Sunday Stash #06 – Get To Steppin’!

Yo, bitches!  Another week, another stash!  I decided a few weeks ago that the space underneath my desk where my fabric has been living–and growing–was soon not going to cope.  There needed to be an organisation overhaul.  Plus, I received these lovely rainbow charm squares in the mail, and a Ziplock solution just would not do.  Molli may be poor, but she ain’t cheap!

After looking high and low at the Lincrafts and Spotlights of the world Sydney city, I found very little that would fit a 5″ charm square and wasn’t $24.95 for a bit of plastic that you just know is mold pressed in China and really costs about $1.35 to manufacture and ship to Sydney.  After Mr. Sparkles scolded me for rummaging through friends’ cupboards (“… but this sandwich tupperware would be perfect … no one has to know!”) I found myself at The Base Warehouse in Alexandria.  Now let me tell you, this is not a place I would normally frequent, but girl, they have everything.  You need a mop, they got it.  You need pink rhinestones?  Yep, that too.  Oh, a suitcase full of black witch wigs?  Check!  One time, I even found a small kid buried beneath a cotton candy machine.  He seemed happy so I left him there, but if ever you need a cotton candy machine, say hello to him for me.
Anywaaaay, waded through the Beryls and Cheryls and other discount tour bus riffraff all the way to the back, and on the bottom shelf, hiding behind normal Tupperware and Superman lunch boxes was this gem!  It is exactly wide enough to fit a 5″ charm square.  I’m completely rational enough (haven’t taken the meds yet) to know that I will eventually outgrow this, but for now, this little box is perfection.
But tell me, readers, what do you use to hold charm squares?  Surely, I’m not the first person to think of such things?  If I am, hot damn, I’m sitting on a gold mine!

Now for something a little bit different!  Last week I posted a picture of my shoe closet, which features quite a few pairs of Converse shoes, expressing why the featured fabric had to be acquired.  The questions, comments, emails, phone calls, passenger pigeons and love letters have been flowing in demanding more information about these shoes.  Now, I should have been prepared for this, because if you’re like me, bitches love their shoes.  Never enough, right?  So, to appease the masses, with each Sunday Stash will come a featured Converse shoe until the closet runs dry.  (Haha, yeah, right, like that will ever happen!)

This was my first Converse shoe ever (circa 2009).  I bought it because it had sparkly silver circuit boards imprinted on it.  Part of my life involves a tech giant, (the other part obviously involves sparkles), so this was a no brainer.  I have literally worn holes in the sides, tops and bottoms of each shoe, but I can’t stand to trash them as they were my first.  They’ve been washed once, laces replaced once, and loved for a long-long-long time.

Do you have a pair of special shoes you just can’t get rid of?  You’re in safe space, you can tell Molli all about it in the comments.  Go on, I won’t judge you, unless they’re really ugly shoes, because there is just really no excuse for that.
Linking up with Fiona at Finding Fifth and her Sunday Stash-a-thon!  You should do the same.  
Show momma what you got.

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  1. audrey says:

    I have a pair of delicious red flats with fantastic stitching. They have holes in the soles, and I recently found a hole in one side, but they are my absolute favorite shoes (with the exception of my converse, of course) and I can't get rid of them. After searching high and low for a pair of red flats with serious pop? Nope. Can't do it.

    Also, I think your converse-of-the-week idea is fantastic. As is that charm square holder! 🙂

  2. Alas I snap lock most of my fabric Molli. Love your description of the range in the factory but I would never have picked you for a career with the cyber world…you are a true enigma.

  3. Alas, I just have piles, but I had visions of bookshelves full! Not that I've told my husband yet…

  4. You little beauty! What a great charm square storer! I'm a ziplock bag storer because I'm poor and cheap! 😛
    I had a real LOL moment because I work with a Beryl and a Cheryl! Hahaha!

  5. Waverlee says:

    Ooooh shoes! My other favourite thing! My Master 2 is onto his second pair of All Stars. He looks extremely cute and cool in them. I have to admit, I'm a ziplock bag kind of girl. All my charms and squares are in individual ziplock bags and then they are all in some sort of plastic zip up bag in the cupboard. BUT I am in the process of acquiring a Horn sewing cabinet and doing a makeover on my sewing area so this could all change!

  6. Oh I'm almost ashamed to admit my charm squares are piled up, and some in zip lock bags. Some of my charm packs are unopened, so they sit nicely piled together until I can bring myself to open them!

    Love the shoe addition to the stash! Perfect! We are still admiring fabric after all! 😉

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