Sunday Stash #64 – Beep. Yes, Again.

“Hey, my lovelies! Yes, I’m traveling again! But this time, I’m on my way to something really special! I’ve got my sequinned shoes on, and I’m somewhere over the Pacific Ocean bound for the Intrepid Thread. You can catch me there at 3pm on Sunday, and we can shop and par-tay together! 
This week Sunday Stash is hosted by Ms. Sarah from Mila + Cuatro. I do hope you check out her blog and link up some of your own stashed goodies. As soon as I land, I know I will be! 
A couple of weeks ago, I did a fabric swap with IG: goneaussiequilting for some AMH Field Study Specimen in Royal Purple that I had stashed away for no good reason. In return I received these two amazing fat quarters of fabrics I am much more likely to use. The irony is that I bought that AMH as a total impulse buy when I was at the Intrepid Thread last year. It was meant to be!
These next two photos are of fabrics that were a total shock to little miss me. When I wrote my costing article for Sew Mama Sew, I did it purely because they were interested, and I had more to say. After I submitted it, I found out it was going to be sponsored by Contemporary Cloth, and with that came a $60 gift certificate. I best be writin’ more often! Big glittery hugs to Sondra for her generosity!
So I stalked her shop for a few days and finally decided on buying these half-yard cuts of Art Gallery Pure Elements and these two-yard cuts of Essex Yarn Dyed Linen. I’d been scoping that linen out for a while (will make a perfect accompaniment to all those Japanese fabrics I’ve been collecting!) so I’m thrilled I finally got some in bulk. For all you experts out there, does it combine well with normal weight quilting cotton? Any advice before I start cutting it up? Quilt worthy?
Okay, I’m probably onto my third bloody mary by now, so wish me safe travels, a fabulous par-tay, and make sure you visit and link up with Sarah at Mila + Cuatro! Byeeeee!”
P.s. Was that the longest message ever?

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  1. Cheryl says:

    I have combined Essex linen with regular quilting solids no problem. I have heard of some people having fraying issues so if you could always use a larger seam allowance and/or finish the seam edges.

  2. Auntie Pami says:

    I'm so jealous! I miss California!

  3. Katy Cameron says:

    Hope you're having yet another fun trip (she says, through gritted teeth). Enjoy the new stash – Linen tends to fray in bigger bits than quilting cotton as the weave is thicker, so it looks more dramatic when it does it, but if should be fine.

  4. wipgirl says:

    I've heard a lot of people complain about fraying with the Essex linen (and even popping seams in the wash, where it had frayed and then pulled apart), but I've never had problems with mixing it with regular quilting cotton. I think maybe you just need to watch your seam allowances, aim for a little more true quarter rather than scant quarter, if you can.

    Anyway, love those FQs you traded for! I wouldn't know what to do with the one with the words on it, but it looks pretty great!

  5. Regina Rose says:

    So close yet so far away!! Are you going to be at the intrepid thread today, the 23rd?

  6. Look out California! I've never used the linen before, but I have read that it can fray quite a bit after washing, so quilters have used up to a 1/2" seam allowance and/or zig-zag-ed the edges.

  7. Kaesey says:

    I've used Essex Linen with nice quilting cottons and it was fine. Actually, combining linen and cottons is a favorite trick of mine! Just make sure to wash and dry both fabrics so you take care of any shrinkage differences ahead of time.

  8. I'm intrigued by the dotty fabric in the first photo. Thanks for linking up to my/your linky!

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