TGIFF – Passing Notes In Class

Passing Notes In Class, that’s what this is all about. It’s a quilt of secrets and hidden treasures that can only be deciphered by the sender and the recipient. I started it nearly a year ago, and it has brought joy, frustration, knowledge and loop de loop craziness to the extreme. I’m starting to think my quilts are like my children, and this one I just couldn’t kick out of my house. That’s probably because of its intense personal nature, as an open letter to my younger brother in Oklahoma and all that history. But mama, eventually even the kids has gots to go! I know you can feel that! I won’t take you through a full tour of the quilt, block by block, as I did most of that when unveiling the quilt top. However, below you’ll find plenty of photos to give you the full Molli experience, and hopefully some inspiration when you embark on your own t-shirt quilt (it will happen).
This quilt is non-transferable.
These transitional flying geese are probably my favourite part of the quilt.

Autumn in Oklahoma is when football season starts.
The science corner with fussy cut atoms, a spinning churn dash, constellations, algebra, levers and fulcrums.

Orange and black, green and purple: work that colour wheel!

Easier said than done, right?

I need to make some rainbow tornadoes!

The oversized hexagon quilting is a sly nod to athletics while also maintaining the masculine vibe.

This quilt should come with a secret decoder ring.
Title: Passing Notes In Class
Size: 92″ x 95″
Pattern: Improvisation by Molli Sparkles
Fabric: t-shirts and various quilting cottons
Piecing: t-shirts interfaced with Pellon featherweight, blocks pieced with 273 partial seams
Quilting: Hexagons 4″ by Gemma “Pretty Bobbins” Jackson, Matilda’s Own bamboo batting
Binding: Comma, hand stitched with Aurifil 40wt, colour 2620 Stainless Steel
Backing: Widescreen in Flame by Carolyn Friedlander
Favourite Part: My most personal quilt to date.

29 Responses

  1. Leanne says:

    I love this quilt, it is the best t-shirt quilt ever.

  2. GO STARS! says:

    Yay! It's back from the quilter. It's gorgeous and I know your brother will love it. If he doesn't – keep it for yourself! I have three sons with lots of t-shirts. This gives me all kinds of ideas on personalizing them.

  3. Auntie Pami says:

    I took a class on this. But nothing nothing close. Such an artist. I know your brother will love it. And Grandma Sparkles must be so proud! No words. Just love.

  4. magistra says:

    Really excellent. You have pulled the two worlds together into a creation of beauty that even the most optimistic among us must find surprising.

  5. Wow!! What an awesome t-shirt quilt. This gives me motivation to start thinking about the one I want to make with my Girl Guide t-shirts.

  6. Best t-shirt quilt I've ever seen – colours, layout and all the little extras.

  7. mascanlon says:

    Awesome! I have done a couple and gotten more Crative each time but this is a wonderful quilt full of love and meaning.

  8. ~Diana says:

    A wonderful, artistic gift for your brother~well done! And I love the quilting design by Gemma!

  9. V Hair says:

    Awesome (and brave) colour choices! I'm scared of orange.

  10. One Wee Bird says:

    Spectacular SB! xxx

  11. The O's says:

    Cody is one lucky lil' bro! Good work… I spy a maple leaf in there, that was also one of our bee blocks… that makes, how many blocks you've done in the bee I am in… um, I dunno, I've lost count! I'd love to see your rainbow tornado… that'd be epic I think.

  12. Its the most original t shirt quilt I've seen Molli. You've raised the bar with all the personal heart in there!

  13. Jayne says:

    A quilt with a message and meaning! I still can't believe this is a t shirt quilt!

  14. kiwikid says:

    Wonderful quilt…family heirloom I reckon!!

  15. Loved all the little 'extra's' that makes this more than just a t-shirt quilt – well done! 🙂

  16. Yep, still the ONLY t-shirt quilt that I have ever really loved! EXCELLENTNESS!

  17. Dominique says:

    at the risk of being completely unoriginal… BEST t-shirt quilt ever!

  18. Kathy says:

    A t-shirt quilt like no other! I would love to see the expression on your brother's face when he received this.

  19. Katy Cameron says:

    Original and unique make the most special gifts

  20. Becki says:

    Most t-shirt quilts are "same old, same old'. This is so unique and special. Would that I had the patience to put something together like this. But, NO, I do not. I cannot think outside the box. Thanks, Molli, for your inspiration.

  21. This quilt is fantastic! Clever and fun and meaningful all rolled into a visual treat.

  22. This quilt is fantastic! Clever and fun and meaningful all rolled into a visual treat.

  23. This quilt is fantastic! Clever and fun and meaningful all rolled into a visual treat.

  24. The tornado block is my fav … you really should do a rainbow version 🙂 Lucky brother, t-shirt quilts are not easy!

  25. At the great risk of repeating my self, spectacular. I think T-shirt quilts get a bad rap (static blocks don't help) but when you think about how much a quilt can be cherished, then add the personal components of t-shirts, well, that's as special as it gets!

  26. This is brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing. I am trying to make a t-shirt quilt for my daughter in love with OBU shirts and now I have some inspiration! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  1. November 12, 2016

    […] the viewer back inwards. For the backing I used a CF Crosshatch in Flame which I also used on my Passing Notes in Class t-shirt quilt, as I seem to have an endless supply of […]

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