Bend and Snap

I’m making a bit of progress over here on my latest quilt using my Divas Alphabet pattern. The exact phrasing for this one is still under lock and key, but it promises to be confetti cannon explosive! I hope you’re ready for a bit of colour!


Each of those brightly coloured pieces finishes at one inch, while each letter finishes at six-by-ten inches. While that might seem small to some, that is taller than my highest stiletto, so that is saying something! You can see how I’m getting my piecing fix going on!


These are very rough work-in-progress photos, because sometimes you’ve just gotta bend and snap, despite the available light or surrounding mess. And trust, you, me, I am a professional bend and snapper! If you don’t know how to bend and snap, oh lady of the night, we need to get on that, stat!


While I’ve been working with all these pieces, I’ve gone all organisationally fanatical, and I lurve it. Seriously. I think my middle name could literally be, “organisation.” Or I’m just really good at compartmentalisation. Oh.


Okay, more to come soon, but for now, I’m gonna go practice my bend and snap!

4 Responses

  1. Trude Jackson says:

    Oh yes!!!! Just love your colors! Amazing! I can’t wait to see this in a finished project!

  2. Fantastic colours, and Sistema Click Its are so good for storing small pieces, and YES, they are small. Love the way they all come together.

    • Trude Jackson says:

      I was thinking that some of the iron on grid interfacing might be helpful with the small pieces… I didn’t think I was a fan of it…but it sure does help keeping things together…the only downside might be texture…it would be a bit “stiffer”…at least until it was washed a few times…

  3. Tish says:

    Oh, how I love the bend and snap, so WORK IT, I say! Those may be small squares but all that lovely color sure makes a big punch 🙂 At 4′ 11″ I’m fond of saying good things come in small packages.

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