Cool For the Summer

I mean, this is everything. Shh… don’t tell your mother. I got my mind on your body, and your body on my mind. Got a taste for the cherry, I just need to take a bite! Ow! Ow! Ow! On fiyah! As Mr. Sparkles says, “Phantasmagorical! God, I love that!” Well played, Demi, well played!

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  1. Anne says:

    You know why I can count on you? Because I've had this song stuck in my head for over a week, it keeps coming on the radio and yet no dj ever says what it is or who it's by. I keep forgetting by the time I'm at my computer to look it up, so it's been bugging me forever to know who the heck sings this song that has earwormed inside my brain! And then in my "Quilting" section of my RSS feed comes the answer. Thank you Molli. I can always count on you!!

  2. Susie says:

    Hmm I'm not too keen with an impressionable tween in the house. My daughter likes Demi but seeing her on the voice the other night I was gob smacked. her gyrating needed an M+ category. I'm no prude but I don't need an 11 yr old emulating her moves thinking it is dance then 7 yr old copying too (oh and the five yr old boy loves to move his hips too! Lol). I had to send the seven yr old off to her school disco under STRICT instructions not to twirk!

  3. V Hair says:

    Bend over and shake that tail feather Mr S!

  4. SewPsyched! says:

    Now you know this is my theme music every time I go into a fabric store right?? Complete with the hair and finger to lip!!
    ;0 XX!

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