There’s More Than One Shade of Brown

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There’s more than one shade of brown, and I can testify and preach about that til the cows are moo-ing at my door. I mean, really. You have heard me complain about my floor boards and their disastrous installation in my new apartment for the better part of a year. Well, the ceiling hit the fan (or something like that) this week. The Developer sent in a new tradesman to “fix” all the damage created by the original installer. This new guy, bless his singing soul, did the best he could, and we were left with this:


If you’ve left your glasses in the other room, well, my $11,500 floor is now two colours of brown. I know a lot of you revolt against brown in your quilts (I’m still a fan!), but I refuse to accept a brown patchwork floor! Egads, mama! So what did I get in return for this great flooring option? The majority of the living room furniture (sans sofa) packed into my sewing room for the week. I feel like there’s been a full on invasion into my space, not to mention the amount of dust that is now lingering everywhere. Oh, don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here feather dusting my fabric! Oooh la la.


Okay, so the good news (rant over, I promise), the Developer came to inspect, and finally, finally, finally, realised what they should have done to begin with. They have now agreed to replace the entire floor throughout the apartment. Say what? Yeah, so sometime in the immediate future, I, along with the entire apartment, will be moving out again (hello, deja vu) so the floor can be entirely replaced. The catch–you were waiting for it, right?: They can’t replace with the same walnut floor boards because it is no longer an available product.  Of course, it isn’t.

But tonight, tonight, my precious Glitterati, I pushed all of that damn furniture out of my space, and I can reach my sewing machine again. I feel like I’m about to burst, so I hope I don’t get any of my glittery mess on my fabrics. Hmm… maybe that’s a new fabric trend just waiting to pop!

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  1. Emily C says:

    oy. Well of course the same flooring isn’t available, it’s been a year. It looks like they were in the middle of restaining and stopped (thus 2 shades of brown). I wish people understood the concept of fixing things right, instead of trying to fix it the cheap way and ending up having to redo it a few times, before ending up doing it right. Probly find out next that if they paid the workman a little more and got people with more experience, you could have skipped all this. Best wishes with the new floor. Hopefully they will get it right this time.

  2. Oh my goodness, this has been quite the adventure for you. I can’t believe you will be moving out and in for a third time… but I am so glad to hear that the developer has finally decided to make it right. Fingers crossed it comes out beautifully the next time and that some sewing / fabric therapy in the mean time will be joyful. Also – hooray! Bloglovin’ is definitely back in business. 🙂

  3. Pat S says:

    How frustrating but it sounds like you “might” be on the road to finished.

  4. Jayne says:

    I love the new blog makeover! I wish I knew how the hell you guys do that!! I would be in jail by now if I had to deal with your floors! How can it be so difficult?!

  5. Diana says:

    Having just gone through 3 months of major remodeling, I have to say that I feel your pain! Move & mess~ugh. Hoping you will FINALLY get this resolved!

  6. Diana says:

    I miss the rolling commentary on the side 🙁 Loved the witty banter between you and…whomever! 🙂

  7. Well, I hope they get it right this time around. You have had a terrible time trying to get the floor fixed. Good luck!

  8. Jen B says:

    Not again! I really hope it get fixed this time.

  9. Sarah O says:

    So there’s NO other walnut flooring available? What planet is this half arsed developer is this fresh hell of yours from? I mean seriously… I just hope you are put up in luxury to which you and Mr Sparkles have become accustomed to and that the NEW NEW floor is better than the old new floor… ffs… do people not LOOK or take pride in their finished works? Clearly ‘we’ do but them, off to Specsavers me thinks.

  10. Oh you are right, that is ridiculous that they did that to your floor – it’s not that difficult to use matching wood, really. And as for not getting to sew – absolute torture, is it not? I feel for ya, Molli. Especially when you have all those fab new fabrics! Horrors! Get to it and let us see some RESULTS, please.

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