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There’s all sorts of things happen’ up in here, y’all! Between all of the sewing, shenanigans, and sa-weet pumpkin pie, I decided it was time to smarten myself up a bit. So I took the sweat pants off (Honey, I know, one day is okay, but two? Just, no.), smoothed the wrinkles out, got the hair did, and the world is now mine once again. So how do I look?

These are my two new logos that you’ll start to see floating around this space, including the banner at the top of If you’re looking for that perfect tattoo after a drunken, girls-night out, I think you’ve found it! Just sayin’!
So what else is goin’ on? Well, tomorrow I’m hosting Finding Fifth’s popular Sunday Stash. And let me tell you now, you don’t want to miss this one, because there is a very exciting announcement, along with some incredible fabric. I’m such a show off!

I also have to let you know that Ms. Midge is hosting a Cushion for Christmas Blog Hop starting tomorrow and running through to Friday, December 13th. The premise is that we all had to make cushions in a day to show that you can too. This was my first cushion ever, so come back on Wednesday to see what I got up to! (Oh, and there are prizes to be won! Duh.)

Sunday 1st December – Midge at MsMidge
Monday 2nd December – Gemma at Pretty Bobbins
Tuesday 3rd December – Kristy at Quiet Play and MsMidge
Wednesday 4th December – Joshua at Molli Sparkles
Thursday 5th December – Rachel at Little White Dove
Friday 6th December – Fiona at Finding Fifth
Saturday 7th December – Abby at Things For Boys
Take a breath……
Sunday 8th December – Lauren at Molly & Mama Makes
Monday 9th December – Jodi at Tickle & Hide
Tuesday 10th December – Adrianne at On The Windy Side and MsMidge
Wednesday 11th December – Alyce at Blossom Heart Quilts
Thursday 12th December – Gina at Party of Eight
Friday 13th December – Jane at Quilt Jane
Saturday 14 December – Linky Open for Reader’s Submissions (Hello! Prizes!) at MsMidge
Friday 20 – Wrap Up of Blog Hop and Winners Announced at MsMidge

Here’s a little hint of what you’ll see from me!

As if that wasn’t enough, later on in December, I’m a stop on The Bitchy Stitcher’s world wide book tour for her soon to be best seller, Quilting Isn’t Funny. The Bitchy Stitcher is a personal hero of mine (along with Ke$ha), so I am flattered to be a part of this event. More details on that soon!

Oh, and don’t forget the Thanksgiving Day Giveaway that’s still happening! Entries close tomorrow, but it’s never too late to give thanks. Pop on by and maybe I’ll be sending a little Vintage Modern your way.

Keep Sparkling, 

23 Responses

  1. Beth Bastian says:

    Love the new logo. First make the MS your favicon! Now make the square logo a 125x 125 banner with code,so people can add it to their blogroll.


  2. Esther F. says:

    Looks fabulous! Strong and fun!

  3. Am L says:

    Ooh, I like, I like!

  4. Vera says:

    It's way to Gucci and YSL for me but whatever works for you. Just sayin' 🙂

  5. MsMidge says:

    Kesha!!! KESHA!?!?!?!? hahahahahah

    Can't wait to see your cushion 🙂

  6. charlotte says:

    The new logo is very clean and crisp, but I kind of miss the glitter. Looking forward to the cushions!

  7. Leo says:

    🙁 what happend to all the shiny sparkling things? I was beginning to sort of like them … and the logo is a bit hmm"spartan" (is that an English word?) – but maybe that's what you wanted and I'm sure I will get used to it …

  8. Rita Ferber says:

    I love the new logo! Tres chic!

  9. Sooli says:

    I like the new logo but I have to say I preferred the sparkles as a blog header! Sparkle on!

  10. Christina says:

    Love, love the new logo!

  11. Can you throw a few sparkles on it?

  12. Paula says:

    Fab new logo. Loving it. It is a little lacking in sparkles though.

  13. You have been busy! Onwards and upwards!

  14. Melissia says:

    I love the logo as well and I think that you will be able to do many things with it, use it for many applications and modify for special ocassions if you want. It is great and eye catching. Well done.

  15. I'm looking forward to what you can cushion in a day. Personally I prefer the old logo, I feel it has a lot more personality than your new one, the glitter really added something for me and I agree with Vera that its a little too YSL-ly, although it is probably easier from a brand perspective. I wonder if its possible to get glitter in a tattoo??

  16. Katy Cameron says:

    Phew, as it's Saturday, I'm only 1 day into the sweat pant wearing… ;o) And my, aren't we getting around, sprinkling our glitter!

    BTW, are you part of a new boys only quilt group on FB?

  17. JillB says:

    You can't make us go cold turkey from the glitter — you MUST add a little!!

  18. Am L says:

    I think the S should sparkle.

  19. You scrub up well Miss Molli 🙂

  20. Rebecca says:

    Very slick………I miss the sparky bits too…but it's your blog and you can do whatever you like, I come for the witty repartee 😉

  21. Hilary says:

    I love the new logo!

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