Brown No More!

So I had such a great comment left on my Sunday Stash post yesterday that it has compelled me to participate in Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway Day! When showing off some of the brown fabric pulled out of Grandma Sparkles’s Magic Suitcase (Leftovers) I mentioned that brown gets such a bad wrap for being, well, brown. Well, Lindi, God love her, was havin’ none. of. it.*

I avoided brown like the plague until I auditioned fabrics for a particular quilt and my usual black/grey/indigo just didn’t cut it, but I needed something … like brown! Upon trying to analyse what brown I needed, I started thinking coffee, latte, mocha, chocolate, toast … then I realised brown has lots of food associations so it can’t be all bad! LOL! Then, of course, there’s donkey, bronze, nut brown, walnut, oak, beech, copper … I no longer think brown when choosing, I think along these words. So much more enticing. 🙂

Girl, you have made your point. So in honour of you, I’m giving away these marbleised mocha, latte, copper, beech, cherrywood, cinnamon, bronze, chocolate, and Tim Tam (Original!) coloured fabrics to the blogosphere. They are of various sizes, but most are at least a quarter of a yard–enough to get you in a delicious mood, or ready to find a sweaty, leather-chapped cowboy. Mmmmm.
Leave a comment below with a new positive name for brown not mentioned above, and I’ll let the random number generator (that thing really needs a sexy new name) figure out who the winner is on Friday, May 10. International visitors are more than welcome because anyone can Oh, and for my personal favourite comment, I’m sendin’ you somethin’ extra special!

*For those newly initiated to, when you see successive periods like that, fully picture me z-snapping the hell out of that statement.

188 Responses

  1. Sooli says:

    Lets see, what about nutmeg, tree bark, kangaroo (why not – lots of them are brown!), ochre, and my favourite: brunette (speaking as one!). As for random number generator, what if we gave it a name. Don't you think Randy the random num gen sounds a lot more friendly? Go brown!

  2. MsMidge says:

    Ummmmmm, caramello?

  3. Lindi says:

    well how about rawhide brown for that hot sweaty cowboy? ;)or golden brown for the beer he'll need? lol then of course, he'll have to shine his spurs so they don't end up rusty brown….. oh dear, I could go on….rofl

  4. Geo Mama says:

    As the weather improves in Canada I thinking of drinking a nice cold Ale or Stout on my patio. So my brown words for the day: Ale, Stout and Beer Bottle.

  5. Katie says:

    Brown is my FAVORITE color. . . and the brown I like best. . is a dark, chocolate-y "espresso" brown ;c) So, espresso. . yes. . LOL ;c)

  6. I love a sepia toned world Molli. So lovely to see your face in the give away roll.

  7. Gene Black says:

    Dark Chocolate, espresso, pine, tootsie roll mmmmm browns to make the colors sparkle. (you already used my favorite TimTam – you should see my TimTam slam video!)

    Now, I suppose I need to go find my leather chaps and have them on so I am ready to be found!
    (((shiny hugs!!!))))

  8. Brownies 🙂 YUM!

    Others… Mahogany, leather, honey, mocha, foxy….

    I think that's it, for now 🙂


  9. Paula says:

    I love a bit of buff myself, and have been known to fawn over rich dark amber.

  10. Jenna says:

    Triple Chocolate Fudge…mmmm. I want brownies now looking at all that brown fabric. 🙂

  11. pennydog says:

    I was ribbed only last weeend for not being anti-brown and wrote a blog post on it, spooky!

    Tree bark?

  12. dagan says:

    I use a lot of kraft-paper brown in my life. How about antiqued book page? Horn button brown? Fresh Nutella brown? My personal favorite, though you wouldn't see this selling any kind of brown, is the dark-brown-on-my-dog's-ear-that-connotes-where-his-fur-is-as-soft-as-velvet. 😀

    Thanks for the giveaway! I have to admit, Caramello and Brunette are awesome suggestions, too!

  13. Sarah says:

    My first choice would have been chocolate but it's been used. How about something about a tabby cat. I've got 2 and there is brown fur on all my quilts LOL!

  14. Jane S. says:

    You said it yourself, Miss Molli, how about leather? 😉

  15. dortha says:

    How about coffee, hot cocoa. I like brown. It makes the other colors prettier.

