Moving Back In

“Yay! It’s finally done, time to move back into my gorgeous apartment with my newly finished, beautiful hardwood floors! Three cheers! Hip, hip, hoo… Oh wait, what’s that over there? Isn’t that the stain that was there before? And that area where the veneer was peeled off by the tradesman’s paint thinner? Yeah, right there, it’s not fixed it either–it actually kinda looks worse. But the paint splatters, surely they’re gone, oh, oh, ooooh, ugh. Um, why did I move again?”
That folks, was my inner monologue at 8am this past Saturday as the moving company started to schlep my entire apartment back in to normalcy. Defeat. Frustration. Anger. Then came exhaustion as I spent the entire day with Mr. Sparkles trying to unpack boxes and shove stuff into closet spaces, including the fabric! After meeting with the developer they are all sorts of dumbfounded about what to do (show me the money!), and we are still seeking resolution. I seriously don’t think my eyes could roll around my head anymore than they have in the past week!

Fortunately, this has given me the opportunity to reorganise my amazing fabric collection. Who knew I had such gems!? Not bragging, just forgetful! Last night I started breaking up my fat quarter bundles (including the Friedlander!) and putting everything into piles of colour. Greens, teals, and blues are common, purple not so much. Isn’t that always the way! At any rate, it is keeping my mind off the frustrating things, and allowing me to find joy in the wonderful fabric I already have. Mr. Sparkles did remark though, “No more fabric!” Ahem.

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  1. Great picture of beautiful fabric on what looks like beautiful floors!

  2. Sooli says:

    Time spent fondling fabric is time well spent!

  3. Jayne says:

    It's always nice to revisit what we already have! In this case we get to see your stash…my eyes are eyeing that AMH Coneflowers!!

  4. Jo says:

    Wow already a week. Are they fixing the damage though…… I love purples… We know it as menopausal mauve.. Haha.
    It's always good to see what you have and hopefully get to use it. So good to see you back here. You put a smile on my face

  5. Carol Q says:

    hopefully all that gorgeous fabric helped take your mind off the frustrations with your floor!

  6. What a disappointment! So glad your fabric was there to comfort you.

  7. The O's says:

    Did I or did I not suggest that this was the PERFECT opportunity to add stuff to your stash? I'm nearly 10 months into my fabric diet and I have to say I am proud of myself. I haven't done a whole lot of quilt sewing this year, there hasn't been a lot of time with our big move and associated change to routines, but I do hope to remedy that in October. Yes, I have missed the thrill and excitement of shopping and the joy of caressing those intricately folded fat quarters, but I have developed a new textile love, yarn. I'm still learning and limited to one hook (crochet not knitting) and yarn doesn't quite have the same thrill fabric does but the colours and the possibilities… and I love the crafty group I hang out with once a week at the book shop. It's pretty rad actually!

  8. Lisa J. says:

    The fabric looks great hiding the flaws in the floor. Sounds frustrating doing all the work of moving out and back in for not enough change.

  9. Sue Laufer says:

    Recently I took a deep breath, untied the various ribbons & sorted my (many) fat quarters into color order. I have to say that it makes SUCH a difference. It's way more fun (translation…easier) to audition fabrics for a project & jump right in.

    Love your blog. XOXO

  10. V Hair says:

    Oh no babe, sorry to hear that the work wasn't as delightful as you expected. The developer should be bending over backwards for you (naughty!) to get everything fixed and keep you happy (and sparkling!). Hope you don't have to go the "break of contract" route.

  11. Julie says:

    Argh frustrating I probably would have blown a gasket… about Mr. Sparkles… do we really need that kind of negativity? 🙂 Hugs!

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