Sunday Stash #05 – The Criminally Insane

Let me explain.  
It wasn’t going to happen this week.  All my Facebook fabric enablers friends were going to Spotlight to hit up their 40% off fabric sale.  I said a firm, “No.”  Not that I have a closet full of fabric like some of you :::stares::: but I do have enough to keep me going for a while.  Then Mr. Sparkles and I happened to be over at Bondi Junction eatin’ us some sushi, and well, I stumbled into Spotlight just for a look.  Even 40% off of clearance items, including Denyse Schmidt fabrics?!  
(pause for dramatic effect)
“Mr. Sparkles, let’s go home, I’ll come back tomorrow without you.”  And so I did.  In a big way.
DS – Future Quilt Backs!

Used for Charm Swap – Aqua

Used for Charm Swap – Purple

My first text prints – gotta start somewhere!

Using for the Rainbow Bee Block


Homespun Just In Case 01

Homespun Just In Case 02

Homespun Just In Case 03

Denyse Schmidt – $4.80 / Metre – Sale On Sale!?

The Blues

The Pinks

More DS – Just regular sale.
And then you know, I went to my regular Friday afternoon affair at my LQS and found these gems! I spent about two hours there just mixing and matching colours, thoroughly enjoying myself.  Such entertainment for me!  While there I received chocolates and tea, friendly chatter, and left with bags full of beautiful fabrics … I felt like Pretty Woman!
How delicious is this little bundle I put together?  I started with that mocha dot fabric from Moda’s Oh My! line, and just started playing from there.  Not sure what I will make yet, but I really don’t want to introduce much else (maybe white?) so it will probably be on the smaller size.
Molli’s Oh Me Oh My Bundle

Molli’s Oh Me Oh My Bundle – Detail

When you can’t decide which colour way, get them both!

I thought these would work into Bonnie & Camille’s Vintage Modern.
And now, I’m criminally insane.
Linking up with Fiona at Finding Fifth and her Sunday Stash-a-thon!

7 Responses

  1. Salley says:

    J'adore those colour layouts J'oshy. Stash ENVY.

  2. Kelly G says:

    Totally jealous! Such an awesome stash this week.
    So can't wait to see what you do with your LQS fabrics. That polka dot one is just devine and yes I would only add simple white to it too.

  3. Haha love it! Fabric bug has bitten you well and truly! Can't say I blame you – who can resist such lovely fabric?!

    Love your little bundle – with the addition of white you'd be surprised how far you can make those FQs stretch 🙂

  4. What a great price for the Denyse Schmidt fabrics! Your stash is looking suitably enabled. I missed the SL sale I think. I like that mocha spot very much.

  5. Tessa Marie says:

    Haha – you crack me up!! I think it would have been insane to pass up such a great sale!! Fabulous additions to your stash!

  6. audrey says:

    Love! Those text prints are super fab, and I love your bundle! So jealous!

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