#MSBHQAL – Week 06

Week 06 – Oct 07 – Oct 13 – Sashing, Sandwiching, Basting

I hope you enjoyed your one week reprieve, because now it’s time to get bus-say! You should have all of your blocks done by now, right right? If you’ve just got a few left try to squeeze them in between that 3pm pilates class and that last cinnamon roll. You’ll never feel so satisfied!

This week should be all about sashing, sandwiching and basting. The sashing took me a bit longer than I expected, so if you want to just concentrate on that this week go right ahead. Let me tell you how I worked it out, and maybe you can do the same.

First, I used my illustrious design floor to get a layout that had a nice balance in colour and value. I had originally intended to complete thirty blocks, but when Grandma Sparkles decided she wanted to make a version for herself, I conceded to twenty-four. I know where I plan on using this quilt, so it will still be plenty big for my needs.

Make sure you have your sashaying fabric cut up, and remember to reference my previous blog post about the topic. I’ve decided to go with 1″ sashing strips (finished 0.5″) between the blocks, just like those used in the blocks. This creates a uniform balance across the quilt. If you want the individual blocks to be more focal increase your sashing size as you see fit. If you’ve only made a few blocks, think about using a lot of negative space for an ultra-modern look, while still getting a larger quilt. 

Here you see I attached a 1″ x 12.5″ strip to the side of a block and then continued across the rows, attaching a sashing strip, and then the next block.

I completed this for all of the rows. The super observant of you out there will notice my layout kind of changed, because I got distracted by something shiny and sewed some sashing strips to the wrong side of a column and had to rearrange a bit. C’est la vie! Continue in this manner until you have your sashing connecting all of your blocks, and on the outside if you’re doing that sort of thang. I’m not revealing my finished quilt top just yet, but I think you get the idea.

Grandma Sparkles and I are furiously catching her up on her herringbone blocks. She wants a quilt like mine (who wouldn’t?) so we need to make twenty-four blocks. Six are done, and we’ve spent the past day making the other eighteen all at the same time. We are nearly there, and I’ll try to show them off fully later this week.

But right now, let’s crank this mofo up, and have a mid-#MSBHQAL giveaway! So there are a couple of rules for this giveaway; have a seat and let me explain. First, leave a comment telling me how many blocks you have finished. There will be one fabric prize winner, but the prize will depend on how many miles you’ve put on that sewing machine! Entries will be open for a week, so if you want to delay your comment until the last minute, go right ahead. Where you live, will determine where your prize comes from. (Shipping charges are cray-cray!)

1-8 blocks – a fat quarter from Molli Sparkles
9-19 blocks – a half yard from Molli Sparkles or Intrepid Thread
20 or more blocks – a yard from Molli Sparkles or Intrepid Thread

If you’re still making blocks, now is the time to crank it into high gear! And no, I’m not letting Grandma Sparkles enter. She’s got her sticky fingers all over my stash already, mmmkay! We’re off to Canberra today to see Floriad (a flower festival) so hopefully I’ll find some more quiltspiration–and a fabric shop or two?? Let’s wish each other luck, kiss kiss! Mwah!

36 Responses

  1. I've made 25 blocks baby!!

  2. I've made 20 blocks, sashed and ready for quilting.

    And… I live in Canada. In case you need to know (wink)

  3. I had 16 blocks finished, ready for sashing. I laid them all out, and asked my Mister (who the quilt is for) to help figure out the layout he likes best. After a Tim Gunn-esque moment of telling me to switch this block with that block, he said, "you know, the yellow and the green just aren't working for me". So, I told him I'd replace those. As I was cutting up strips for new blocks yesterday, I decided to ask if he wanted me to leave out the orange and red too, and keep all cool hues (blue, teal, voilet & purple). He said yes. So I've spent the last two days furiously trying to replace 9 of 16 blocks. All strip sets have been sewn, and between kidlet errands this weekend, I've gotten a total of 1.75 blocks sewn. Gah!!! Hopefully tomorrow blocks will be finished!

  4. The O's says:

    2 made, 16 waiting to be attacked which I will do as soon as he takes her and miss to the dog park. Planning a similar attack as you and G'ma… a sweat shop!

  5. Sooli says:

    Well, I've managed to knock together 11 blocks to date and I can't see an end date in sight for me, so lets just call it 11! (and you know where I live!). Go Grandma Sparkles, you're a powerhouse!

