Modern HST Sampler – Nip Tuck Tutorial

Don’t you love the holiday season!? For the most part everyone is in a fabulous mood, albeit a bit stressed about the thought of buying those last minute stocking stuffers. You know the answer to that? Diamonds. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like diamonds. So there you go, shopping dilemma solved. Molli’s always got your back! You know what else I’ve got for you? A new tutorial for a block I designed called Nip Tuck which is the final block in the Blossom Heart Quilts Modern HST Sampler series!


This has been an amazing series of simple to complex blocks all with HSTs as their main feature. Alyce from Blossom Heart Quilts has created several sizing charts and tutorials to help you decide what size, how many, and how to make them all. My favourite way is the eight-at-a-time method, which was completely new to me! (Girl, we can always learn something new!) You’ll want to trust me when I say that using this method is the way to go when creating my Nip Tuck block below. It looks like an HST beast! I like a good, rugged beast though, so gimme some more of that! Ow!


While there looks like a whole lot of work, it’s really not that much. You use charm squares (which I know we all have lingering around; don’t even try to deny it!) to make the 40 HSTs eight-at-a-time. The rest of the pieces are just small squares and rectangles constructed into larger squares and rectangles. So if you make one block (as above), or create many blocks (as tiled below) it’s all just a matter of time. By this stage I know you’ve got the skills down pat!molli_sparkles_nip_tuck_tile_03

I also created a black and white rendering so you can get an idea of what this block might look like in solids. While I loved using my Pattern Please Bundle from Fabric Please, I’m really enamoured by how visually striking the block would look like on repeat in a solid like fuchsia or teal! So many ideas, but so little time! I know many of you will be making this block in December (or let’s face it, maybe in January; that’s cool too!) and I absolutely can not wait to see your interpretations!

molli_sparkles_nip_tuck_tile_01Click Here for the Nip Tuck Tutorial

2 Responses

  1. What a fab method for the 8 triangles, Wonderful fabrics you chose.

  2. Kathleen says:

    I must say this is my favorite block of all the Modern HST Sampler blocks!! And I said that before I even so how neat it looks in the repeat sample. Thanks for this pattern and Merry Christmas.

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