Sunday Stash #171 – Travelling Sunday Stash 06

San Francisco, you saucy minx! This past week has been a blur of two for one drink specials and straight to the hips pizza by the slice! No wonder the rest is all a bit fuzzy. Regardless, I’m pretty sure I’ve been having a marvellous time. I did manage to get to the city’s premier fabric shop, Britex, for a look around, but left completely empty-handed. Imagine the look on Mr. Sparkles’s face when I said I wasn’t buying anything! To compensate, head on over to Mary Emmens house who is hosting this week’s Sunday Stash including a giveaway. I, on the other hand, am off to have another frozen margarita! Besos!


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  1. Jo says:

    Good to hear you are enjoying yourself. Thanks for my badge. I got it and it made me smile….

  2. Ali T says:

    I’m reasonably new to your blog, just want to say thanks as I get a big smile when the inbox dings every Sunday night with Molli Sparkles, new roads to follow…yay!

  3. mary says:

    What no fabric? Mr Sparkles must think you are ill!

  4. Brad says:

    Aaaah!!! I forgot you were in town!!! Britex is amazing, but it’s mainly apparel fabric. Stone mountain and daughter in Berkeley has better quilting cotton selections – and there’s a cool hat shop nearby. Hope you’re enjoying the city & if you get a chance, check out the conservatory of flowers and the palace of the arts!

  5. oh I just love SF, I hope you’re taking more pictures to share with us!

  1. March 28, 2016

    […] to Molli Sparkles and Mary […]

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