A Rainbow Design Ditty

I’m throwin’ this over to y’all 
The floor’s become the design wall. 
I’ve got decisions to make,
Don’t know which direction to take,
Please help me make the call.
Most of these are from my Rainbow Bee mates using Anne’s wonderful Broken Herringbone tutorial. I’ve made a few myself, and am now addicted! However, I just don’t know which way to go! I have 24 blocks (two more still on their way). That’s enough to make a lap quilt of 4 x 6 blocks, including sashing, so would finish at about 53″x79″.  I don’t mind making more though.
You’ll see in the last photo I’d have to make probably 16 more to get a balanced ratio. Do I like them that much, or am I chickening out on my way to even greater fabulousness?
Which bits do you like? Please help me make the call.
Random placement, all facing the same direction.

Cool versus warm placement, all facing the same direction.

Random placement, random direction.

Random placement, patterned direction.

Spectrum placement, patterned direction.

58 Responses

  1. Marit says:

    Oh, I love the saturated colors in these blocks! I really like the layout with reds/warms in one corner going to the cools in the opposite corner. And I like the random direction one (#3). Maybe mix those 2 ideas? Ha ha, more options! But I think I'd add 1 column just so you can get a better mix of colors (add where needed).

  2. Kelly says:

    I love the blocks! My faves are the random placement and random direction and the Spectrum placement and patterned direction. However you decide, it is going to be one fabulous quilt!!

  3. amh says:

    I like them all but prefer 'Random placement, patterned direction.'
    You are a gifted artist

  4. I love the last option 🙂 looking forward to seeing what you decide!

  5. Mishi Kichi says:

    Geez is that super dark purple one mine? Do u want me to re make so its less intense? I love the last pic but u know I have 'order' issues hahahaha

  6. MsMidge says:

    I like the 4th option for the "easy way out" but I do like the last one best! If you do the random layouts, I feel you need more yellow and green x

  7. Kelly G says:

    oooooo – talk about total yummo of rainbow colours happening there.
    I really like the Random placement, same direction the best and then the Spectrum placement, same direction if you were really really keen to make more.
    Hope that helps.

  8. sharpie says:

    Lovely!! Definitely the second *or* the last option… depending on how inclined you are to sew more 😉

  9. Vera says:

    These look fab! Love rainbow but not random. There is no such thing as rainbow randomness. The beauty is the color order. I love all those sorted out in some way. What would the cold versus warm look like if you change directions on some? It's way too straight maybe put it against each other? Anyway the last one is my fav! Keep going!

  10. The O's says:

    last one, love the symmetry and orderliness

  11. Trudie says:

    Cool versus warm…if you want to be done. The last if you want to continue on. I am quite certain whatever your fabulous self decides will be spectacular. Great bee blocks by the way.

  12. Paula says:

    I love all things rainbow so the last would be my first choice – it would be stunning, it's already stunning. Of the others "random placement, patterned direction" really jumps out at me too, for all the right reasons ofc. I do think though that even that could do with one more column and a little more yellow and green

  13. I love the one where they're all pointing up. So cool!

  14. Of course, I like the one that looks like the most work for you–the last one! The second one looks great to me, though, too, and you wouldn't need extra blocks. You WON'T go wrong with these (unless you shove them in a wip box and give up–you'd never do that) and I can't wait to see what you decide!

  15. Very cool blocks! I like 2 and 4.

  16. Leo says:

    Radom placement with patterened direction – that's left after I dismissed all the other options
    Now the following stuff is my personal opinion aye no need to agree:
    The last option (spectrum + colour order) – well it's too ordered for such a "scrappy" block takes something away from it. It also hase one too many rows of reds (the hmm less clear ones, that you couldn't decided to sort into dark / light)
    Random placement + random direction – nope you can't really achieve randomness – and I can already see several patterns that repeat and then don't add up and make me want to move / turn a few of the blocks.
    Colours vrsus warm – hmm everyone does that
    random placement + same direction – well makes you look in one direction following the "arrow" so you sort of glance over and look at whatever'S to the left, and you don't take int eh whole thing
    Offering some chocolate – decision making is hard nerve wracking work …
    Hmm I just thought of a reason for random order but patterned placement – it sort of gives you one pattern to find if you like looking for patterns, it doesn't give the quilt any "direction" and gives it a basic patterend structure while still offering that random surprise moment …

  17. Aunt Marti says:

    Interesting collection of comments! I'm all about random — I just like that one!

  18. Nann says:

    Random color placement, alternating directions…..delicious blocks!

  19. Teresaquilts says:

    I love the blocks, I vote for the first or forth layout, I know ot much help was I

  20. Angela Welch says:

    These look great! I love the fabrics. What about a variation of the last layout, but add white negative space on both sides, rather than more blocks? Whatever you pick will be super!

  21. Well, WOW ! I have just fallen in love with Spectrum layout.

  22. Debbie says:

    I like the 2nd pic and last. If you are ambitious, make more blocks 🙂 What if you turned the blocks on pic 2 so they are patterned like the last pic???? I love that layout. Good luck and I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

  23. dorothy says:

    I love the secondary design of the last one, without sashing, but I do like the look of the warm/cool option. Anything you chose will be wonderful!

