Sunday Stash #223 – The Last of the Last

Are you ready for the hodge podge of all fabric buying? Sometimes I wonder where my brain is at when I’m shopping for fabric because I am never that person that goes into a shop and is all like, “Oh, I just want like a half yard of Anna-Maria Horner’s Mod Corsage range, please and thank you.” I’m more like, “Gurl, I want it aaaaallllll raaahhhh gahhhhhhhhhhhh!” I must look possessed with crazy-fabric-eyes. It’s like I have been starved of fabric for thirty-three, four, ahem, *cough* five (maybe) years, and suddenly I’ve been let out of my cage, and I turn into a hot pink version of The Hulk. It is Cray. Z.

So these are the last of the last of the fabrics I bought from on my U.S. trip back in March (are we still talking about this?) Yes, indeed we are! Because when I go shopping, I shop hard. Especially when it is at a place like Intrepid Thread that seems to have everything I want. Okay, so above you’ll see there’s a bit more from Anna-Maria Horner’s Mod Corsage range, as well as a gold-flecked yellow from her Loominous collection. If you’re ever looking for a fabric designer to mix and match, AMH is a wonderful place to start.

I’ll never need an excuse to buy more Art Gallery Pure Elements solids, they are my go to solid of choice. However, I also picked up a scrap of the Kona Colour Chart printed panel because it will make an awesome backing fabric for a pillow, or the lining for a pouch.

Now, I have to apologise for these two photos, because I realise you can’t see the white tone-on-tones at all. You’ll have to believe me when I say they are fabulous. Fabulous, I tell you! I’m not sure about the top middle one, but the other two are from Heather Given’s Paper Obsessed collection, and the ones below from Carolyn Friedlander. (Friedlander I believe). Total sidebar, but have you seen Heather’s latest called Literary? It will be mine!

I had to throw in a bit of Maureen Cracknell and Bonnie Christine for good measure. I actually think these are the first pieces from them I have added to my stash, so it was about damn time!

Also, finally hitting my stash were a few pieces from Grafic by Latifah Saafir. She is one of the nicest people on the planet, and when we met for the first time at QuiltCon, it felt like we had been friends for years. Then she goes and puts out a collection inspired by graffiti, street art, and Los Angeles, and it totally resonated with me. I wasn’t enamoured with the entire range, but these abstracted lines created from telephone poles and birds on a wire really hit the mark! I love finding fabrics that really transform once they are cut up and pieced back together.

This last and final image piece showcases two richly saturated prints from Cotton + Steel and Sarah Watson’s Birds Eye View which was released through Cloud 9. For those unfamiliar, Cloud 9 is an organic fabric house. I have to tell you, the organic fabrics are really bringing it to the table these days. They’ve got just as much punch as any other brands, so don’t exclude them from your world of possibility!

Thank you to Julie at Intrepid Thread for letting me shop your warehouse, and spending my last hours before flying home in the best possible way with friends and fabric!

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13 Responses

  1. Susan Grancio says:

    Wow. You have SO much fun shopping for fabric! Love to see what you scored on your trip! @susanquiltstudio

  2. Rebecca Bird says:

    How did i not know there was a fabric version of the Kona Colour Chart??
    I’m with you on the crazy random buying and my other talent is lets not buy the latest line until I decide whether or not I like it then yes I do like it and it’s almost OOP and manic googling ensues while I frantically buy the one print I cannot live without!…….

  3. Clearly I need to go shopping with you one day. I’m so much more reserved in my approach to shopping that I will either crawl under the cutting table or find much joy in watching you work with such abandon. 🙂

  4. Audrey says:

    I agree with Yvonne! I think shopping with you would be all sorts of fun, haha! I love those Cloud 9 picks, and I hadn’t seen Grafic yet. The pieces you picked up are yum!

  5. It’s really hard for me to stay grounded and focused when it comes to buying AMH fabrics. Good for you! And thanks for the info on the “Birds on a Line” print – need to find that one.

  6. Wendy Welsh says:

    How have you lived this long without Kaffe in your stash???? I love all those florals you bought, and have used most of them in quilts already.

  7. helen says:

    so many yummy fabrics there, my favourites are the physics/maths and the feathers

  8. mary says:

    Now you are starting to irritate me with all your stash additions! Or maybe the fact that I can’t get to my sewing machine for a while is making me grumpy. Anyway I am so with you on the Grafic fabrics but sadly they never seemed to make there way over to the UK and don’t get me started on the exchange rate. I had a sneaky peek at next weeks stripes though – oh so good!

  9. Nancy says:

    I love Heather Given’s Literary series especially the old library cards and date stamps – they are so modern yet harken to another era. In other words my childhood. Pre cell phones, computers and even VCRs… Oh, I am sounding old. I love your random taste – I used to want stuff that matched – from one line. Now I am like a magpie – a bit of this and a bit of that. I am like Yvonne – I would love to go shopping with you. I might join her under the cutting table… but then again watching you on a buying binge would be so interesting.

  10. Suzanne says:

    Ok, now I’m a bit worried that I can actually imagine you turning into a pink hulk. That is slightly concerning!

  11. I couldn’t leave a comment on the Kaffee stripes. And had trouble finding the page, an error came up twice.They are gorgeous, and the plains really beautiful with them. ” butter knife” how many people know what that is, have seen one or own one? I have 4, and I also have a butter curler. When we had guests stay, there would be fancy butter curls, croissants, home made blackberry jelly and that knife. These days I sew and quilt!!!

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