Sunday Stash #131 – Fifi’s Fabric Floozy Giveaway

Since I’m sort of away from home this week, the only logical thing to do was bring Sunday Stash to me at the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair! I mean, for reals, I’m surrounded by stalls and stalls of fabric,  there’s surely something stash worthy here. For some reason, I bet you’d love some of it too? 
No? Oh, okay then, I’ll just keep it all for myself. A girl could get used to this kind of devotion.
[awkward silence]
Oh, please. I’m teasing you harder than a Paris showgirl with overdue rentI know perfectly well you want fabric as much as all the other fabric floozies out there. So here’s what we’re doin. Hop on over to Instagram and follow me at molli_sparkles where you’ll see the photo of what you’re gonna win. Then make sure you also follow prize sponsor fifisfabricology. Comment on that photo with your best “pick me” plea, and tag a friend in a second comment for a second chance to win. I’ll have Mr. Sparkles select a winner next Sunday, and I’ll have the minions check to make sure you’re still a follower. You gots to work hard to get a bite of my fabric! Ow! Don’t forget to let your inner fabric floozy fly!

This giveaway is for AU/NZ only, but stay tuned for some Fabric Floozy international giveaways coming soon!

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4 Responses

  1. Fred QPA says:

    Oh, so sad this is not for International! Sighs from France… but ok, I will wait!

  2. Beth Strand says:

    Sighs from the US, too. I already follow on IG, but despite not being able to play along…your posts always brighten my day! Thanks! Beth @ Words & Stitches.

  3. I already follow you on Instagram – just had a look at the prize – first time I've ever seen pre-cut drunkards path fabric, although not the first time I've seen pretty cut up drunkards :p

  4. sonalee says:

    A big sigh from India 🙁

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