Garage Sale!

Mr. Sparkles and I participated in a 5 family garage sale today out in the ‘burbs. Let me tell you, it’s a whole other world out there. I think I’ll stay in the city, at least I know what brand of crazy I’m gettin’! We managed to make $147 from stuff we were happy to give away for a lot less, so it was a definite win. While we were there I did some insider trading and walked away with this beautiful carafe and glassware set for only $5 (so really my profit was only $142–still pleased!)

Would you believe as soon as I took this picture and went to start washing it all up, I broke one of the glasses? Yeah, believe it, that’s how I roll. Obviously Life thought $5 dollars should only have bought the carafe and five glasses. Fine.
I also managed to score some sewing bits and bobs, but more on that tomorrow for Sunday Stash!

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  1. Mareenchen says:

    Well done on the profit and the gorgeously coloured set. Now just make sure you don't have to invite three good fairies and one not-so-good one to dine with you and Mr Sparkles.. We all know how that kind of thing turned out for Sleeping Beauty and her parents.

    I broke my favourite large cup yesterday which is, sorry was, just perfect for anything from muesli to stew. It had survived 11 years and 8 different moves, two in the past six months, and I managed to brush it off the table with my elbow whilst taking laundry out of the washer. Still hurting.

  2. I love that carafe!! I'd pay $5 just for that alone.

  3. Adrianne says:

    So fabulous! A shame about the glass that broke though. I took some fabric to my guild meeting today (we had a sale day) and managed to sell most of it – now I can buy more fabric!!

  4. Katy Cameron says:

    I think any day you walk away from sales in profit is a good day lol

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