Sunday Stash #60 – Wrinkle-Free

If you’re looking to link up to Sunday Stash, you need to head right on over to Sarah’s place at Sarah Quilts. She’s doing guest-hosting duties this week, including a grand giveaway, and fashionably-late me is still figuring out what to wear. The good news is that my clothes will be wrinkle-free!

After nearly burnin’ this place down last Sunday with my iron, Mr. Sparkles took me shopping for some new gear. I’m the first to admit I am hesitant to change, and probably would have tried to re-assemble the iron ashes had he not dragged me out the door. After many friends recommended Oslio or Philips brands, I had a lot to think about.

I needed to buy my iron on Sunday so that Mr. Sparkles could have crisp white shirts for work come Monday. Since I would have had to mail order the Oslio, that got rejected. That left the Philips Azur GC4855. I found it “on sale” for $80 at a local homewares store, Harvey Norman. It was regularly priced at $130, so it was seemingly a good buy. (Does anyone else think they mark things up, just so they can mark them down!?) On our way home Mr. Sparkles wanted to stop at Target to look around at ironing boards. Well, heavens to Betsi, would you believe they were on sale, too!? The big, giant, silver one was 20% off at $63! Well, that, of course, had to come home with us. So thank you Mr. Sparkles for fulfilling my ironing dreams.

I can also report that the iron is so far, so good. So much so, that I already burned my finger. Nope, not from the iron. Nuh uh. I burned it finger-pressing the fabric after I had ironed it! Have you ever? Confirming it gets hot, hot, hot, so I’d say it is working! Y’all will be the first to know if any shenanigans pop up!
See you at Sarah Quilts! (Who is in the US, so the link-up will be available a little later than usual).

Oh, and Happy Australia Day!

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  1. You can actually buy the Oslio at Spotlight! I was really annoyed when I saw them there because only a couple of weeks prior I had bought a new iron thinking I would never be able to have an Oslio, which I had been eyeing off from other bloggers. I didn't even think of Spotlight as a place to go for iron shopping 🙁

  2. MsMidge says:

    I really need a new ironing board cover. I see all these pretty ones people make, but then I think I don't want to waste good fabric on it! lol

  3. Glinda ♥ says:

    I never get the chance to get attached to an iron 🙁 I am the ultimate Iron Destroyer – I'm lucky if they last me a year … next time (cos there'll be one!), I'll try yours – does it come in pink?!

  4. Susie says:

    Ha! I THINK I need a new one too. There is so much chatter around about irons at the moment. Mine was hubby's back in his military days. We are talking 20 yrs old! I think I deserve one (although I am not allowed to touch his shirts – not military-crisply-perfect enough for him if I do them – fine by me)

  5. Kacey says:

    I burn my finger on freshly-ironed fabric all.the.time! Glad I'm not the only one!

  6. I thought you were going to say you burned your finger on your tush because you are so 'hot' for getting such amazing deals! Seriously though, watch you don't scorch your fabric, I've done it! Usually when I use too much steam then iron out all the moisture. Happy ironing!

  7. Leanne says:

    I hope you make a nice cover for that ironing board, just put it on top of the useful grey one. I need a new iron, my Oslio died. I am sure it is not its fault, I press a lot of fabric.

  8. I am having the strongest urge to iron something right now.

  9. Jane S. says:

    I love ironing. Seriously. In fact I've suffered "ironer's elbow" more than once because I had a cheap, crappy iron that wasn't heavy enough to actually press anything flat. Now I've got an Oliso and it is the best iron I've ever had!…hmmm, I could use a new ironing board too…you're a terrible influence! xoxo

  10. Am L says:

    Did you ever imagine you would get excited over a new ironing board and iron? I burn my finger on fabric fairly frequently. You would think I would learn after the first time. : )

  11. You somehow made ironing look glamorous.

  12. I have never been obsessed about irons and iron boards until I started quilting. It's ridiculous and wonderful all at the same time! And I've totally burned my finger, and my hand, from pressing it on the fabric after ironing. I do it repeatedly, because I have to touch the fabric after ironing. Crazy. Happy Australia Day to you!

  13. ronsondalby says:

    Not all the Spotlight stores sell the Oliso unfortunately. My local only has one iron and it's a cheap and nasty Semco. I ordered an Oliso last Thursday with Express Post and it should've arrived last Friday. Thanks to the inefficient Australia Post, it's been sitting just 15 kms away since Friday lunchtime. Grrr …

    When I started quilting last July, I bought a reasonably expensive Breville with 'ion-activated ceramic coating' but I found it does not glide very easily on fabric like my Coles $29 Sunbeam with stainless steel bottom plate. The Oliso also has a stainless bottom plate and I've got my fingers crossed it will slide easily too. The Sunbeam doesn't have auto-off and as my iron is on all day, that's a no-no.

    Testing lots of irons last week, I didn't like any of the Teflon-coated ones. Stainless steel seems to be the best despite having to regularly clean the base.

    (PS The reply option to individual replies doesn't work for me. Probably because my browses won't let me run javascript for security reasons.)

  14. ronsondalby says:

    By the way, the Oliso was $148 including Express Post. I hope it's worth it. That price appears to be cheaper than US prices (Amazon $170, Missouri Star Quilt Company $200) which is a nice change. We also get the 2400w model not the 1800w US one. Yes, I'm excited! Can't wait for postal courier tomorrow morning. 🙂

  15. JB says:

    I'm approaching my iron with extreme caution after your story!

  16. Mara says:

    Nice iron, yes I do think they mark things up before "marking them down".

  17. Katy Cameron says:

    I think Mr Sparkles needs to take you out more ;o) But have fun with the new toys!

  18. jeifner says:

    We've got two Sunbeams, I believe. The cheap $20 one and a higher end one. They both work a charm with the cheaper one being lighter so for pressing I sometimes switch out. I do have to check them and clean the bottoms regularly as they spit brown water if they're not 100% clean. We tried the more expensive brands and they all seemed to die anyway in a year.

  19. jeifner says:

    p.s. Did you know some iron companies consider 8x's a year "heavy" iron usage?

  20. mumasu says:

    I do love a stainless steel bottom!

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