Sunday Stash #116 – Liberty & Lasers

What an amazing night! The Sydney Mardi Gras Parade exploded down Oxford Street last night with confetti cannons, drag queen divas, giggling gays, laughing lesbians, and throngs of spectators every which way and up. Normally I would think they were all just there for my majestic ass, but there was no denying everyone was a fan of everyone! Love was surely in the air! I’ll be posting some photo highlights just as soon as I have a red hot minute to sort through them all.

Right now though, there are two things on my mind: Liberty and Lasers! The lovely Danielle (IG: @beautifulhandmade) decided that she was going to start sending me half of her Liberty Stash Club subscription each month. Bang! Bang! What?! She is claiming this is simply a thank you for organising #SewingForSydney but I think she is auditioning to be some kind of fabric fairy or something! Either way, these Liberty prints are doing something all kinds of naughty to me!

Lasers? Did I mention lasers? That’s right! Well, my friends and I didn’t go to the official Mardi Gras after-party last night because we were saving ourselves for a day party today called, Apollo: Ray of Light. Now listen, any party that references the Greek god of the sun, and one of Madonna’s greatest hits, well that’s where I want to be! It’s full of trance music and lasers times infinity. As you can see from a photo of last year’s event, this is truly the place to sparkle!
I’ll speak to you in a few days after I stop vibrating off the walls and my eyes stop wobbling in their sockets! Lots of fabric love, liberty and lasers to you all!

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  1. SewPsyched! says:

    So glad you had such a great time! Woo! What an awesome community! Sparkle ON!!

  2. Paula says:

    Wow, how lucky are you to have such a generous friend. I'm a complete Liberty addict these days, so much so that I even recently briefly considered destashing a lot of the rest of my stash. Thankfully I only briefly list my sanity. Looks and sounds like you've been having an amazing Mardi Gras. Keep on sparkling!

  3. Kacey says:

    Generous friend! I don't have any Liberty – it comes in such an interesting variety of prints!

  4. What, what a super generous fabric gift to receive! I hope you are having a fantastic time and look forward to more photos and summaries when you get a chance. 🙂

  5. Jayne says:

    What a great friend! I have never used Liberty before and just recently actually touched some! I am so sheltered!

  6. Beautiful Liberty and how nice of her to share! Enjoy those lasers 🙂

  7. I would love to go to yall Mardi Gras! I live near New Orleans Louisiana. About 45 minutes away so I go to Bourbon Street Mardi Gras nearly every year! So fun!!

  8. Love the liberty prints and would really like to use them in a quilt but haven't found a pattern that would be suitable so am interested to see what you do with them Molli. When in Perth last week came across a beautiful shop called Calico and Ivy where they had the most extensive range of Liberty prints I have ever seen, really had trouble leaving the shop just wanted to take them all home. Now Lasers – I can see something very Molli there, they are great inspiration for your always fantastic work!

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