Fabric Sketches and Birthdays

Thank you to everyone for your sparkling Happy Birthday wishes! I turned an ever-youthful thirty-four on Tuesday, 26 May, and it was a wonderful day. The funniest thing about my birthday these days is that Mr. Sparkles’s birthday is the day after on 27 May. (Say hello in the comments!) Can you imagine two Geminis together for ten years? No wonder I have a split personality!
I’ve been contemplating my next big project a lot, so I’ve been a bit creatively restless. Making a quilt is obviously a big commitment, and after finishing up two queen-sized quilts recently, I’m just feeling hesitant. To that end, I’ve started playing around with various scraps to see if anything strikes my fancy. These aren’t the fabrics I would use, nor these colours, just playing around more with technique and composition at the moment. Let’s just call them fabric sketches.

Then this big scrap heap is a 15″ x 18″ block made from all the crazy left overs from the Lost Feathers of an Angel quilt. If you’ve made those AMH feathers, you know the shardy scraps you get from the strip sets after you cut out the feather shapes. I couldn’t throw all that fabric goodness away so I sewed it all back up into this mess. I’m thinking of slicing it on the diagonal, adding a neutral, and turning it into two throw cushions. More matchstick quilting: yes.

I know you’ve seen hundreds of these before! Of course it is Carolyn Friedlander’s Shirts pattern, and I’m so excited I finally made one! This was only my test block, as I’ve got a very special and sensitive project coming up using this pattern. I kind of want my own quilt of shirts now too though. Ugh, must make all the things! 

So yeah, as you can see, my birthday brings a lot of random things. It feels good to spit out ideas into fabric though, otherwise my brain might just explode glitter all over the place. Now wouldn’t you like to see that!?

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  1. Leanne says:

    Happy Birthday to both of you!

  2. pennydog says:

    Yes yes yes to the throw cushions- YES. Happy birthday both of you!

  3. charlotte says:

    Happy happy Birthday birthday to the two Geminis.

  4. Happy Birthday to you both. Hope all your wishes come true. Your fabric sketches are great.

  5. memmens says:

    Brilliant use of scraps and lovely shirt, I have a stack of them, still waiting for me to do something with them. Hope you've had great celebrations.

  6. Auntie Pami says:

    Hum. Shirts. You could really have a play with those

  7. Carol Q says:

    aw, missed your birthday. lots of happy birthday wishes to both of you x love the lost feathers left overs

  8. Jayne says:

    Happy late birthday to you both! Sometimes just playing with random scraps brings on some great ideas! Play away

  9. gnomeangel says:

    Happy Belated Birthday to both you and Mr Sparkles! How fun to have them both so close together. May you have many many more together! <3

  10. A very Happy Belated to you, along with a big hug for Mr. Sparkles on his Birthday. I also am a May baby, but fall under the sign of the bull (Taurus). Congratulations on spending 10 years together, made extra special by the fact that you are both Gemini's. Next month, my husband and I will celebrate 60 years together! It's really hard to believe that so many years have passed us by, but realize it every morning when I look in the mirror at the wrinkled face and turkey necked woman who stares back at me. Hugs to you both. lv2bquilting2@comcast.net

  11. Happy Birthday to the Sparkles! you are so much fun!

  12. Georgi says:

    Happy Birthday to you and Mr. Sparkles ~ I'm a Gemini baby too (June 7th)! Love your blog ~ your quilts have really inspired this fairly new quilter. Keep 'em comin!

  13. Farm Quilter says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Sparkles!!! Hope you both enjoyed sparkling days!

  14. jeifner says:

    Happy birthday to you and to Mr Sparkles!!

  15. kiwikid says:

    Happy belated birthday to you and Mr Sparkles…hope you both had wonderful days!! Love your blocks above, bright colours are good!!!

  16. SewPsyched! says:

    I would like to see all of that glittery goodness!! but only if you could put it back, no harm no foul 🙂
    Happy Happy Joy Joy to you two!! XX!

  17. Allison says:

    Paper piecing, flying geese, and strip projects cut on the diagonal always give me the same sad dilemma of what to do with all the too good to throw away leftovers. Two thumbs on the start of your save-the-shardy-scraps cushions!

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag and greetings from Germany!

  18. Happy Birthday to you both! Must be a lot of celebrating going on there!

  19. Paula says:

    Belatedly wishing both you and Mr Sparkles very happy birthdays. You always find such great uses for scraps. I always seem to be full of good intentions when it comes to mine but never seem to get that far. One day…

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