Ten Things on Thursday – 15

Was your week full of running around like a headless chicken?! Mine was like that, but imagine that chicken in stilettos. Now, you’ve got the full picture! Damn, girl, it’s the holiday season already and this is obviously what it’s gonna be like from here on out. Please take my advice (I’m obviously not using it) and remember to take care of yourself, even if it’s just a quiet glass of champagne alone. Whoever made that “don’t drink alone” rule obviously had too many friends!


  1. Well, as stated above, this week has been a crazy one, which I think is going to carry over into next week. It feels like all my deadlines have come at once. Feels like? No, they have.
  2. A couple of non-quilty friends and I put together an annual top ten music album list each year. As far as I’m concerned 2016 has felt pretty dry, so if you have any suggestions, send them my way. Otherwise slots 1 through 10 are all going to belong to Britney Spears. Oh!
  3. I submitted three quilts to be juried for QuiltCon East 2017. They all deal with sexuality and gender, and I’m not holding out much hope that they are accepted. Sex and quilting seems to be too hot to handle!
  4. Do you subscribe to digital quilt magazine, Make Modern? The next issue is coming out sooner than a muscle-Mary at a gay pride parade, and let’s just say you may see my impossibly long lashes batting back at you.
  5. I jumped back in the improv saddle in an effort to clear some of the cobwebs out of my brain. If you haven’t tried improv, it’s a great way just to get all those inspirational juices flowing. Now, I just need to figure out a y-seam and I’ll be all loved up.
  6. This is a bit ridiculous, (wait for it), but yesterday I took a foray into garment making. Can you even imagine the clothes Molli Sparkles would make?! I know, ridiculous. But, it’s for a costume party, and it is a barely-there kilt. Right now it looks more like an apron, but in my head it’s gonna be hot.
  7. I went pretty light on Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping, but I heard from a lot of you on Instagram that you went badonka-donk-bonkers! I bought a cone of Aurifil (the best) and a few bits of Kona to finally make Modern Handcraft’s Range quilt.
  8. I went to the Modern Quilt Show Australia on Sunday. The best part of my day was hanging out with Serena (IG: sewgiving) who had travelled from Perth to take classes with Anna-Maria Horner and Carolyn. Hanging out with quilt friends is always a breath of fresh air. It’s like, “YOU GET ME!”
  9. I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in months, and of course I pulled a muscle in my bicep. This is why I try to limit my exercise to the sewing machine!
  10. I packed up the Juki long arm for storage this weekend as I needed my studio back. I’ve always had a love / hate relationship with it, and I’m currently contemplating my next move. Let’s just say I’m in a long arm edge-to-edge holding pattern.

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  1. Make Modern, I can see you there for sure. What a Thursday you have had. And sewingclothes,or the lack of??? Waiting for the pics.

  2. Trude Jackson says:

    I’m thrilled to be a new subscriber to Make Modern! All the way here in Arizona…I had never heard of it before…WOW…it looks incredible! Can’t wait to get my first issue!

  3. Karin says:

    No love for Justin Timberlake? My 4-year-old has recently fallen in love with Katy Perry which is a huge step up from last year’s obsession with Frozen.

  4. Trude Jackson says:

    Just curious about your long arm…I own a different brand…and truly love it…BUT…really struggle with creativity and free motion quilting…I’ve found my brain loves more precise patterns…and I’m just not able to duplicate that free motion… I don’t have a computer system…so rely on design boards or pantographs…to create edge to edge patterns. Just curious if other long arm quilters struggle with free motion quilting…and the end result… If it wasn’t for design boards…I think I would maybe be packing mine up too…

  5. Sue says:

    Hope that pulled muscle isn’t impacting your drinking arm! Look forward to seeing you in MM. And a micro kilt!

  6. Tina says:

    Bruno mars – 24k magic!
    Watch the video, if you don’t love it after you saw it, I don’t know what to say.

    Starboy – the Weekend

    can’t stop the feeling – Justin Timberlake

    I haven’t been to my fitness studio since may. sigh.

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