  16. camelama says:

    I cannot BELIEVE I am going to suggest this, but … BUCKEYE! It's the Ohio state tree/nut. It's a deeeelicious chocolate/peanutbutter treat. It's the color of a deer's eye. As for why I can't believe I suggested it, well, I was born and raised in Michigan, and oh we two states had/have QUITE a rivalry. 😉 In the 70's there was a popular bumper sticker in Michigan that was "OHHOWIHATEOHIOSTATE". Hee.

  17. Amy says:


  18. Kate says:

    What about chestnut? Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  19. charlotte says:

    My all time favorite came from my crayon box when I was a kid…Burnt Sienna. I loved that color and every time I got a box with enough colors to have that one, I used it down to the nubbin. I wonder if they still make it. They renamed a lot of the colors so maybe it has a new name too. Wait, I just looked in my grandsons crayon can…TaDa!!! Burnt Sienna lives!! Also sepia, mahogany and, yes, tumbleweed!!

  20. Elke says:

    In my colour box it was a colour called Umbra. I don´t know, if it is inside today, too.

  21. bab5313 says:

    brown bear 🙂



  22. Ali says:

    I'm just going to say nut. Certainly a large gamut of shades available…
    Ha, and I remember the blog post about your trip to Intrepid Thread.. I almost took a road trip down to CA just to go see her shop this month but I have to wait til later in the year, I'm still so envious of you!

  23. How about brunette! I'm happen to be one 🙂

  24. Skwishee says:

    Caramel? Hot chocolate? There are so many lovely browns out there 🙂

  25. Heather says:

    Cafe-au-lait! Mmmm.

  26. Pip says:

    Drats, Charlotte beat me to Burnt Sienna, (wasn't that the name of a song) so I'm going to say Wenge (I don't know how to pronounce it though) but I know it is a deep, dark chocolatey brown, I just thought of another one: Truffle, I like that one, sounds edible.

  27. jmniffer says:

    Cocoa, caramel, cinnamon…burbon, brandy, cognac. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  28. pupton says:

    Tiramisu for a coffee brown and cream beige. Yum! Now I'm hungry!

  29. Lisa Marie says:

    Toasted Marshmallow.

  30. Dana Gaffney says:

    How about animals like Foxy, cougar, stag, fawn, you get the idea. Thanks.

  31. hueisei says:

    Hmm… Teddy bear?

  32. Born4Travel says:

    How about Copper Tone Tan?

  33. Margaret says:

    cinnamon would be my name for it

  34. MC says:

    Caramel Corretto! I'm actually a big fan of brown as a neutral, it's more organic looking than black, and doesn't get dirty like white.

  35. Ellie says:

    My first thought was cardboard brown – and even though it was filled with the excitement of getting a new package in the mail it just didn't do it for me. Then your cowboy comment reminded me that half the fun of getting a package in the mail is the handsome ups delivery man that brings it to my door then….. BAM … UPS man brown!

    Also, a wise woman once said to me "Poop is brown, brown is not poop."

  36. Holly U says:

    Mulch, chocolate, wheat bread…

  37. Emily C says:

    I always liked cedar and fir.

  38. Sallie says:

    otter – Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. Brown does get a bit of a bad rap, but it plays so well with other colors. How about something spicy, like Cumin?

  40. Debra Lee says:

    I would say woodsy colors!

  41. The O's says:

    Molasses, Reeses peanut butter cups, caramalised balsamic vinegar, a Hershey's Kiss, terracotta and the colour that will maqke you go 'eww' – liver! Love your work Molli!

  42. Sue says:

    So I'm not a coffee drinker but there is hot chocolate, cherry ripe, Ayers rock, sand and shell and nugget

  43. Kelly G says:

    OK – so I thought and I thought some more!
    What about Dirt Brown! LOL – but then there is red dirt, black dirt, brown dirt, sandy dirt, clay clump dirt. This would also more suitable for a garden/outdoorsey type of person, which I am not. SIGH, oh well! Got to give me a gold star for trying.

  44. espresso, cocoa, sand, oak, hazel, earth, chestnut, pine, coriander seed, hay, there are so many shades in nature, the list is endless.
    Thanks for the chance!

  45. anne says:

    Ok I have a few names for you, amber, russet, taupe and the lucky last puce…..

