Sunday Stash #149 – Tokyo Textiles Part 02

Please excuse me, but this post didn’t get carried over to WordPress, so this is a manual repost. Feel free to hit that, “Mark As Read” button! Sunday Stash #151 – Tokyo Textiles Part 04 will go live this Sunday!


I tell you what, this almost didn’t happen. These are part of Echino’s latest range of 100% cotton, sateen fabrics, and Lorde are they lovely. You see, when Alyce and I were doing our first round of shopping, I picked them up and ran them over my face. Seriously, that’s how I shop, it’s a full contact sport! It was like if Art Gallery and Echino had a secret love child and they asked Andy Warhol to paint it up real nice; that would be this. But, but I put them back on the shelf. Forgive me, it was right at the beginning, and I was in my ridiculous, “Only buy what you need,” phase. That certainly didn’t last long.


To get by, I originally told myself that the animals weren’t really my thing (you know I’m always harping on about the bloody forest frivolity on fabric). Both the Echino Bird Sateen Grey (above) and the Echino Fox Cloud Sateen Black (below) have metallic silver speckled about them. Do you see that? Do you realise how hard that was for me to walk away from? As we ended the day, though, I understandably couldn’t stop thinking about these two pieces. I was working the rest of the week, with fabric on my mind, of course. However, on the last day, I had a few slim hours to kill post-work / pre-flight, so dashed to another Yukawaya fabric shop in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo.


That’s when I spotted these in the wild once again! I was not letting them go this time, so I snatched up both and put them in my suitcase-cum-shopping trolley. Alyce had told me earlier in the week that when she is stashing fabric backings she always gets four yards. Well, she obviously knows best, so four yards it was! At only $14 USD a metre (not yard!), how could I not? The same fabric retails in the US for about $20 USD, and in Australia for $30 AUD. Get out, and get ’em while it’s hot! As I told Mr. Sparkles, I may have spent blah blah blah, but I saved like eighty dollars! #winning

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  1. November 22, 2015

    […] Echino fabric is from the same range I showed you in Sunday Stash #149 – Tokyo Textiles 02, except it wasn’t anywhere to be found during my last trip! I actually rescued this 2 ½ […]

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