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Down here in Sydney, Spring has definitely sprung! Thank the Lourdes because I was getting tired of my scarves getting caught up in my weaves. Winter is all just too much. Plus, my new Britney Spears album says I need to, “Put on a Private Show, slide down my pole, watch me spin it and twerk it…” which is just a lot to make happen when its zero degrees. Now that it is warming up, hands are waving, tops are drifting, and cares are flinging. Ow! While I was out sunning myself this afternoon I brought a bit of light reading, that featured delicious bits of all about me! The September 2016 issue of Homespun has a zesty little article called, “My True Confession.” In it, multiple contributors spill the beans on how they really get down and dirty with their craft. Rules are meant to be broken!



Also hitting newsstands this month is the latest issue of Textile Fibre Forum. This magazine keeps getting better and better! If you’re looking to expand your quilt world, start looking outside the world of quilts. (Sounds simple, right?) Textile Fibre Forum explores all fibre arts, and I write a regular column for the back page. It’s amazing seeing what other artists are doing with fibre to create meaningful work that transcends any classification of “modern” and the ilk that is currently rife in the quilt world. For this issue I discuss how hot and bothered I got after my first time. Ooh la la!



Both magazines are available at fine news agents, book shops, and have online editions as well! If you’ve managed to pick up your copy, I’d love to hear what you think about either article. Flattery will get you everywhere! Kiss! Kiss!


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  1. Fi Laidlaw says:

    Oh Mollie I had to run out & buy Textile Fibre Forum to read your article & how fabulous it is!!!!! I had to read it out loud in my best ‘Kath Day-Night’ voice to my blossom child (18yr old daughter) & did we laugh together, thanks it was so noice, but she wants to know if you have the answer to
    – “the question on everyones lips is, who’s going to snaffle Tina!” Together we would also like to recommend for you & Mr Sparkles a Baz Luhrmann marathon – the Red Curtain Trilogy which contains your 2nd cousin Tina in Strictly Ballroom but also the extravaganzas of Moulin Rouge & Romeo & Juliet, maybe Mr Sparkles could supply the champers! Loved your article Fi & Blossom child x

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