Ten Things on Thursday – 11

Oh what the hell! This was supposed to be a ten week exercise, but people keep telling me that they like these posts. Maybe it’s because they’re in bullet point form and I don’t waffle on about a whole lot of somethin’ of nothin’s! Eh!? At any rate, let’s keep going with a little more Ten Things on Thursday. It’s always funny when I write these, as I think I’ve had a quiet week, and then realise, whoa, there’s been a lot of stuff going on! I hope you’ve had a similarly productive week!


  1. Our new King Living chair finally arrived this week! It’s black leather, and called a Seymour Chair. It took three deliveries for them to get it right, but now that it’s here, I love it.
  2. Mr. Sparkles, a friend, and I got all cultural last night and went to the theatre. (When you live in Australia you get to spell theater, theatre which immediately makes it especially hoity-toity.) We saw a production of Next Fall, which had rave Broadway reviews. However, this staging, was well, oh, I’ll just come out and say it: dreadful. Nice to get out of the studio though!
  3. I started two new projects this week. I was hell bent on working on existing WIPs, but they were leaving me all shades of grey (and none of the first 50 variety! ow!). The only way to solve the lacklustre blues is to start something new!
  4. Anyone else feel like they’ve been to Quilt Market Hell and back after absorbing all the photos on Instagram over the weekend? Congratulations to all of you that survived, promoted, sample spree-ed, exhibited, and travelled to/fro safely! I definitely have my eyes on a few upcoming lines. Of course.
  5. I’m still tracking along with my comic board wrapping. Yeah, 100 boards is not even gonna come close. I’m anticipating more in the range of 500. Of course in America you can buy them for $10 / 100 pack, while in Australia the exact same pack is $30. When did cardboard become so expensive?!
  6. I received my latest NGAQB2 round robin quilt this week, so I can start working on my border additions soon. Yes, us guys are still kicking around. All of the quilt tops are nearly done, which I expect we will collectively debut in the new year.
  7. I renewed my Modern Quilt Guild membership. I um-ed and ah-ed back and forth quite a bit, as I don’t think I really took full advantage of my first year as a member. Then that whole derivative thing happened, which left a bad taste in just about every mouth, but I’m gonna give it all a second chance. Plus, I’m gonna try to be more active in participating in all of the extras they provide, not just the QuiltCon access.
  8. Halloween. While growing, is not really a thing in Australia like it is in America. I did buy some chocolate (Snickers and Crunchie but if I were in the U.S., Butterfingers would definitely be involved!) As for a costume, I went as Fabulous.
  9. I think I mentioned last week that I had run out of vodka. Well, get the olives and twist ready, because my vodka mule delivered two 1.75 litre bottles of Belvedere from the US to me and my empty coffers. These bottles are huge, just how I like it.
  10. If you’ve been under a rock since last weekend, you might have missed the Sunday Stash #200 celebrations happening! Check out the original post on how to win one of the thirteen prizes. Based on the current number of comments, you have about a 1 in 8 chance of winning something, which is amazing odds!

5 Responses

  1. Anne says:

    That’s a good ten things.

  2. Trista says:

    You also get to use the spelling “theatre” if you have a degree in theatre. 🙂 Or as my dad calls my BFA with an emphasis in technical my “big freaking attitude.” Of course I spent all the time I could in the costume shop back in those days and discovered quilting.

  3. Ioleen says:

    Absolutely love reading this post. You always bring a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Debra Keller says:

    We have a couple of King Living 2 seater reclining sofas. They’re about 6 years old. We went looking for mechanical recliners but I soon realised that my lower back problems and my lack of height (1.47m high) just wouldn’t allow me to close the recliner or get out of the chair!!😄 The sofas were bought from a gift of money from my late, darling Dad and I am so grateful as the electric gliding mechanism is brilliant, and quiet. I hope you enjoy your chair too.

    I’m a new comer to your blog and love your sense of humour…or is it your way of life 😄

  5. Jan N. says:

    I haven’t tried Belevedere Vodka so I can’t compare, but have you ever tried Potocki Vodka? It’s a little spendy at $40 USD for a 750 ml bottle, but oh so very smooth.

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