Tidal Lace Giveaway

Late last year I got an email out of the windy blue from Kim Anderson of I Adore Pattern. Normally, I have my personal assistant slash shirtless pool boy respond to the fan mail, but for some reason on this particular day, I was picking up some of his slack. (Double entendre, I dare say!) I’m so glad I did though because that aforementioned pool boy probably would have just popped a headshot in the mail and went about making me a drink. Come to think of it, why am I emptied-handed right now?!

Despite all of this, Kim was actually emailing me to let me know about her new collection for Windham Fabrics called Tidal Lace that came out in January. She even went so far as to offer to send me some to play with, and a fat quarter bundle to giveaway to my AU/NZ readers. Well, hello Ms. Generosity! (Sorry for the rest of world readers, you’ll have to sit this round out). The full range should be hitting your LQS very, very soon as it is currently at sea on its way here; the irony!

Now, for those of you who know me well, you’re probably thinking, “Tidal Lace… hmm, that doesn’t really seem to fit Molli’s aesthetic per se.” That my dear Glitterati, is exactly why I said, “YES, I need me some of that!” I saw this as an opportunity to stretch my creative wings and work outside my bright colour palette and typical design flair. I haven’t worked with pastels since the early days when I made Bartering for Flowers, and that one still hurts my eyes a bit. Redemption was upon me.
As Kim and I conversed more, I discovered she’s originally from Sydney, and now lives in the San Francisco Bay area. I began to see how she would be so influenced to make a collection called Tidal Lace with all that time living near coastal waters. I also explored her website to find that her aesthetic is much broader than this lovely collection of subdued and peaceful hues. There’s a reason her site is called I Adore Pattern, and I am totally on board!

The Tidal Lace collection contains mostly blender fabrics in multiple colour ways, so they actually make really wonderful stash additions for all those bee blocks and swaps you signed up for (and are now wondering, what have I done?!) There are also a few feature prints included showcasing hand drawn shells, coral, and other sea life you’d find in the shallows of tide pools. Now these aren’t my personal favourite, but I have seen some really wonderful kids clothes made out of these, so the collection gives you lots of options.

The netting fabrics are my favourite because of their versatility. They’d work equally well in the background or the foreground. Plus, if you’re looking for traditional gender colours, they’re all here but with a more sophisticated twist. I’ve started making a few blocks from these fabrics that I’ll share later in the week. (I may have already let the dolphin out of the net on IG: molli_sparkles). I had to search hard for my inspiration, but when it came, it was like a wave washing over me.

So you wanna wanna win this fat quarter bundle of Tidal Lace by Kim Anderson? AU/NZ readers should leave a comment below over the next week sharing with me and the world a colour palette, design or style of fabric that makes you a little bit uncomfortable to work with. Trust me, once you say it out loud, half the fear is gone, and you’ll be on your way to stitching it out! It’s a good idea to leave your email address with your comment just in case you are a no-reply blogger. My pool boy will have no extra time to try and track you down because he is going to be too busy refreshing my drink! Work, mama, work!

129 Responses

  1. Quiltjane says:

    In three words – purple, batik and large florals.

  2. MichelleC says:

    Omg yes please they are gawjus

  3. Suesews Too says:

    Brown, yellows, and batiks. I sold a heap of them because I couldn't face using them.

  4. Debby Hill says:

    Dark brown, postage stamp, strong yellow.
    The Tidal Lace bundle would look great in Aussie Hero Quilts

  5. Sue Moore says:

    Reproduction fabric and little flowers

  6. Batics!! I don't go near them! (And that bundle is so yummy!)

  7. 1930's repro fabric, not really my fabric colour choice, but never say never!!

  8. Tara Steen says:

    Country fabrics with farm animals and such on them in colours of dark reds, greens and browns.

  9. I'm still waiting for the low volume and solid colours of present trends to work their magic on me. I too adore pattern!

  10. Any fabric that doesn't have life ie: dirty, muddy colours

  11. Batik, boring brown and Japanese gold stuff brrr makes me shiver

  12. rbennett@aapt.net.au
    Orientals – especially those ones with the bits of gold on them…………what was I thinking?!!!

  13. Susan Ikin says:

    I don't like beiges and mushroom pinks. I'd love to have a go with Tidal lace doing some sort of shell pattern.

  14. I loathe Shabby Chic Florals (what the hell are they?) a bit scared of plaids until I went to a lecture by Luana Rubin. I love these pastels though.

  15. Emma says:

    Pastels, pastels, pastels!!! Having said that I would use them for someone if they wanted it.

  16. Lis Martion says:

    Mmm! Well stripes are a bit scary as is yellow and large prints. (Need plenty of kool drinks for syripes or else ya go dizzy 🍻) ☺

  17. gemmit scott says:

    OOOO look it blues! love it love it love it . O genie of the stash please make this mine 🙂

  18. maxine says:

    Pastels and Japanese fabrics overwhelm my senses and I cant see a pattern to suit .