    Can you imagine order 5 yards of puce…….ahhhhh

    so Mr Randy who ya gonna pick?

  46. Jeneta says:

    I'm going with…pretzel!

  47. Connie says:

    How about cocoa puffs! Fun giveaway!

  48. Mystica says:

    What about cinnamon?

  49. Mishi Kichi says:

    FUDGEY!! Dirt, burnt (is a kind if brown…especially when I burn things) poopy (which is a whole new ballgame of shades) and as for the random generator we shall call it the sparkle selector ;o)

  50. Mishi Kichi says:

    FUDGEY!! Dirt, burnt (is a kind if brown…especially when I burn things) poopy (which is a whole new ballgame of shades) and as for the random generator we shall call it the sparkle selector ;o)

  51. I reckon Milo, because it's yummy and looks a lot like Molli (I don't know, do you look like milo? In writing you do!). I was blasting off through the blogosphere, entering giveaways like a mad lady, and was glad that yours wasn't a "follow me or die" kinda giveaway because it saves time. But I like your style, so I think I'll stay. If you'll have me!

  52. Thrifty Finn says:

    Ganache! Slightly glossy dark brown.

  53. Coconut Creme Latte… as I look into my coffee cup (it's early!).

  54. JLVerde says:

    Sand? Sandpaper? Sunkissed (aka tan)? Toasted? Toasty? (great, now I'm getting hungry!)

  55. works4me says:

    What a fun way to do a giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Coper was what came to mind to me because I loooove copper. Who doesn't like the colour of a nice new shiny penny?

    Something else – hot chocolate, velvet, walnut, oak and what I'm drinking right now, iced tea.


  56. Kimberly says:

    Hunka munka mocha

  57. Mary Ann says:

    How about porter and truffles (thinking about the chocolate not the mushroom but whatever suits your fancy)

  58. Judy H says:

    the fabrics remind me of a pile of autumn leaves… that I wouldn't mind walking through.

  59. atabanana29 says:

    Dirty Darryl. OH, I love Darryl from The Walking Dead, and he always looks so good all brown and messy from being dirty…sigh…. So brown can be such a beautiful color! :)atabanana29(at)gmail(dot)com

  60. ikkinlala says:

    How about beer colours? Lager is more yellowish, but ales, stouts, and porters are definitely shades of brown.

  61. mmmmm fudge! i love using brown in quilts… actually every quilt i have ever made has had brown of some sort in it.

  62. Linda says:


  63. Let's name a brown after my favorite little bird, the Carolina Wren! He's a very pretty reddish brown.

  64. Linda in PA says:

    How about kona and cocoa. Thanks for the giveaway.

  65. KRubin says:

    I'm thinking Auburn sounds nice!

  66. coffee with milk!!
    funny giveaway, thanks!

  67. giddy99 says:

    Here are some positive brown names, I think?
    * Lifeguard Tan
    * Naked Native (might have to distinguish by country/coastline, but that's just more browns, isn't it?)
    * Leather Chaps
    * Bucking Bronco

  68. Cloud 9 says:

    I adore brown mixed with reds and blues. I go more for flavor names like nutmeg, pecan, cinnamon, and chocolate.

  69. m hoch drei says:

    sunny skin ?

    Have a sunny day and thank you for the chance !

  70. Tawny says:

    Ack! You've missed the most important name for a tone of brown – TAWNY!! Maybe I'm just partial to that one because that's my name. But still a light yellowey brown is very nice and Tawny-like. (PS: why my mother named me after such a strange colour is beyond me, but I like it!)

  71. KT says:

    cinnamon, mouse, latte, nutmeg…and I got plenty of not so good ones too!

  72. Aoife says:

    Truffle and Mocha are all I can come up with… Though I think Cadbury Twirl would be a great name for a quilt that used chocolate, purple, and yellow!

    in case the computer gods hate me and i'm a no-replier, you can also find me at: irish (dot) thredhead (at) gmail (dot) com

  73. How about UPS Man Brown? That could be a good or bad thing depending on your UPS man. 😉

  74. Purl Buttons says:

    CARAMEL Which I like so VERY much. (Better even, than chocolate) There are so many great answers there, I have no hope of being the favorite one but maybe Mr. Random Number Generator will choose me. C'mon, Randy, whose your favorite number? It's me, isn't it?

