Snatch My Weave Cushion

Earlier this week I showed you my Mood Ring Meltdown, and now I bring you its companion lover, Snatch My Weave. You might remember I had originally called this block Intersections. Well, I pretty soon realised that the fabulous Film in the Fridge has a block of the same name, and that just wouldn’t do. So while I was off shaking my martinis, this block had a name makeover, and is now calling itself Weave Snatchin’! You never know what fabrics you may need to snatch and throw into your weave, so it’s best to have your big stash wide open and ready! Mmmmkay!
As I said, there were some martinis involved, so this Snatch My Weave cushion is made up of four Weave Snatchin’ blocks to make it 24″ x 24″. It’s the flirtatious cougar to the more prim Mood Ring Meltdown. At that size, it is perfect for a floor cushion, or to throw on the balcony lounge chairs. It’s again backed with Essex Yarn Dyed in blue which just seems to get softer with every rub. And you know ladies, if that is happening in your relationship(s), you need a younger man! Ow!
Now let’s talk about this zipper for a hot minute. I don’t even know how to explain, and I’m sure there’s some divine tutorial out there already, but it came out pretty close to what I saw in my big ole brain. It’s not perfect by any means (flying by the seat of my hot pants, ya know) but the Aurifil 2620 Stainless Steel blends right in with that linen. Basically what I did is sew two pieces of linen together with a half inch-ish seam, iron it open, nest the zipper face down, sew the zipper in, then from the other side partially rip out the original seam holding the pieces of linen together. Clear as a Screwdriver on a Sunday?
The other new thing to me with this Snatch My Weave cushion is my first serious attempt at free motion quilting. Oh, there were some headaches, trust you me, but I came out the other side footloose and fancy free. I mean seriously, you think a little fabric and thread was going to stop me from getting my werk on? I can spot all thirty-seven mistakes in my FMQ, but for a first timer, I’m not sheddin’ one ounce of complaint. Thankfully, I had a barrage of coordinating threads that help blend in those intentional creative misdirections! *wink*wink*
This one was certainly an adventure, but boy man woman child did I learn a lot from it! Now I can’t wait to try it in some printed fabrics to see what really happens when you need to go Weave Snatchin’ in someone else’s stash!

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  1. A fine job for your first attempt at FMQ! Did you have the (seemingly always) recommended glass of wine before beginning?

  2. Jo says:

    Great job on the FMQ, and I'm not swearing!!!!! That's how I try to do my zips. I haven't progressed at all.
    Any wine helps with FMQ… Go for it….

  3. Anja says:

    Great job on your first attempt with FMQ!

  4. Love your work Molli! You can snatch a weave like no other!

  5. sonalee says:

    This is so modern and amazing. Am jumping right in to male my sister a pair for her birthday!

  6. It will be even easier if you sew normal seams at each end and then go back and sew the longest stitches your machine will do where the zipper will be. It's a lot easier to unpick

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