  19. Linden Vine says:

    I can't do Reproduction/Civil War fabrics, nor 1930s prints. I love what other people can do with them but I can't work with them

  20. Stripes, pastels and bright orange, no idea what to do with gem

  21. Luisa says:

    Browns, oranges and golds, I'm over country coloured quilts, but this fabric bundle I would love💗

  22. Dawn says:

    Brown is ugh ewwww and just plain awful………. The Lacey lovelies above however are just gorgeous, pretty and fresh

  23. Japanese fabrics are my hardest fabrics to work with. So much going on.

  24. DeborahGun says:

    reds and browns are definitely the most difficult for me.

  25. Jeannie says:

    I have a fear of using Yellow, I have it in my stash but not in my quilts. I layout my quilt with the yellow in and it pops! but it makes me feel uncomfortable and I only feel better when it's gone. How do I cure my yellow fever?

  26. Tara G says:

    Improv. Lord knows I love me some symmetry, and my brain cannot cope with the wonk! But I really love the look of some of it, and would love to be able to make it work!

  27. Wendy Lawton says:

    creams, browns and large florals….urgh….. love what you have there though……

  28. Not sure what happened, I coomented and it got lost!!! Well try again, my email rkhanbhai@gmail.com.

    Colours can't seem to work with dark Browns, dark greens and dirty yellow etc. love blues and pinks though. And love the tidal lace collection, looks really sauve

  29. Yellows!!! …there I said it…..now I can move on…LOL!!!

  30. I have a definite aversion to purple. tinnysewing@yahoo.com.au

  31. Katt Wade says:

    Minky is such a pain to work with as it is SOOOOOO slippery! I hate pink with a passion and really girly girly patterns I can't stand.. yick 😮😕😉 hehehe

  32. Fran C says:

    Have trouble working with browns and greens unless they are used in a landscape. I don't like green at all throwback to the first work uniform I had to wear.

  33. I have a difficult time creating or designing a quilt with Dark Greens and Dark Browns. With the exception of using them in Appliqué and in that case definitely large florals are the worst.

  34. Anything Brown or beige is a no go for me. Love my bright colors! ..( Although I do use Brown and beige in my seascapes).. ah well, I still don't like them.

  35. Jen says:

    This is such a gorgeous fabric range!!! Thanks for the chance to win it!!! I don't do neon myself, or browns and muddy colours, although I'm collecting them to make a quilt for my dad who is a brown kinda guy. Never used batiks, but have been given some recently, and civil war stuff has not got a look in on my sewing table yet!!!

  36. Unknown says:

    Checks and nautical color schemes frighten the living daylights out of me!

  37. Poka dots drive me dotty, stripes make me silly and ,zig zags drive me up the wall. . . I would be in seaside heaven making some pretty things for my pretty perfect little granddaughter with theses pretty patches – Melva Morakinyo – melvamorak@live.com

  38. Fantabulous colours that push me away from my comfort zone of purples!

  39. Yes, Yes and Yes. They are so pretty

  40. I must admit that I always skip the pastels! Bit scared of them too. Bright is usually my thing. But might have to take the plunge and try them. 🙂

  41. Definitely think a quilt for friends who live by the ocean, beautiful blues and pastel greens, very calming colours.

  42. Peafuub says:

    Browns, plaids and very large prints…and thank you

  43. Linda says:

    I really struggle with autumn tones – baby poo mustard, dirty greens, etc. Yewk!!!! tidal Lace would make a wonderful wall hanging and cushions in my dream beach home (which is still a dream!). But I'd still love to win this 4/4 pack.

  44. toile and plaid give me the heebie geebies. But i love the look of these, especially the netting designs.

  45. I'm not a pink girl, I struggle with purple…& batiks…ewww!!!

  46. Serena says:

    What makes me uncomfortable? Yellows. I sorted my stash recently and the yellow drawer is almost empty. Oh my god, I am turning into my mother!

  47. helloally says:

    Omg i just can't deal with batiks & really large flowers…:/

  48. I struggle with incorporating any red or purple into my sewing, and large prints and batiks don't make it into my stash either as yet. This new collection looks amazing though! urbanpolyester@gmail.com

  49. helloally says:

    Omg i just can't deal with batiks & really large flowers…:/

  50. helloally says:

    Omg i just can't deal with batiks & really large flowers…:/

  51. Sue says:

    used love autumn tones now I can't stand them or country or civil war

  52. Dianne W says:

    I really love Anna Maria Horner fabrics with all those strong, dark, murky colours but have never bought any because I have no idea how to use them and show them off, I'm too scared I'll get it wrong and it will look disgusting.

  53. Stripes are very hard to work with!

  54. helloally says:

    Omg i just can't deal with batiks & really large flowers…:/

  55. PATCH PAL says:

    don't like working with any shades of blue, not sure why ,also civil war, and any muddy looking fabrics.

  56. lynn Anthony says:

    Dear Jane is a design I would struggle with, totally green no way. Never say never, anything is possible!!!

