V Hair

Yes, V Hair you get your very own blog post. My delicate sensibilities are racing with all the possibilities of what that “V” stands for!? But girl, you are a no-reply blogger and it is bugging the shit out of me so I can’t even ask ya proper. You’re also leaving some fierce comments, and I just want to be able to holla back. Please fix yourself so I can stop crying and wipe this glittery mess off my face. Thanks, love you, bye!

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  1. I am not sure what happened, but I am so sorry that it did. People hide behind the anonymity and say mean things that most of them would never say, face to face in "real life." It is a problem with them, not you! You are proud of who you are and are very talented in what you do and that is all that really matters. I look forward to your blog posts because your work is so impressive and I love your outlook on life. Keep on sparkling!

  2. Part of me says, I'm glad that's not me because I'd hate to be called out. And then the other part says, wow, I could be the subject of an entire blog post by Molli Sparkles. LOL It is frustrating when you can't respond to a comments.

  3. V Hair has a blog. I found it, so I'm guessing you have, too. I didn't try to email her, so I don't know if she's reachable. I, too, was once a no-reply blogger (oh, the shame), but someone set me on the right path, with great instructions to fix it. Maybe we should hook her up with instructions?

  4. She may be on Google Plus. No one knows how to fix this problem on Google Plus, apparently.

    • Emily C says:

      The fix is in settings. There is an option near the bottom to allow people the send you messages from your profile. You can set which circles can send messages. Obviously, if unchecked, no one can send you anything. When you upgrade to Google Plus, it stops letting people send you email, until you go adjust it. Or you can disable Google Plus.

  5. amy says:

    Oh my. I guess I need to read through some of your comboxes!!!

  6. memmens says:

    Haha I 'know' her… how is it that I can reply to her comments on my blog and you can't, is it because I use wordpress?

  7. V Hair says:

    OMG. Er, *hi*! Waves rather nervously…

  8. V Hair says:

    Sadly the "V" stands for Vicki rather than anything more…gynecological. It's difficult with a surname like Hair to come up with a neutral first name. Just ask great great grandmother Fanny Dishman. She had to have loved great great granddad Hair.

  9. V Hair says:

    Right, sorted. I'm now out there! So dry those sparkly glitzy tears Molli S and do it to me one more time!

  10. The O's says:

    I love a happy ending… I think!

  11. kiwikid says:

    Me too…..sad to see glittery tears…want the smiling Mollie back!!

  12. Oh Molli,
    Hate to see you cry. I am a no-reply blogger too. But that is not out of choice. I am on Google Plus. My blog is Sew Preeti Quilts. I wish someone would explain to me the meaning of "I sleep on the bottom bunk"
    Feel completely out of it.
    sewpreetiquilts at gmail

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