Preparing for AQC!

Just a quick howdy and hello to y’all today! I want to first thank everyone for their amazing words of kindness towards the t-shirt quilt, and my new role as Juki Brand Ambassador. Your support (especially when the haters try to hate) means the world to me. I wouldn’t be here without you! So in preparation of heading to the Australasian Quilt Convention to do my demo thang at the Juki Stand (104), I made this Noodle-Head Open Wide Zippered Pouch. Can you even believe this is my very first pouch! I know, I know, why did it take so long? I had to make it though! 

I have so many important things to take with me: my glitter pen for autographs, my vial of silver glitter to make every occasion sparkle, my rainbow-sparkle-M name badge, and my rotary cutter for said haters. I used some mini-charms of Shimmer direct from fabric designer extraordinaire, Jennifer Sampou herself, combined with a piece of Echino, and some upholstery fabric for the lining. It’s not in a traditional colour-way for me, but to be using something made of my own hand is quite exhilarating! I’m sure you feel this way too! 
Now can we talk about this screen grab from the AQC website? Quilt celebrity? What?! I am flattered, honoured, and privileged to be amongst this company. Like seriously, I’m right below Jinny Beyer. Shut the front door. No high expectations or anything! Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go prepare my top-shelf hair weave for a good blow-out!

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  1. Cathy L says:

    Love your zippered pouch! Nice fabric selection as always. Don't listen to those haters. They are only revealing their own shortcomings. Enjoy the AQC.

  2. charlotte says:

    Love your pouch. That is the best pattern ever and you can make so many variations with it. You need to make more! Also, boo to the haters. Let's just not give them another thought. They are not worth it. Have a blast, you big quilting celebrity!

  3. Jo says:

    Love following your happy blog.
    See you at the show. I'll be helping out at Jan-Maree's stand for the AUSSIE HEROes…
    Keep ip your good work

  4. Next you'll be whipping up a custom lanyard in glitter/shimmer to hold your M! Gotta love that Open Wide Pouch… Anna's patterns are always a winner!

  5. Carol Q says:

    No need to repeat – I'll just second all the above posts! lol x

  6. Farm Quilter says:

    Great pouch! I haven't made one myself…yet, but maybe soon! Why would anyone hate you? You are cheerful, creative, talented and would be loads of fun to spend time with…oh, I get it, they are jealous of you and your successes! Pity the poor. small haters, they hate themselves and try to deflect their self-loathing onto anyone who has what they want for themselves!

  7. Love the pouch! I think I need to make one. I wish I could attend the AQC and enjoy your wonderful sense of humor in person. You always make me chuckle. (Does anybody still use that word?) Haters are just scared, little minds that are intimidated by your fabulousness. Pity the fools.

  8. SewPsyched! says:

    you are gonna ROCK this !!!!!
    (hahaha! rotary cutter for the haters!! )

  9. Ben says:

    TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!! I would give an arm and a leg to go to the AQC! Sadly we have to move and can't afford it 🙁

  10. Ben says:

    TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!! I would give an arm and a leg to go to the AQC! Sadly we have to move and can't afford it 🙁

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