  24. Stephanie says:

    I love the random placement with patterned direction – it looks like intricately weaved braids! And it took a lot of strength for me to not immediately say "Rainbow! Rainbow!" 😉

  25. Mareenchen says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and soooooooo difficult to make a decision. Love the cool vs. warm, love the random, love the spectrum. Am I helpful or what? Lol. Id probably go with spectrum but in a random placement. Was that even an option to begin with? Good luck making up your mind. I'm looking forward to see this grow. 🙂

  26. Liz says:

    Second one and last one. Love the block.

  27. Jane S. says:

    Well I like that last one…of course that means more work for you, but since I'm not the one having to do it, I say go for it! heehee 😉

  28. charlotte says:

    I love the last arrangement. Don't quit, go for it. I know it will take longer, but I think in the end, you will love it and be glad you did it that way. Even if you choose another layout, make more blocks. This is too fabulous to be small!

  29. Susan Owenby says:

    Spectrum placement, patterned direction.

  30. Jennifer says:

    Wow, those are some great blocks! I like the random placement – both versions. Good luck making up your mind!

  31. Definitely the last one! Although if making that many more is just too much to bare, the second to last one is gorgeous too!

  32. Random placement, patterned direction totally gets my vote. I had no clue those blocks could make such a cool repeat when put together.

    I love this. Like. A lot. + A bit more.

  33. Ellie-Mae says:

    Spectrum, patterned. Definitely.

  34. CitricSugar says:

    Random, patterned direction. Best of luck, hon! 🙂

  35. Emily says:

    Definitely patterned placement. I like the cool versus warm placement. I know this wasn't an option, but the straight up rainbow in rows screams "I'm loud", but the cool versus warm screams "I'm artsy".

  36. Anne says:

    Oh dang, look at all these awesome layouts! I think I like random color, patterned placement. Well actually I like the last one best, but that'd be a lot of extra blocks.
    Also, looking at these makes me think that maybe I should have considered making the block so it tiles. Hah!

  37. the second one, cool vs warm. Such great blocks!

  38. Julie says:

    random placement, patterned direction.

  39. Elise Lea says:

    I love the last one with the spectrum placement and patterned direction. This quilt is going to be so gorgeous once it is done! I can't wait to see how it progresses. Stunning!

  40. Auntie Pami says:

    Whatever you do will be fantastic! I do think you need more yellow, and ah hem, more pink.

  41. Lori says:

    Hmm–the herringbones going UP and the colors separated into cools to warms. Yes–make more!!

  42. I like random placement, patterned direction the best. However, I love them all!!!!!!

  43. Muttmomkay says:

    I like the random placement patterned direction best, BUT it is beautiful in any direction/placement. Great colors, love it!

  44. Kelly O. says:

    I like the last one– sans sashing!

  45. Samantha says:

    I love these blocks! I have no idea how I'd place them. I kinda like the last one and the first one… maybe also the second one. I'm not help am I? 😀

  46. i'm a huge fan of all of them, but if i had to choose i love "Random placement, patterned direction." sigh, gorgeous quilt! of course, i would also support making more blocks. i love them so.

    xo, ashley

  47. TADVR says:

    LOVE the blocks!!! Di you paper piece them? Would you please share the pattern? Found your blog today, you definitely add sparkle to the world, God bless ya. looking forward to more posts and can't wait to see what you do with the Texas collection.

    hugs from Houston,TX

  48. Linda K says:

    I like the random arrangements of color; spectrum looks juvenile, and warm-to-cool detracts from the fractured scrappiness of the awesome blocks. Loving the herringbone pattern, I prefer all going the same direction, or alternating rows, for fluid eye movement.
    Dang, it feels great to have an opinion! How come it's so hard with my own quilts??

  49. Ruth S. says:

    I prefer the random placement, random direction.

  50. Sarah_L_N says:

    I like layout 1, but I think I would add another column so I could add more blocks. I'd add in 2 more orange, a yellow, a green and a turquiose I think, but distribute them throughout, not just in one crazy bright row! The random placement, random direction makes my eyes a bit funny, can't seem to settle anywhere to look at it properly!

  51. Jessica says:

    Thanks for sharing the block tutorial!

  52. I have been loving seeing these blocks pop up on instagram! I love any of them except for the random direction, that one makes my eyes go all wonky and cross-eyed.

  53. Janine says:

    What fab blocks! All the layouts look great but I think my favourite would be either the patterned layout/random colours with sashing or the patterned spectrum without sashing 🙂

  54. Ellie says:

    Yeah, so, sorry but the spectrum layout is awesome. The others are great too,but the spectrum – wow. Have you tried collapsing the rows down so that you don't have to make more? It might look super sucky and lose the effect but its worth a test! For example – move one red down into the pink line and then one orange down to the red line and then the yellows down to the orange line and so on.

  55. JillB says:

    It was a no-brainer to me – random color, patterned direction.
    How fun to see everyone's reactions!!
    Beautiful blocks!!

  56. Katy Cameron says:

    Random placement, patterned direction

  57. R-Eight says:

    Oh my goodness! This is wonderful! Love the up and down.

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