Sunday Stash #137 – Liberty Bundles of Love – Part 1 of 3

I’ve got an exciting little adventure about to begin, and I think you may be interested! You see, I’m still filtering through all the goodies I picked up at the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair back in June. Let’s just say I put a lot of junk in my trunk! I have absolutely saved the best for last though. Over the next three weeks I will be sharing my latest Liberty acquisitions (you get to say ‘acquisitions’ when speaking of Liberty–it’s in the handbook) that I received from Perth-based shop, The Strawberry Thief. At the end of this three part series there is going to be a substantial international giveaway. Are you ready? Well I’ll give you a hint now, you should make yourself acquainted with The Strawberry Thief website.
I should also tell you, if you can’t wait three weeks to maybe win whatever the hell it is I may be offering you, The Strawberry Thief has free Australia-wide shipping, and five dollar international shipping. What? I know. A cup of coffee costs five dollars in Perth, so shop-owner Robyn could possibly be depriving herself of caffeine so that she can get Liberty into your hands as cheaply as possible. That, my lovers of all things fabric, is dedication. So here’s the up and up, when selecting these Liberty Tana Lawns, I had a point to prove. It’s not all English flowers of the country-side, and retiree luncheon blouses flapping in the wind. 
Oh no! I wanted to find Liberty that included some of my favourite things about fabric: saturation, tone-on-tone, geometries, unusual colour combinations, and sophistication. (Seriously, I am sooo over animals of the Sherwood forest on my fabric! Get off.) The top bundle with that neon floral holding centre stage reminds me of fireworks, and look how saturated the rest of those colours are. Cobalt! Saffron! Magenta! Glorious! This bottom bundle, I wanted to take in the opposite direction, influenced by the sunrise over the city. Coral! Crimson! Steel! Magic! I am so ready to cut into these babies!
So I’m a tad bit excited, and you should be too, because there’s a whole world of Liberty from The Strawberry Thief to take your creative endeavours in a whole new direction! 

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  1. Kitty says:

    "I wanted to find Liberty that included some of my favourite things about fabric: saturation, tone-on-tone, geometries, unusual colour combinations, and sophistication." Yes, yes, yesss! As much as everyone swoons over Liberty, I'm just not a florals gal, and I can't jump on that bus. Educate me, oh Molli, on the finer points of Liberty love! Maybe you might convince me to buy my first liberty fabric… maybe.

  2. Liberty just RULES, they are so classic and yet always create inventive new designs too. I have to admit I'm more partial to the 'retiree luncheon blouses' prints and style but then I am British 😉

  3. No linking up for me yet again this week… still on the Fabricaholics Anonymous train. But these Zliberties are speaking my language a little more with each post. Enviably that teal one in the first pic. And 5$ international shipping? WTF! I can't get those rates from the U.S. And they're right next door. I'll be popping over to

  4. Check out the Strawberry Thief (Apologies for the broken up comment… IPad troubles!)

  5. linda says:

    $5?????? Heading over now.

  6. GranChris says:

    Strawberry Thief does have some beautiful Liberty fabric. I absolutely love this fabric. Too great for words.

  7. That coral tone in the second image is stunning! 🙂 That and the teal in the first image are tempting me in ways that Liberty has not before.

  8. Kathy says:

    Beautiful stuff at The Strawberry Thief!

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