Sunday Stash #07 – Designer Charm Swap

This was a great week in the la-la land of fabric.  The fabric from the Designer Charm Square Swap I was participating in arrived safe and sound.  This was such a surprising swap because there was no rhyme or reason about the colour or style of fabric, just that it had to have a designer label.  (think Bonnie & Camille, DS, Amy Butler, etc.)  I had two places in the swap, so I received four charms of all 28 fabrics–pictured below–and I have to say I love all of them! Such diversity, although red and blue seem to be the flavour of the month.  My little green box is now overflowing, so I’m not sure it is the right organisational tool I need.  (Plus, I have another swap coming in soon!)  Again, I’m not such a huge fan of plastic bags, so if you’ve found something else, please do share.
As promised, another Sunday Stash means another Converse Confession.  (New name… I like it as much as you like your rotary cutter, for reals).  This week I’m featuring a pair of Cons I purchased from the Converse website directly about a year and a half ago.  I know I’m cray-cray when it comes to colour, but even these were a bit outside my normal comfort zone. However, they were on sale for $12.  I can’t even buy lunch in the city for $12, so how was I to say no?
Thankfully, Grandma Sparkles wrapped them up and sent them to me along with some other goodies at the time. Considering Converse in Australia average about $75 / pair, even with international shipping it was a bargain!

The other redeeming feature is that even though they are pink and purple, they are actually a (Product) Red item.  For those who don’t know, Product Red sales benefit HIV/AIDS research and education programs in Africa, all started by the legend we here at like to call Bono (apparently so does the rest of the world–whatevs).
See that little red grommet, yep, that is a (Product) Red signifier. Small, yet significant, just like change.   I thought these would be the most appropriate pair to feature this weekend considering yesterday, December 1st, was World AIDS Day.  As you can see, they are loved.  Who knew purple and pink weave would be my go to shoe?! 
Oddly enough, I have been stopped on the street with compliments on these shoes.  The real kicker (see what I did there?!) though was when I was driving my Vespa home from work, and a seemingly big butch biker on a Harley pulled up beside me, raised his visor, and says, “Man, those are some fierce shoes.”  Agreed.  Very much agreed.
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3 Responses

  1. Vespa, pink and purple, fierce! Each one of your Converse has a funny story and I love to read about them. I can see a heap of Denyse Schmidt in your swap charms. We still need to do more for developing countries with respect to HIV infection and so I will wear my red ribbon this week to remember the plight of millions affected still.

  2. QuiltCandy says:

    Don't know which I love more, the fabric or the shoes!!

  3. Tessa Marie says:

    Fierce shoes indeed!! You got some super charm squares in the swap – lucky you!

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