Sunday Stash #2 – Fabric Explosion!

Oh lordy!  Sunday Stash is here again, and of course I have some lovelies to contribute!  I seem to be buying faster than I can make.  I think the wallet will now have to be clamped shut until I show some return on my investment. Hmm… maybe I should make a wallet to be all symbolic and whatnot?  Linking up with Fiona at Finding Fifth and her Sunday Stash-a-thon!
So I went to my LQS The Remnant Warehouse this weekend as they were having a 25% off sale on all fabrics (yeah, that includes clearance items, uh huh, uh huh uh huh!).  Oh honey, you know I didn’t tell you about it because I would have had to push you out of line and stab you with crochet needles.  We may be friends in real life, but in fabric world, nothing is standing between Molli and a fabric sale.  I will cut you down with my sharpened Singer scissors! LOLs!  
Thankfully, no one got in my way, and I got some real to the deal bargains!  Now, granted, this ain’t no USandA shop up in here, but for Aussie prices it can stand and deliver.  I also got out some of my proper photo studio equipment to take better pictures of my fabrics.  I need to keep this permanently set up to always capture their best angle.  Who doesn’t love a bit of Glamour Shots in their lives?
First up the rainbow fat quarters I’ll be using for the Rainbow Bee I recently joined.  The last three on the bottom right are just a few I threw in for Ms. Me.
Then I managed to grab this American Jane Pezzy Print jelly roll.  I did push a little girl down to get to this, but you know, when they’re that small they don’t have too far to fall!  Whatevs!

Oh, and let’s not forget this clearance fabric that is just crazy sexy cool. I don’t usually find myself attracted to baby poo, but maybe when it’s combined with cobalt it totally makes it alright. Also, I just joined a designer charm swap on Facebook and needed something charming and so went with Aneela Hoey fabric from the Sew Stitchy line.  I love these little pins and am hoping there’s some left over for my stash!

And for the piéce de résistance, who doesn’t love me some Vintage Modern?  This is my first real life designer fabric I’ve bought for myself and I have no idea what to do with it yet.  But hot damn, is it sexy!  I started with two charm packs, but then when I saw the bolts of fabric I couldn’t stop myself from buying more of my faves!  Now those eagle eyes out there may be saying, I don’t remember that blue stripe being part of Vintage Modern.  Good catch, because it’s not, but it was super cheap, and thought it might help balance some of the estrogen out!

Just because I don’t want to stop there, I need to show off some of the fabrics that arrived in the mail from Peg at Sew Fresh Fabrics a few weeks ago!  Now, I know I bought these, but the customer service was fantastic, the communication so so sweet, and then mama said knock you out because I took advantage of her half price international shipping offer.  Sign me up for that merry-go-round everyday!  Who doesn’t love getting packages in the mail, and I’d definitely recommend and be happy to shop at Sew Fresh Fabrics again!  Some lovely Madrona Road (everytime I see that I think, Madonna Road, wha?) and this adorable airport themed fat quarter that I hope to use to make my first pillow cover!

I think that’s enough, don’t you?

9 Responses

  1. I love how the Sew Stitchy and the Vintage Modern MATCH! Cool!

  2. I love the Madrona Road and the pins! I've been coveting those pins but my stash is bursting at the seams…

  3. Oh my you have a berserk amount of stash goodies this week! Your post made me giggle in places especially pushing little girls over…naughty. I agree that your photos came up well.

  4. Allison says:

    nice fabrics! you've got some of my favorites there – Sew Stitchy pins & Madrona Road 🙂

  5. Mmm, I've been eying off Madrona Road too!

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