I’m not dead.

There are some awful rumours swirling out there.  This morning I was flipping through my hand-delivered NW Weekly (yeah, they do that for me) and there in black and white was the headline, “Molli Sparkles Dies in Glitter Factory Explosion!”  I immediately checked Twitter to see if the rumour had been confirmed by the Twitter-o-sphere, and indeed it had.  Well, readers, as I live and breathe, let me be the only source to tell you, I am still here!
Just because a girl takes some time to herself to do the nails, rearrange her fabric scraps, and flat iron the weave collection, does not mean she is dead.  No, sirreee.  In fact, besides all those time consuming life pursuits, I also managed to whip up this Union Jack block.  After scouring the so-called if-it-exists-you-can-find-it “Internet” for a non-paper pieced, anatomically correct, block-sized Union Jack pattern, I came up empty handed.  So taking matters into my own hands, I created a pattern for myself and sewed this baby up.  It is a finished block size of 7.5″ x 15″.

But there’s more!  I want to give glittery goodness back to the quilting world, so I have written a twelve page tutorial on how to make this sucker.  Just to make sure it is user friendly, I’m having some of my fiercest quilting Sparkettes test drive the tutorial first.  It will be ready to unleash on the world in time for Australia Day in January.
Then once it is fool-proof, it is off to make a full rainbow explosive quilt with multi-coloured Union Jacks.  This quilt is going to be so hot, it’s gonna do its own flag burnin’!

Here are some links I found for other Union Jack creations that may interest you:

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  1. Oh Josh you are very clever to pieced this yourself. Count me in if you need a pattern tester but I will totally make one of those union jacks now thanks to you. Maybe even add the rest of the Aussie flag stars to it!

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