WIP Wednesday – The Log Cabin Blues

I haven’t done a WIP Wednesday in a while, and since I had a spare thirty-seven seconds this evening, I thought why the sparkle not?! A couple of months ago I started searching for a project that I could work on in short bursts with little need for attention to detail. My head has been crammed with everything else for so long, I ached for just some meditative, sewing release.

Looking around my sewing studio, all my new fabrics were begging me to use them. “Pick me! No, bitch, pick me! Over here! Cut me up! Me! Me! Meeeeeee!” Lordy, they’re a noisy, demanding bunch. As much as I wanted to create a new fabric bundle and design something completely original, I suspected using any new fabrics would require a lot more attention to detail. Attention I just didn’t have to give.

So I ogled my overflowing blue scrap bin instead. I emptied it out on the floor and just started organising the scraps by hue and value (meaning: the colour of blue, and it’s relative lightness and darkness). There were so many scraps. Like, so many. I nearly just shut the door and walked out because there had obviously been some mad-scrap-baby-makin’-lovin’ going on while I had been away.

Privacy be damned! I decided using all these scraps in organic log cabin blocks would be the fastest, and most stress-free sewing experience. Everything was already pre-cut, I didn’t have to worry about points or seams lining up, and the final sizing was completely irrelevant. So here we are, fifteen blocks later, and The Log Cabin Blues quilt is starting to take shape.

I’m not entirely out of scraps, but I have made a significant dip into the useable sizes. I may even be tempted to go back and use some of those insatiable new-to-the-stash fabrics! A few logs here and there may just squelch their cries of desire! Until then, I’m satisfied with this slow and bluesy song that’s starting to form.

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  1. Ioleen says:

    These look awesome. Love all the blues. Stress free sewing is a wonderful thing. ❤️❤️

  2. Having a project like this to work on can really help the “what next” feeling when life feels so full and busy. Looks great!

  3. Laura says:

    Meditative quarter inch seams. My kind of relaxation, too. Thanks for sharing your blue scrap feast of the eyes.

  4. The blues, my favourite colour, and the different widths add to their glory!! I can see qults in green and purples as well, a great way to use those scraps.

  5. I cannot spell this early in the morning, about minus 2 outside, all frosty and sparkly!!! Look at that, one of your very own fav words!!!
    QULT” should definitely be “quilt”.

  6. They look great! I need to give these a try. I’m busting stash this week as well, but there are still so many more to use up!

  7. Mindy says:

    Love the Log Cabin Blues! Thanks so much for sharing all of your fabulous creative thoughts and projects. Love. Love.
    I started a log cabin based on a quilt I’ve used daily since high school that has finally disintegrated to dust. The new one’s based on blues and circles. I’ll post after the summer. Right now I’m knitting at the beach!
    Thanks again. xxoo

  8. Martha Bilski says:

    So pretty!

  9. Quilter 501 says:

    You are hysterically funny! Same thoughts I have when the scraps seem to multiply….but I’m not so funny nor clever! So enjoyable to read…and a delight with my morning cuppa joe!

  10. Sandy says:

    Great scrap busting! Isn’t it great to use up those pre cut strips.

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