  75. Sarah says:

    Teddy Bear? that could be a shade of brown.

  76. I think many of us think that about brown…but..take out that brown sugar to bake some yummy cookies and we LOVE brown!!!! Your fabrics are gorgous!!! I"m thinking "fall/autumn quilt"!!!! Thanks for the chance!

  77. Renee says:

    How about biscotti? And all it's variation/shades: milk and dark chocolate, almond, mocha…

  78. Mimi says:

    How about Maple, Sienna, Dirty Blonde, and Mud!! Thanks for the chance!!

  79. Evie H says:

    Tan, Tan Tim! Your fabrics look great.

  80. I'm perfectly happy with ochres and shades of autumn.

  81. JustPam says:

    I had to quit reading all the different browns-they were making me hungry! HOw about rootbeer brown?

  82. Jo says:

    How about bongo, or cinnabar

  83. Tanya says:

    I like cinnamon, nutmeg. Thanks for chance to win.

  84. Esther F. says:

    Treacle? Or how about something a little bit more exotic… STROOP, a Dutch apple product you put on bread, yummy! There is a very runny kind you put on pancakes, but that is not what I mean. The "real stuff" is as thick as peanutbutter. Oh, and then there is a cookie with sirup in it called "stroopwafel" ohw even more yummy!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  85. annette says:

    not quite sure how to name it but my favorite brown is the deep reddish brown of fresh chicken eggs from my backyard.
    or the soft brown of a bunny 🙂

  86. Nikita says:

    brownie, caramel, chocolate sundae, cinnamon toast,toasted pecan, ..err now I need to go and concoct some sort of dessert that has all of these ingredients.

  87. Dawn says:

    How about Nutella for a dark brown, paper bag for a lighter brown. How fun!! Thanks!

  88. Kathy says:

    Toast, rum, tea, hazelnut, almond, pecan, Guinness, caramel, molasses, garam masala, cloves, allspice…

  89. I absolutely love those natural colors! Since they are all colors of nature how about earth or autumn. Thank you for the generous giveaway! anglanouette(at)gmail(dot)com

  90. quilary says:

    I think the colour "smoulder" would be a good way to sell brown to the masses!…and I second "Guinness"…I'd buy a colour called that any day!

  91. Adri H. says:

    Hmm, better names for brown… I'm thinking roasted chestnut, palomino spot, dark chocolate, mahogany, mississippi mud pie, cinnamon, burnt umber, ocher, knotty pine, shady patch of dirt… 😛
    Thanks for the chance to win!


  92. Carolyn says:

    Hi Gene, what about Paprika, Stone, African soil, Khaki, Amarula. (What makes you think I am in South Africa)?!! Oooh thank you for your generous giveaway and a chance to win

  93. Jodi says:

    Kaluah, Bailey's, – can you tell I have had a "fascinating" day (that is what I call day's that make me want to cry).
    I have to admit I don't use a whole lot of brown which makes my sewing machine cover which is linen with Chocolate, tan, teal and green feature fabrics and vintage buttons.

  94. Tammy says:

    I usually call the brown I love mochaliscious…but mocha is allready mentioned above. How about ripe fig, or prune or chocolate delight or iced coffee or frappe` or gravy, or caraway or pudding or earthy delight., and indian summer, harvest, straw, & hay Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway

  95. Yeh, good try you mob but we're true blue!! The browns 'down under' : Koala Kohl, Emu Ecru, Platypus Plonk, Toasted Sanga, Cockatoo Chew, Burnt Barbie, Dingo Dilemma, Goanna Goon,Dunny Dust,Macadamia Munch,Ringer Rust,Ocker Ochre…. I could go on but if this isn't enough to win some 'sparkle' I'll be really browned off! 😉

  96. Alison says:

    Chocolate, Latte, Cappuccino, Spiced Rum, Recycled Paper Towel, Brown Bear Brown, Ecru, Pasta, Wheat Pasta, Broken Brick, Grandma Polyester Pants, Coffee stain.

  97. How about suntan for a light golden brown?

  98. Jessnmary says:

    Roasty Toasty Marshmallow! Brown gets a bad rap, I feel bad for it!

