Ten Things on Thursday – 08

Today marks a full two months of Ten Things on Thursday. These rapid fire posts are really giving me life, plus a whole lot more time to sew. This was always intended as a encapsulated 10-week project, but who knows, it may carry on a bit longer. This style of post isn’t about photos, it’s about quick words. I know in the age of Instagram, words seems so passé, but some of us still like them!



  1. Okay, yay! I rescued my MIL’s camera back from her so hopefully I’ll be taking some more (better!) photographs. Speaking of, I’ve finally decided on my very own camera, which hopefully will turn me into a blogging machine.
  2. For those of you looking for some art inspiration, I’ve recently rediscovered the work of Mark Rothko. Such a genius with colour, that could inform any art practice. Derivative be damned!
  3. It’s been a razor sharp #100days100blocks week with the cutting of about twenty-five blocks and assembly of ten. Full steam ahead on this #ShimmerCitySampler!
  4. I’ve done some sewing studio organisation this week by adding some large plastic drawers under the Juki QVP-2200 long arm. This will allow me to use them as individual project boxes. Except I might need thirty-seven of them!
  5. I finished my Divas Alphabet Pattern! Work! Or should I say “Spell!” I’ll release on Craftsy very soon (have to meet my Q3 FAL goal) and will let you know all about it right here.
  6. I watched this amazing documentary called Tig about comedienne, Tig Notaro, and her fight with cancer. It’s heartbreaking and hilarious at the same time. Oh, and it’s on Netflix!
  7. Mr. Sparkles was on his deathbed this week with a viral infection. I played hot Nurse Molli and slapped him when he tried to get up in the middle of the night to make Thermomix strawberry jam for his parents. As a friend said, “That would have been an excellent way to preserve the germs!”
  8. I’ve been thinking a lot about quilting my Don’t Be a Dick quilt myself. I’m contemplating using my Hobbs batting (from a few Sunday Stash’s ago) with a layer or wool and a layer of cotton. Puff Daddy called and he wants his quilt back!
  9. Do you realise Sunday Stash #200 is coming up later this year? I think something pretty special is called for!
  10. I booked my next trip to Singapore for the middle of October. I thought about only bringing a carry-on, but really, how much fabric can a carry-on really hold?! Priorities!

3 Responses

  1. Ioleen says:

    Love reading these posts. Please keep doing them!!!

  2. Mary ann says:

    Some of my favorite posts! They give a real look into your week. And always make me feel better about the randomness of my own journey. But hey last week I got 3 tops off to the quilter’s so I am feeling mighty pleased with myself. And just for the record I have the binding made for one of them already.

  3. Marsha Thomas says:

    The Houston International Quilt Festival is Nov 3 – 6. Will you be around for a selfie? The Rothko Chapel is in downtown Houston. You could take a look!

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