Ten Things on Thursday – 02

It felt so good to reflect on last week, that I thought I would do it again this week! I’m amazed at how many quilting related items happen during the week, when I’m not even trying. I guess that’s one way to know that you’re passionate about something, hey? This list proves to me how many small things add up to the bigger picture. I don’t even need to watch the tele anymore! If you want to Instagram you’re ten things just #tenthingsonthursday so everyone can see what you’ve been up to! You know I’ll be there to check it out!


  1. I started two new quilts this week. You know, because I need some other projects to keep me busy!
  2. I managed to get my email inbox to under 200 emails. That’s really good for me, and also why not all of you get personalised responses to comments. I do the best I can, I promise.
  3. Daughter Charlotte came to visit on the weekend. She tells me, “You’re really popular at my school. I was telling my friends about your quilting and blog and they thought it was so cool!” Winning!
  4. Mr. Sparkles and I bought a new leather chair from King Living on the weekend. Two thousand dollars later and it better be the best damn chair for stitching my binding, or else!
  5. I spent the weekend drinking wine and stitching. Life is good.
  6. A work colleague and friend gave me some pre-packaged Liberty cuts from London that he wants a quilt (art and/or function) made from. The best news, “Take your time, seriously, whenever!”
  7. The #QuiltsForPulse blocks are coming in fast and furious! I received probably thirty blocks today. Love your work!
  8. I received some happy, quilty mail from a friend this week. I want to devote a proper blog post to it, so I’ll share that a bit later. Still, quilty mail is always a good time!
  9. So I need to buy a camera. You probably don’t realise, but I actually don’t own a DSLR! I have managed to maintain my blog by just borrowing my MILs for years. (A big “thank you” to her!) But yeah, it’s time to change that.
  10. I bought Tula Pink’s book, 100 Modern Quilt Blocks to gear up for the #100Days100Blocks quilt along, which starts 17 August. I seriously must be crazy adding another project into the works! (Organised by Angie of Gnome Angel, Lisa of Sweet Little Pretties and Raylee of Sunflower Quilting).

6 Responses

  1. Jill says:

    I’m going to have a go at the 100 blocks, if for no other reason than to do some machine sewing!

  2. Mary ann says:

    Great list, so fun to think about our weeks like this. I have a favorite chair for binding too, it’s a big old club chair with hassock in a green and white toile. Probably a bit to tame for my fabric tastes now but the set up is super comfortable and I can stream BBC mysteries! Let us know how you like the leather please.

  3. Jayne says:

    When we take the time, ten things can easily become twenty. Passion doing something we love helps, and makes for a wonderful life!

  4. Judy says:

    I need to play catch-up on about 10 things! Most of them involve fabric and sewing or yarn and knitting.

  5. Trude says:

    I’m smiling… I have Tula’s book too… And have “only” 64 more blocks to go! lol… Love it so far but definitely takes time to match and pick fabric for each block!

  6. Karin says:

    Molli, I love you. And I am doing 5 separate quilt-alongs right now, two of them sampler quilts. So why on earth did I just buy a copy of Tula’s book? And why did I then request it from my local library because the shipping estimate is August 6th but I don’t trust Barnes and Noble to get it to me by then? Ready for the madness to continue. And I can’t wait to see your blocks.

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