  99. Gill says:

    Chocolate velvet

  100. Valerie says:

    Now I'm starving! Coffee, nutmeg, latté, espresso, macchiatto (aaaand now I'm thirsty too!)

  101. Kathy H says:

    How about Hot Fudge, oreo and tootsie roll. All of mine are foods too!

  102. Debora K says:

    Tortie, short for all the beautiful browns on my tortoiseshell kitty cat.

  103. Jacqueline says:

    sun tan brown, bbq sausage brown, and so on…..

  104. CarrieM says:

    Hazelnut? Thanks!

  105. Sandra says:

    Rusty Brown.


  106. rutigt says:

    In swedish brown = brun, but that isn´t a very positiv word, I think. How about golden brown?
    Gun, Sweden

  107. robin says:

    Cocoa, toast, chocolate??

  108. Nancy Sue says:

    How about Tuscani Sunrise, Creme Brûlée, That Mud That Always Gets Stuck in Your Son's Sneakers and You Have to Clean it Out with a Stick, and Kentucky Derby Splash 🙂

  109. Michelle says:

    I like taupe, tan, brownie, copper, bronze, chocolate, coffee.

    Instead of random number generator, maybe Awesome Odds machine.

    detroitgirl77 AT gmail DOT com

  110. Georgia says:

    peachstateme (at) hotmail (dot) com

  111. Christine says:

    Sandalwood, cinnamon, earth

  112. JoyceLM says:

    Cocoa and cola come to mind. Thanks.

  113. Shanny says:

    Cinnabun. Or coffee creme. Or maybe…. fresh earth?

  114. Anna says:

    How about Cinzano? Yummy right.

  115. Vicki H says:

    Brush, driftwood, hazel, auburn

  116. Hot fudge, pine, maple, root beer, spiced rum… Thanks for participating!

  117. Anya says:

    Espresso. Thanks for the chance!

  118. JanetL says:

    Caramel, mmmm.

  119. Mrs.Pickles says:

    Brown is one of my fav colours…soooo hmmm So what if instead of using the word brown we just said awesome to describe the colour…lol
    Thank you for the chance to win

  120. chibidani says:

    Pie crust is a wonderful shade of brown when cooked properly – and pie is so tasty!

  121. Hmm, Bailey's. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  122. elflyn says:

    Well right now I am slothing around in my Uggs, they are brown! Perhaps though something a little less Aussie?
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  123. Mandinga says:

    puppy softness

  124. jeifner says:

    Toasted almond, weathered dock, brazil nut, leathered loam, bronzed bark, oxford wicker, roasted peanut, walnut vixen, desert dune, foxy fiddle. These are fun 🙂

  125. Saraccino says:

    I really like to use brown in my clothing. Sound maybe boring in the beginning but all shades of brown are just so natural colours and they go well together with a lot of other colours, just bringing them to life!

    And from the shades… starting from natural linen you could already have there your first really light shade of brown going down to a brown that can be nearly black from old and used cherry or waltnut tree wood.

    Sand is also rather a shade of brown than yellow. But yellow, orange or red, if they turn very dark, they all create shades of brown. It is warm, welcoming. Earth colours.

    But I never think of brown as brown. I mean the same way I wouldn't tell you I like green but rather that I love a intense emerald or bright pistachio! I am mostly also going rather for the images of colours inside my head than names if I start to think about a new project ^^

    Down to other shades of brown not mentioned before:

    Cologne or Cassel earth (Kasselbraun in german)

    Or how about brown gemstones / fossiles?
    Tiger eye, Agate, Feldpar, Torumaline, Jasper, Carnelian, Ammonites

    So, I run out of ideas by now ^^Thanks for the chance to win!

  126. Helen says:

    Oh Molli! Umm, brown, yeah, I am with you… How about mud! Mud is pretty cool, sloopy, sloppy, slurpy mud. Mudcake… Mmmm, mud cake…. Mud cake is brown too! I fact a lot of cakes! Oh and chocolate crackles! I live them, um, snuffy the snuffleuffagus on Sesame Street! He was pretty cool. Ok I am just talking about s*** now and we all know no one was supposed to go there… Too tired! Night Molli 🙂

  127. Bethany says:

    oh my I always have to go with chocolate or mocha. I like sand or desert or paperbag…thanks for the chance.

