabric. After a quick, sharp slap to the face, I had him driving us back up that country lane back to reality! Now that I know how to get there though, frequent trips to the Gold Coast may be in order!
What you need to know:
The sale room is 30% off.
The sale room end of bolt is 40% off.
I may have bought nearly all of the Kate Spain.
Fifi and team are delightful, knowledgeable, and professional.
There’s a full range of notions, books, designer, basic blender, Kaffe, batik, and solid fabrics. 

22 Responses

  1. MsMidge says:

    Love your work. Welcome to the Kate Spain appreciation society of Australia.

  2. Auntie Pami says:

    Just wait until you see her new line.

  3. amy says:

    parson gray SWOON. that's how i feel about that. and love the pure elements ovals! i hadn't seen just those three together before; they're superb.

  4. Jenny says:

    I buy fabric I already have all the time. And usually on purpose. P.S. I received your sweet envelope in the mail. I thanked you on IG, but just in case you didn't see it, I wanted to thank you again.

  5. FF has a stall at the Perth Craft and Quilt Market this weekend – I was sooooo excited to see them there! For one small moment I wasn't in Kansas any more …

  6. The O's says:

    when, prey tell, are you going to start doing shopping tours!

  7. Charlotte says:

    blimey! It's a bit far for me to travel, but I'm thinking it's worth it!

  8. quirkyhannah says:

    No one can resist Kate Spain! Lovely additions and just wish I could get my hands on some vintage modern.

  9. Kate Spain says:

    Your entry is so funny and well-written … I'm still laughing! Looks like you found some Fandango too. I must get down to Fifi's when I visit your country for a marathon quilt-communities tour one of these days. ūüôā Thanks again … and, as you might say, "Sparkle On!" Thanks too to Melissa (Ms. Midge).

  10. Mara says:

    Sounds like an awesome shop to find in Australia! loving the cookies and cream AGF oval, first time seeing that colorway.

  11. crossquilt says:

    I'm loving every piece you featured here. What a great find! I'm so drooling over that first grouping. Just love…..

    Crystoll at aol. Dot. Com

  12. Great new additions to your stash! They're all absolutely gorgeous!!

    ~ Jess ~
    Everything Is Coming Up Rosie

  13. You must have been in there quite some time! Was well worth it though!

  14. Patti K says:

    You are wonderful! I discovered you through a link when you wrote the we are sew worth it entry. I'm so happy I did! You make me laugh every day. Your entries are so well written, I laugh out loud. I recently went back to the beginning and read every entry. Love from Cape Cod, Massachusetts

  15. Pat says:

    Your fabric is definitely drool worthy!

  16. Oh my! You really scored! LOVE the Kate Spain! And love Fifi's, too! Totally hear you on the Kaffeeklatsch self preservation thingy. (I commented before but I think it was swallowed into some black hole.)

  17. You ought to make some pajamas for yourself made out of some of Mr. Butler's fabric.

  18. Jane says:

    Its a real fabric shop that also does swift on line mail order! Loving your enthusiasm

  19. Your adventure sounds marvelous! Central Park was the first precut set I ever bought when I started quilting : ) Curious: what are the blue, orange and pink tone-on-tone sort of chyrsanthemum looking prints? I love them!

  20. Laurelle says:

    Ha ha . I found Fifi's last year whilst visiting QLD. I made poor hubby hire a car and drive me there from Surfers. It certainly is a hike and I remember a few disagreements in the car on the way as I was sure we must be going completely the wrong way and feeling like we were in the middle of nowhere…. in the mountains! It is a gorgeous spot luckily cause there was no way Husband was coming in with me. He waited and enjoyed the view (Outside the car, I mean it's Qld and Hot! ) Fifi was in the middle of moving into her new larger shop and wasn't actually open the day I went but she told me to come right on down anyway. So nice of her. I would have loved to go last week while we were up that way but I seriously need to go on a fabric diet and use up some of what I have already. Maybe next year. Glad you enjoyed it and I love your purchases.

  21. Katy Cameron says:

    The Gold Coast AND a fabric shop? Jealous…

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