Ten Things On Thursday – 05 (SE)


  1. This is Ten Things on Thursday – Singapore Edition! I’m currently wrapping up my last day on my first trip to Singapore. What a crazy place, that I’m learning to adore! I promise to share more pictures soon!
  2. On my first day here, I hit up the textile market stalls near Chinatown. Obvs. Rummaging and finding the unexpected is one of my favourite ways to buy fabric! What did I find? In the infamous words of Britney Spears, “You’ll just have to wait and see!”
  3. Of course I squeezed in an additional fabric shopping trip to Arab Street at the encouragement of Kate (modernbasics), whereby I also found … Oops! See exclamation above!
  4. I should have brought some hand sewing with me. I guess it’s time to get down with EPP!
  5. I had an amazing dinner at the Level 57 Ce La Vi restaurant atop the Marina Bay Sands hotel. I felt like I could have been James Bond (or maybe even a Bond girl) with my martini in hand.
  6. The fabric shop attendants thought it was amazing that I was a man who quilts! I kept telling them, “Look out, because we’re all under covers!” (Pun intended, but I’m not sure it translated! Ha!)
  7. Did you see that the AQS finally released a statement regarding the removal of Kathy Nida’s quilts from the Grand Rapids show? It went something like, paraphrasing, “Some unspecified number of people complained, but we can’t tell you what about, and instead of standing up for the artist that was juried into the show, we took the easy way out and removed the offending quilts because we know how to handle fabric but not art.” Basically a whole lot of nothing! To even take an organisation such as theirs seriously based on this decision is hard work. Ultimately this is unfortunate for all of the quilters involved in the exhibition as it belittles the artistic merit of their quilts as well.
  8. But the fantastic news! Maddie from Bad Ass Quilters Society is organising a digital quilt show called The Skin We Are In concerning the raw human form. This is a great time to grab your copy of my Don’t Be a Dick quilt block pattern and shows yours off! Wait, your block, not your dick, or is it both, um, I’m confused. Anyway, you can derivative yourself as much as you like, I won’t mind one bit!
  9. Speaking of, has anyone else noticed that with all this talk about penile censorship that the MQG’s own derivative controversy has somewhat died down? I’ll leave you to devise your own conspiracy theories. But for once, it’s not me causing the controversy!
  10. Tomorrow is day ten of the #100days100blocks City Sampler QAL happening on Instagram. For those playing along at home, I hope you’re still in it to win it! You can find my blocks by searching the #shimmercitysampler!

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  1. Serena@Sewgiving says:

    Thursdays used to be so blah … thank goodness for these posts 🙂

  2. Wendy says:

    I don’t think the MQG derivative controversy has died down. They asked for a time out to consult their lawyers (something they should have done at the start). They also turned on censorship on their comments, so no new comments can appear until they let them (I know because I commented and it didn’t show up for days). Plenty of us are watching that space. PS I work for the NZ Institute of Patent Attorneys so am very interested in what their next move is.

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