  128. You're making me hungry! How about wheat, caramel, fawn, chestnut, russet…

    Thanks for the chance – I have two giveaways happening too:

  129. Margaret says:

    Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut- wood names? Thanks for the chance to win!

  130. I have used brown in two of my last quilts! Jungle quilts that are brown and green. I like to think of it as the color of earth, soil, tree stump, fallen leaves. If I had to choose a yummy color name for brown it would be Caramel. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  131. Bonnie58 says:

    caramel. Wonderful giveaway. Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity on a super draw,

  132. CurlyGirlMom says:

    Chocolate! (Said with a French accent, of course!) You're right, brown shouldn't get such a bad rap. It's a favorite neutral!

  133. Jaime says:

    How about mahogany or sepia? They both sound tres chic!

  134. What about sizzler.
    mcintoshsusan@hotmail dot com

  135. Jan Baker says:

    How about Brownie Brown, of fudge brown.OK, got to go bake something now.

  136. Lynn says:

    tree bark, fudge, raisinete, compost, java, earthen…

  137. Rachel says:

    Beautiful bunch of 'brown' fabrics. Thanks for the giveaway.

  138. uhm…hazelnut, mahogany, sand, copper, rum, whisky? lol!
    those probably already got picked in the 3 million comments above, but i like my browns 🙂

  139. Karrie Smith says:

    sandstone. Cho-co, sampson, syrup.

  140. AnnieK says:

    I didn't see that anyone had suggested walnut, pecan, or acorn, but I may have missed it…anyhow, thank you for the lovely giveaway! 🙂

  141. Ellen says:

    Mahogany, teak, rosewood – I've got a furniture vibe going. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  142. Michelle says:

    Hershey or cappacino or fudge or henna

  143. Susan says:

    bahama beach, caramel contentment, spotted giraffe?

  144. Morgan says:

    Toasted coconut. mmmm

  145. Bee Williams says:

    Mocha, Leather, Hermes handbag!


  146. Jen Barnard says:

    How about "grizzly bear"?

  147. Warm toast. Thanks for offering such a generous prize

  148. godiva, chocolate cheesecake, peanut butter brownie. Can you tell I'm hungry right now? 🙂 Thanks for the generous delicious giveaway!

  149. Carla G says:

    How about Taffy or Fudge! What fabulous fabrics! Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂
    bcgeates at netbistro dot com

  150. caterpillar fur… hahaha

  151. Valerie says:

    Teddybear, Knock on wood,…
    Waw I'm totally in love with these beautiful fabrics!


  152. Leo says:

    I had to think about my "street dog brown" coloured hair (a bit of all shades mixed together) – but that's not a positive name, so how about toffee, rock sugar, bretzle, ovaltine, forest honey …

  153. Abby says:

    I'm good for taupe. But toast is a great colour. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  154. sharpie says:

    HAHAHA. I almost spit out my {brown} TEA as I read through this. And then of course had to reread with the z-snaps just to make sure I wasn't missing out. (I was). Miss Molli you've got a new fan–though I can tell you're not wanting in that department 😉 I'm going with earl grey or scotch, because every other word that comes to mind has been taken!

  155. Harley Dee says:

    Couldn't help myself, all I can think is Tanned Hide! 🙂

    hayatiggs at comcast dot net

  156. Conker! Except it really doesn't sound "sexy". How about "Mexican Chocolate" or if we're going with brands "Bournvita Brown" (I don't know if it is UK only, but Bournvita is a delicious hot cholate and malt drink – just add the powder to hot milk)

  157. tlcala4me says:

    Burnt Sienna was always my favorite crayon color. How about Mahogany, Teak, Brick, Rust?

  158. Amy says:

    Rich Hot Chocolate!

  159. Diann says:

    There's brunette!

  160. kt says:

    Maple syrup!

  161. Abbigail says:

    How about Almond bark?
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  162. leather brown. Antique brass is sorta brown

  163. Robin says:

    Mississippi Mud… in PIE!!!!!!!

  164. Bossymamma says:

    Vegemite. Marmite. Bovril. Bisto. Bourgignon. Choux. Anchovy. Thuya.

  165. Greige – a greyish beige, popular with nail polish fanatics.

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