What a Dick!

As the world laughs at our Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, for blatantly disregarding the voice of the Australian people and his own ministers in regards to marriage equality, I can’t help but think one thing: “What a dick!” Like seriously, how do you live your life at this moment in time, knowing you have denied happiness  (and the economic fortune that happiness and marriage equality has proven to create) to thousands millions of your citizens? Again I say, “What a dick!” When your own sister is in a long-term same-sex relationship, and you figuratively slap her across the face with your own out-dated predilections, all I can think is the dinner table conversation where she says, “What a dick!” I appreciate running a country is a tough job, and I know it must be challenging divorcing your personal religious beliefs to those of what should be a neutral government, but really, being a good human being is not hard. So Tony Abbott, let the world laugh at you, and let me join them in forever remembering “What a dick!” you are today, and forever will be.

Now, segue let’s look at pretty pictures of this cushion I made! This is one of my all time favourites for several reasons. Firstly, look at the zillion pieces just in this 15″ cushion. Even though I was using the amazing Bloc_Loc Diamond in a Triangle ruler (it’s so rare, good luck finding it!) it still took oodles of time cutting all those pieces. A whole quilt like this, yikes!
But what is that amazing fabric, you ask?! Well, it’s only the most magnificent Shimmer 2 by Jennifer Sampou which is hitting stores later this month. (You can sue more photos of its iridescent beauty in Sunday Stash #123). Start pulling the loose change out from underneath the couch cushions because you are gonna need some of this! This time around there are feathers and shiny disco balls — need I say more?! Cue the Madonna video!!!
It was only fitting that for the back I used a faux suede called Sensuede (from Sunday Stash #100 — see, I do use my fabrics!) I had never sewn with Sensuede before, but it acted just like any other cotton fabric, except don’t iron it! :::sideways glance::: Don’t ask me how I know that. Now here’s the part of the story where I come full circle. Last week I gifted this cushion to my female jeweller, Foebe, as a thank you for her constant support in helping me find the perfect engagement ring for the man (gasp!) that I love. She was completely enamoured, even going so far as to say how diverse her current collection of cushions is!! Perfect response, right? Suffice to say, if you’re a dick, you don’t get a cushion.

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  1. Kate says:

    Yes a complete dick, the same phrase has been said here a few times today! Great cushion!

  2. Jo says:

    Oh that is so fabulous… WHAT A DICK…. I too want one of those bloc loc rulers… They didn't have any at the Melbourne Quilt show…

  3. It's shimmer-tastic 🙂

  4. Kristin says:

    What a dick! Just like Dick Cheney who is a Dick in many, many ways!

  5. What an awesome finish. Great fabric choices. You have to keep faith that things will change, as they will change. Love the rolling comments on the side. I think Mr. Sparkles should start a blog. Between the two of you, you'd always keep us entertained.

  6. lynne says:

    So sorry that you have to become political on your awesome blog. Please at least acknowledge his strength to his strong beliefs when it is not popular to do so. That takes courage in these times.

    • I'm all for people having their own personal beliefs (I have them as well, obviously) but when you are serving in government, religious beliefs should not cloud your judgement. I pay taxes, and would like to be treated as an equal citizen.

  7. Auntie Pami says:

    Idiot. Love the cushion. And you. So exciting. You guys just come here and get married.

  8. "being a good human being is not hard" This needs to be a quilt. And for the image to go with hard, may I suggest I suggest a big diamond catching the light and casting rainbows (the best part about any and ALL diamonds). But that's my vision; I'd love to see yours. 🙂

  9. Leanne says:

    The pillow is lovely. The actions of your PM and his lot are laughable but it is also stunning that all the members of your parliament will follow along, rather than break ranks. There are career defining moments, this is one of them.

  10. Jayne says:

    First, Love the pillow ~ great colors, great sparkle! Second, I don't feel this post is political in anyway. Third, when others make the 'rules' about our choices and lives, we have every right to voice our opinion. Let people be happy, get married…all people.

