Sunday Stash #146 – Them Liberties

I’ve received several Liberty pieces in the mail recently that I’ve been stashing, waiting to turn into thematic bundles. These tidbits all come from Danielle (IG: collectstitchloveliberty) who is sharing her Liberty subscription with me this year. Crazy, generous, I know!
This first bundle I’m calling Pop Rocks because it reminds me all that fizzy, sugary popping candy that we used to have as kids. I couldn’t wait to tear open that black packaging and just dive in! I’d sometimes put the whole package in my mouth at once and just let it explode for ages. Yes, I was a Molli Sparkler even then! The colours in these fabrics give me an acid 80s vibe, and I could see them easily paired with a deep indigo to really pump up the contrast.

I’ve named this bundle Raspberry Chocolate Milkshake. I know y’all aren’t usually footloose and fancy free with your love of brown. However, I still think with the right shade, and the right amount, it can be a tasty treat! Mix this up with some caramel, some latte, some mocha, and swirl it all together with a big dollop of deep, dark and delicious raspberry cream. Mmm, ladies, if you’re thirsty raise your hands with me! Delish!

7 Responses

  1. V Hair says:

    Oo, I see someone had been taking Liberties… Sorry, couldn't resist. Such great colour combinations!

  2. Great names for both bundles. Naming things can be such a fun part of the creative process… and a great leaping off point for a design. I am also now craving chocolate at 8 in the morning. 🙂

  3. I love the names you pick! I like brown in the right context, and that definitely is!

  4. Loving the raspberry chocolate milkshake bundle!!

  5. oh great minds think alike, my Sunday stash is Liberty too this week!

  6. Love the Raspberry Chocolate Milkshake! I love brown and pinks together. So pretty!

  7. Shauna says:

    Liberty fabric is so beautiful! I would have a hard time picking a favourite!!

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