Sunday Stash #33 – Doing a Solid

Last week I had a Solid Frustration over running out of Bella Bleached White, and so many of you were all like, “Molli, don’t stress I got that gorgeous ass covered!” Well, bless your cotton threads, because the sentiments are all very much appreciated! In the end, Quilt Jane did me a solid by sparing a couple of metres from her stash, and I received it in time for this weekend’s sewing activities.
So while the stash addition isn’t all crazy glorious designer fabric with bells, whistles, trains and automobiles, it did allow me to complete these two broken herringbone blocks today. Check it!

Now I’m off to the AFL football to get my butch on. But really, I’m just gonna drink lots of beer and stare at the players’ asses. Yeah, I’ll put that in my stash, mmm hmmm!

Linking up with Fiona at Finding Fifth for this week’s Sunday Stash-a-thon!

You should do the same.     

Tight footy shorts. Enough said.

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  1. Am L says:

    Yay to getting some fabric to finish the herringbone blocks. I'm confused about your sports post, isn't that the point of going to a game? Am I supposed to be watching something other than their shorts? ; D

  2. Sooli says:

    Tight shorts are the only reason to go to the football – although screaming your head off at your team can be fun, although hard on the voice!

  3. I love that aqua block! Perfection! Yay for solid fabric so you could keep sewing!

  4. Katy Cameron says:

    I thought that was what all sporting events were about ;o)

  5. The O's says:

    I spy with my little eye some Nancy!

  6. Esther F. says:

    Now you understand why I live across from a soccer field! Cute guys in short all weekend long!
    Great blocks Molli!!!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  7. Your blocks are gorgeous… As always! Glad to see you are back in business. Thanks for the link to Quilt Jane!

  8. Salley says:

    Tight Footy Shorts… damn; now I am feeling all swooney and cant do the housework…

  9. Nony says:

    Love the cuckoo clock Storybook Lane print! Great blocks :^)

  10. Liz says:

    I'm glad you got your much needed fabric, your herringbones are awesome. For a minute there I forgot you were Down Under and was wondering how I missed the beginning of (American) football season. Soccer player butts > football player butts

  11. Mareenchen says:

    Yay for bloggy friends and finished blocks. The aqua one's gorgeous!

  12. Ooo what are these herringbone blocks for? You? A bee?

  13. Convo with Mr. Wasn'tQuiltinaDay

    Mr: Are we done taking quilt photos? I don't want to hold it up again.
    Me: Respect the famous quilt blogger and hold up the damn quilt.
    Mr: You aren't famous like Molli Sparkles.

    I die. SO true.

    And, why else go to games if not for the players' asses?!

  14. RobinSue says:

    These blocks are to die for! Love the richness of the blue block.

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