  6. BradsBest says:

    I've slapped 13 of those bad boys together and added a border to each. Now I've just got to find the time to cut up and piece my background. I've got a research paper due Wednesday that's consuming my precious sewing time. Damned masters program…

  7. Salley says:

    No blocks… but I live REAL close…just saying!

  8. Sue C says:

    12 blocks done and that it for me. Making a small quilt for my 5 year old niece. Sashing, sandwiching and basting will happen this week (time permitting – l have a deadline to meet on a 21st quilt for another niece).

  9. Longvacation says:

    I have 17 blocks made. My goal was 16, must have made an extra by mistake. I've been debating all week whether to go for 20 or stick with 16.

  10. charlotte says:

    I have 30 blocks made and have begun sashaying. I am doing a 5 x 6 block arrangement and hope to finish sashaying today. Then, it's time to run for the border. I am in North Carolina in the US of A. Have a great trip today.

  11. memmens says:

    I've made 12 blocks and I've sashed, just need to make a decision on backing fabric, that could take a while.

  12. Deanna A says:

    20 blocks done and sashayed! (see Flickr pic) I'm now looking at the leftover bits & pieces & deciding how to use them on the back. I'm in So California, USA.

  13. Libby says:

    I made 12 blocks! I'm thinking of making a few more but in mini-size for a wall hanging, we'll see if that ever actually happens…

  14. maria says:

    i made 16 blocks already, thinking 4 more for a total of 20. Im not a blogger but my email is Millie4283@hotmail.com.

  15. I'm a LOSER. I've only made 4 of my planned 16. thriftstorecrafter at yahoo.com

  16. Deb says:

    I made 30 blocks and now I'll work on my sashing! YEAH – I'm anxious to get it done and see it in all it's glorious brightness! KISS, KISS!

  17. Ruth says:

    I only made 3 but I turned them into a gorgeous girly pink doll quilt! Oh and I'm in Ireland.

  18. charlotte says:

    Just saw your picture over at Bitchy Stitcher….Sparkly awesome!!!!!

  19. Jeanna Akins says:

    I finished my 32 blocks tonight. Tomorrow I begin the sashing. I'm still thinking about what color to border the entire quilt in. Love this quilt so much. I can't believe I finished and this is definitely my favorite of all I've made. Susie Akins, Georgetown, Texas

  20. Deb says:

    What are you using for your horizontal sashing, the same 1" strip….what about a border around the entire outside of the quilt??

  21. Finished my quilt using 9 blocks and made a really LONG block for a Christmas table runner. Counts as 10 blocks so far, Molli. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. 16 blocks done! Can't wait to put them all together 🙂

  23. Vera says:

    I made two blocks and three strips 🙂

  24. Wendi says:

    I've made 18 so far, but am hoping to another 6 this weekend, we'll see. First I have to make a Belle dress for my daughter. I'm in the USA.

    • Wendi says:

      Ok so I first decided to forget the other 6 and just go with 18. But, I'm having my blocks have a spinning look in groups of 4. 18 is not a multiple of 4 and while 20 is, the length and width have to be multiples of 2 so I have to either have it be 16, 24, or 32 blocks. Meaning I have put together 16 and need to get more to make 6 more blocks. I'm behind!

  25. Paula says:

    10 blocks done, 8 more in the works but they will have to wait a little longer. Sashing quilt number 1, i.e. blocks 1-9 atm, once that's basted I'll finish the last 8 blocks and get number 2 to the same stage.

  26. Katy Cameron says:

    Fitting in after my pilates class, you know me so well ;o) Nothing worse than a shiny something distracting you do, that particular fairy has visited here in the past, PITA that she is!

  27. Suzanne Webb says:

    I have 9 blocks for my quilt (wall hanging)…they are sashed together…working on a border idea??? I am in the Chicago area, USA.

  28. Leo says:

    9 blocks … and I think I will need until Christmas to catch up … say at least use the strips tat are already prepared…

  29. audrey says:

    1! But it's a really cool block, and I'll be really sad when I have to give it away. 🙂

  30. Stephanie says:

    Just 10 but still plugging away! 🙂

  31. Am L says:

    I'm lame, and only have two done, but I blame the kids' schools and their never-ending meetings. I need to get cracking though, because I'm supposed to help with Nutcracker costumes, and that's going to eat all my sewing time! It will be the hubby's Christmas gift, so it will get done!

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