Sunday Stash #208 – Happy Holidays!

Mr. Sparkles did such a good job picking my Christmas gift this year! I was so surprised when I unwrapped this Manfrotto Pixi tripod with associated smart phone adapter and LED light. If I hadn’t actually walked into the camera shop, picked it out, paid for it with my credit card, brought it home, wrapped it in fabric, and artfully placed it under the tree, I would have had no idea! Surprises are so special like that. Ah, it’s okay, I’ve come to expect the surprise-no-surprises-here from Mr. Sparkles. At least I am guaranteed to get what I want every year! (No surprise bowling balls showing up under my tree!)


I’m hoping to use this little table top tripod for my future Sunday Stash posts, while the LED light may help me capture them when I’ve lost the light in my studio. I’ll let you know (or even show you!) how I go in some future posts. I’ve now got the rest of the year off, and I’m ready to kick back, sew sew sew, and go go go! Now if you’ll excuse me, after eating so much food at Christmas lunch today, I’ve got a delightful nap calling my name! I hope you have a happy holidays, and get all sorts of stuff you don’t need, but can’t live without!

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6 Responses

  1. Beth LaMotte says:

    My family made a mistake of asking me what I wanted for Christmas…a new sewing machine! My hubby asked me what was wrong with my old one. I quickly came up with a few lame excuses which anybody could see thru! Here’s hoping that ya’ll have a happy and safe holiday…and do take some time out for sewing!

  2. I received a few “surprises” for Christmas, too! Some of us are just better at picking the perfect present than others ; ) Merry Christmas!

  3. Afton says:

    I have a surprise-no-surprises-here counterpart too. I’m certain he’s more surprised to discover what I got for Christmas, and how generous he was, than I am.

  4. Nancy says:

    Merry Christmas Molli – so great to get something you need/want for Christmas. Much less stress than trying to guess!

  5. Sarah O says:

    I got a book from the Grammar Police… “f@#%ing apostophes”, appropriately gifted as I feral them, all.the.time. Sadly not appreciated in the same humour as which it was purchased, but he can be a fuddy duddy like that…
    I hope you and Mr S have a wonderful few days together. So nice to ‘stop’ after the go go go of the past week. Here’s to an amazing 2017! Happy Crimbo you two x

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