Sunday Stash #172 – Travelling Sunday Stash 07

I landed back into Sydney yesterday, and as the grass became greener upon approach, I couldn’t have been happier. There’s nothing like being away from a home you love, to make you love it even more. Mr. Sparkles and I have spent the recent hours unpacking, washing, sorting, and jet lagging. I’ve made the trans-Pacific trip so many times my body doesn’t put up much of a fuss these days. However, there’s a bit of sewing mojo to find, and a few episodes of American Idol and House of Cards to catch up on today. Plus, a very close friend (we call him Lady, emphasis on the aaaaay) is having birthday drinks today to celebrate making it to sixty-five. Botox has never looked so good! While I’m out drinking away the last hours of my holiday before returning to work tomorrow with a hangover (sassy and classy), make sure you head over to Raspberry Spool who is hosting this week’s final instalment of Travelling Sunday Stash. I’ll be hosting Sunday Stash next week where I’ll show you what I picked up to put in my very own stash. Ow!


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