2016 Finish-A-Long Q3: Goals

As I’ve wondered through my life, my goals have certainly changed. Remember when you were nine and you wanted to be an anaesthesiologist? (Wait, was that just me?) Well, in the same way, my quilt goals often change: from year to year, sometimes even day to day. That’s probably why most of us have so many works-in-progress. You achieve a little bit from a certain project, and then you want to shift gears to achieve something else from another. One of the things I’ve noticed by participating in the Finish-A-Long for the first time, is that my quilt goals have collapsed, expanded, turned inside out and come back to the start again. So while I may not have finished everything on my previous list, some of them aren’t that pressing to me anymore–at least for the right now. And that is perfectly okay.


Don’t Be a Dick Quilt – I’ve got nearly every piece cut out! Here’s a very rough cut photo of my design wall, and how I’m sorting out my colour story. This will surely be done this quarter, unless I go soft!


Divas Alphabet Pattern – Just this week I’ve been doing some more edits to this pattern. It is still coming, but since it is already thirty-two pages long, there’s a lot to review!


Untitled – I’ve currently got my first quilt on my Juki QVP-2200 longarm. It’s about half way done, and then the binding to go. It’s an oversized baby quilt destined for a good friend, so it should be done this quarter for sure!

That’s three things that I think are totally achievable in three months. I’m sure my goals will get a bit distracted, but that’s all part of the process! Make sure you check out some of the amazing works-in-progress happening around the quilty traps, and give some much needed applause. There are so many (master)pieces that just need a few final stitches!

2016 FAL

Debbie – A Quilter’s Table – USA

Jess – Elven Garden Quilts – Australia

Stacey – SLO Studio – Canada

Jennie – Clover & Violet – USA

Helen – Archie the Wonder Dog – UK

Nicky – Mrs. Sew and Sow -UK

Cindy – Fluffy Sheep Quilting – Ireland

Rhonda – Rhonda’s Ramblings – USA

Leanne – She Can Quilt – Canada


2 Responses

  1. Linda says:

    All these lists make me anxious. I quilt to relax so I don’t worry about whats getting done when. I just make a goal of gifting myself time to quilt – something is bound to get done.

  2. Nicky says:

    I hope you do get these finished or start something else instead! Being creative is what counts! Thanks for linking up to FAL2016 on behalf of your team of hosts

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