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Oh holy Tula hoop. Time to change all of my passwords! Who knew “i<3glitter” would be so easy to guess!? Leave it up to Ms. Wasn’t Quilt In a Day to be all up in my brain. Well, Missy, if anyone was to blogjack me, I’m so glad it was you, and the sentiment you shared was incredible. I hope the rest of you took some time to share the love with your other bloggy quilty friends. We really do have an amazing community and I’m so proud to be a part of it!
Well, now that I’ve changed all of my passwords (and no, my new password is not “i<3sparkle” … not now, anyway!) I can return us to our normal programming. I’m so excited today to announce the Molli Sparkles Broken Herringbone Quilt Along Bundles from Intrepid Thread. (MSBHQALB — Seriously, what was I thinking with that acronym?!)
GASP! Do you see that deliciousness? You know I was first in line to order my bundle! This is an example of a MSBHQALB–that could be yours! (But I hope it is mine!)
So here’s the skinny: there are two types of bundles, a small and a medium, and they won’t necessarily all contain the same fabrics. I want you to think of these as fabric starter kits, rather than a kit that gives you everything you need to make an exact replica of a quilt. Because peeps, I don’t believe in copying, but I do believe in finding inspiration and making it your own.
three reds
three oranges
three yellows
three greens
three teals
three blues
three purples
three pinks
Price $35.00
This is going to give you enough fabric to make a 16-block quilt top that will measure roughly 50″ square, depending on the size of sashing used between each block. I’ve mocked up an illustration above, and I want you to notice that since this bundle only contains three reds, three yellows, etc., your fabrics will be repeated in the quilt. This uniformity would be really graphic and a great way to tackle this project if you have a small stash. However, try to think of this bundle as a starter kit, that you can use to compliment the stash you already have. If you do this, you’ll get a scrappier look, much like the quilts I have created.
three reds
three oranges
three yellows
three greens
three teals
three blues
three purples
three pinks
Price $67.00

The medium kit has the same structure as the small kit, except you’ll receive 10″ WOF, allowing you to make more herringbone bars. The medium kit will give you enough fabric to make a 30-block quilt top, plus, 2 extra blocks for the back, that will finish at approximately 63″ x 75″, again, depending on the size of your sashing. Like the small kit, you’ll receive three of each colour of fabric, so your fabrics will repeat throughout the quilt. You can still use this kit as a base and add more fabrics. Besides, who wouldn’t love to save some of their goodies for their stash to use on a future project? I’m totally doing that.
You’ll notice the kits do not include any fabrics for the sashing between your herringbone bars, or sashing between your finished blocks. Oh, you best believe that is on purpose! I used white homespun, Anne from Play-Crafts (designer of the block) has used black, grey, and other colours of varying brands to great effect–see her photo below. I want you to choose the sashing that is right for you, your budget, and your design aesthetic. For my next version I’m using Bella Bleached White. (We will totally talk more about this later, but I wanted you to understand why I haven’t included it in the kits). 

For each block you need 3″ WOF for the sashing between your herringbone bars. So if you are making a 16-block quilt top, you will need 3″x16= 48″ (1.33 yards) of solid fabric.
What you need for sashing between your completed blocks totally depends on the size of quilt you make and width of your desired sashing. For instance, my completed Broken Herringbone quilts have 2″ finished sashing. For the next version, I’m gonna make it with 0.5″ finished sashing which will be the same size as the sashing between the herringbone bars.
For your quick reference, if you are planning on making a version to reflect the small kit image, with 0.5″ finished sashing everywhere, you’re gonna need 1.75 yards total of a solid fabric. If you increase the sashing to a 2″ finished size between the blocks (like the image below) you’ll need 2.5 yards total of solid fabric. Note that the small kit makes a 16-block quilt, whereas my version below is a 9-block quilt. 
I know you want me to make a flow-chart, bar graph, Powerpoint-table-formula to show you exactly how much to buy. I might get to that level of insanity, but help a sista out and start thinking about what you think you’ll need too. This is a Quilt Along, not a Quilt Afor. SMILES!
Be advised, I’m a total fabric enabler (as if you didn’t know that already!) The only reason I don’t have my small kit yet is because I’ve purchased, um, well, let’s just say some more fabric from the Intrepid Thread that may have been needed to be shipped in a box. (I know the initiated amongst you totally know what I mean!) Since Mr. Sparkles may be reading, that’s all we’ll say about that!
So, in future posts we’ll speak more about the design, we’ll speak more about exact fabric requirements, but for now, go grab a small or medium starter kit so you can say you have your own MSBHQALB!

13 Responses

  1. Pat says:

    I'm in!!!! Just ordered my small bundle. I was going to go bigger then remembered I have been participating in the "around the rainbow" with Marmalade fabrics so I should be better than good to go with this.

  2. Leo says:

    You are calculating with US fabric right? WOF being 42-44" or thereabout ..

    Hmm intrepid thread is on the wrong continent …

    You realise that my conviction not to join any more QALs is crumbling fast. Arghh . Though I will stick to not doing a rainbow.

  3. YOU – the enabler lol Well I guess I did walk away with a box of fabric myself! 😉

  4. Mike Pearson says:

    Love it! Wish I could join in 🙁 I've got enough projects and fabric to stay locked in the sewing room for decades!

  5. Katy Cameron says:

    I'm on a fabric fast til pay day. Only 11 more days then… ;o)

  6. Salley says:

    I need a Bex and a good lie down after I open your blogs, Moll. So leaving the sunnies next to the computer, from now on… Imagine trying to sleep under all that sparkly sunshine!

  7. Anne says:

    This bundle is so amazing!!! What a wonderful idea! You and Julie are fab! <3
    I'm kinda thinking of doing an uber scrappy baby blanket one. As in, not even repeating the fabrics in the same block (but using those re-usable scraps in a different block) but I'm wondering if it will look like rainbow vomit. Guess that's a bonus if it's for a baby blanket…

    Off to do some color playing in Illustrator!

  8. Jessica says:

    wow! I would love to make this, without buying the bundle. I have soo many scraps of every colour 🙂 hope i have enough

  9. The O's says:

    So the 5 WOF rainbow swaps will be enough or is 2.5" too skinny, oh no, dreadful thought… maybe they won't be wide enough and I might have to BUY more fabric, divorce proceedings will be underway if I do that… oh gawd, what to do????! Bother you Molli! You owe me a long black and a long chat!

  10. charlotte says:

    I found a bundle of 6 fabrics in my stash that have been waiting for the perfect project, so I am going with them. I may, however, "need" to get one of these bundles for "just in case" I make a second one later on. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

  11. Deb says:

    Ordered by bundle from the Intrepid Thread and I already have the white, so I'm ready to go!

  12. Mandy Horner says:

    Just tried the intrepid link…it's broke. Suck. Wonder if I call if they might be able to put something together for me? I know I'm WAAYYY behind. 🙂

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