  11. magistra says:

    I would think someone is a dick, too, if they didn't let me have a basic right like getting married to the person I love. It's so obviously wrong. I hope Foebe waves her pillow in his face! People who have never felt the sting of being treated differently don't get sometimes how truly awful it can feel. I think you're being 500,000 times more restrained than I would be. Often times, people don't understand the full ramifications of what not being able to enjoy the same protections under the law can mean, either. For example, Mr. And Ms. Sparkles have no rights towards each other. Ms. Sparkles' parents could throw Mr Sparkles out of a hospital room and let him have no visitation with the person he loves. This particular cruelty was seen over and over again during the height of HIV AIDS. Tragic. Well, we are all out there trying to educate and we can see that it is working so, heads up, and onward into the task before us. Love will win out in the end! Shame on you for putting a spin on that, Molli, haha!

  12. Wendy says:

    I just don't get it. Same sex marriage has nothing to so with straight people so we don't get a say in it. Surely that makes sense?

  13. Quilting Dee says:

    Love your cushion and totally agree that Tony is a dick! Unbelievable! I just don't get what he is on about. Marriage equality will not effect Tony! But then again I think he has a problem with male/female equality too!!

  14. ~Diana says:

    Come back to the (much more liberal????) US and get married! We'll welcome you with open arms (in most states) 🙂 Cute cushion, btw…

  15. The O's says:

    You hit the nail on the head… I know it must be challenging divorcing your personal religious beliefs to those of what should be a neutral government… if he wanted to preach he should have chosen a different career, in his faith though he wouldn't be a husband or a father… any hoo. he is a dick, he looks like a dick, if the shoe fits…

    AWESOME cushiony goodness! xx

  16. Kirsten says:

    Well said! Love the sparkly cushion too!!

  17. kiwikid says:

    Love the cushion, well done with all the little pieces!! Hopefully the day will soon come when the politicians realise they are there for the people not themselves…I live in hope!! Surely if gay couples can raise children they should be able to get married?

  18. SewPsyched! says:

    Dick Dick Dick!!!!
    Well now, you know that here in America the words "Good humanbeing' and 'politician' rarely occur in the same sentence, and we still finally got marriage equality. There is hope!! I hope the tide is rising and that he can begin to see that it doesn't behoove him to continue his dickishness. I bet you anything his sister is plotting his miserable demise.
    On another note, feathers and disco balls ARE frequently mentionned in the same sentences with our politicians,…

  19. Farm Quilter says:

    Your PM sounds like my president, but for different reasons. Love your pillow!!!

  20. Sue Moore says:

    Well said! The dick should run the country not people's private lives. Love the cushion & particularly love your engagement rings! Congrats

  21. I was so angry with Tony Abbott with how he railroaded his personal beliefs through. I have a gay daughter and although she doesn't necessarily want to get married at this time I want her to have the right if she ever does. Hopefully sometime Australia with have marriage equality. Love your work

  22. Great cushion! Sorry you have a crappy Prime Minister as well! I hope election time brings someone who can remove his or her personal beliefs out of the position! There should never be a "block" to two people who want to get married!

  23. Kylie says:

    Ugh. Tony. I'm horrified and embarrassed almost every time I hear him speak. I think we need to sponsor him to join the "Don't Be A Dick" club I discovered recently. http://dontbeadickclub.bigcartel.com/ What do you think?

  24. Kylie says:

    Ugh. Tony. I'm horrified and embarrassed almost every time I hear him speak. I think we need to sponsor him to join the "Don't Be A Dick" club I discovered recently. http://dontbeadickclub.bigcartel.com/ What do you think?

  25. Lovely pillow… perhaps it's just the sort of beautiful, handcrafted, thoughtful gift that dear Tony needs to snap him out of his dickitude. If only….

  26. Lisa J. says:

    I agree dicks don't get cushions. Especially cushions as lovely as this.

  27. Paula says:

    Love the pillow, hate that you have to have a dick for a PM.

  28. greeneggs says:

    Hate our Dick of a PM, probably more upset by his turn back the boats, keep children in detention policies than anything else. But thank goodness you have posted something to lift the spirits. Love these cushions.

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