  57. fat_stash says:

    I get very anxious at the thought of stripes 'cause they threaten to reveal a multitude of sins…. Having said that, I have avoided even saying the word 'pastels' out loud since the 80's – might be time to face up to them 🙂

  58. fat_stash says:

    I get very anxious at the thought of stripes 'cause they threaten to reveal a multitude of sins…. Having said that, I have avoided even saying the word 'pastels' out loud since the 80's – might be time to face up to them 🙂

  59. I struggle with the girlie colours I'm doing the patchwork city and realised that I have a lack of pink or purple

  60. Tracey says:

    Yellows and purples, love seeing them in quilts, but not something I'm drawn to at the fabric store. Thanks to you and Kim for the generous giveaway. traceylb74@gmail.com

  61. Alison says:

    Pastels are what I fear most

  62. shez says:

    Wow what a lovely range of fabric and Thankyou for hosting this wonderful giveaway ,and brights and batiks scare me to work with

  63. ES says:

    emilyste7ens at gmail dot com I am only a newbie so I dive right in and try most things. Stripes are scray coz i am still learning how to cut and sew straight!! haha

  64. Robin's nest says:

    Thanks for this opportunity Molli. As a loong time teacher librarian of children 0 -18, I have developed a serious and debilitating aversion to rich browns. Something in the warm brown spectrum smeared on books, or anything for that matter… is not good. I cannot think of brown in a quilt. Coffee, camel, caramel, chocolate and moccha, maybe: but I just don't do brown. I also look for bright, modern and funky design, fussy cut but not fussy busy in the tradition of stern Victorian ladies, as I feel someone's great grandma (probably mine, one bad ass white haired Frau in a tight plaited bun), might be haunting the place. Love Marg clarkemj@internode.on.net

  65. Rainbow, Dora the explorer and spiderweb design fabric give me the heebie jeebies!

  66. Large florals and beige to browns. Yuk

  67. Fran says:

    I struggle with batik fabrics (even after seeing your super cute batik number!) & repro florals are also out of my comfort zone. Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful fabrics.

  68. OMGawd…. where does one start? Yellow – chug – Brown – blah and green – a colour I normally like but for goodness sake put them together and they make me feel soooo nauseous ! Thank your wonderful friend for offering an opportunity to one of your followers to play with and enrich their colour palette !!

  69. AMM says:

    Where do I start? – Civil War reproduction, 'muddy' colours, batiks and maroon. It also goes without saying the Masala will never darken my door.

  70. Just Ayns says:

    Anything that is not colour co-ordinated scares the living daylights out of me! I have never made a quilt with more than three colour ways. I am still a beginner so will endeavour to be more daring next quilt. Thank you for the opportunity to win these Molli Sparkles and Kim Anderson!

  71. Ruth Hellyer says:

    Picture prints, because I'm afraid to cut them up ever since my third grade teacher frowned on my fabric choice and uneven stitches. Four quilts later, and I'm laughing now! Ruth at hellyers@bigpond.net.au

  72. Large prints for me! These are gorgeous Molli! 🙂

  73. Sooli says:

    Pastels are my kryptonite! They just feel bland to me when you can have COLOUR (sorry for shouting there, got a bit excited!), love my colour. Brilliant giveaway. Bet you've been fondling it though haven't you?!

  74. aussiesunset77@hotmail.com
    Stripes, cheveron prints, hug flowers and dull bland colours. I've never liked them so avoid them like the plague.
    Love these fabrics they look delicious lol

  75. nylirrek says:

    Dots and small flowery prints. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  76. Julie Beard says:

    Molli and Kim thank you both for this spectactular giveaway. Kim your fabric speaks of the australia coast and it's beaches and of course also reminds me alot of summer and all that fun that we always seem to have. Now my colour that I hate to work with is black. It is so hard to keep clean once you've have sandwich your quilt together like mine. The batting is all over my wall hanging while I take a break from sewing to organise my craft room!Not sure how long it will take to get it clean!! The other colours that I am fearful of is browns and red fabrics. So to break this fear I have decided to make a scrappy quilt using one of Bonnie Hunters designs once I have collected sufficient fabrics. I've got my finger crossed that I win this giveaway as I want to make a bag for a good friend who needs a lift. She works extremely hard has been told that she can't have any holidays at the moment due to no staff cover. She is a doctor and works in Sydney. She has devoted a lot of time at her job and to her patients and hates all the cut backs that her employer is suffering. Hence no holidays for a while. julie Beard julie714@adam.com.au

  77. Vicki Price says:

    I think any color can be made to look gorgeous, but I just can't get thrilled about yellow-greens, mustards and bright primary greens. I will NEVER make a scrap vomit quilt – they all look fugly to me.

  78. Julie says:

    I have struggled with bright orange, yellow and purple. I have to agree with Vicki's comment on scrap vomit quilts too, and I am not very good and random scrappy either. Thanks for the opportunity.

  79. Robyn says:

    The blues and greens are probably the hardest for me, but I've been working on adding some in now and then… Little bits… Baby steps!

  80. I don't like red! It's possibly because it doesn't suit my fair complexion and therefore I never wear red. As a result I don't quilt with red either – you know, quilters tend to dress to match their quilts. I'd love to win the bundle. Wendy from NZ.

  81. Purple is one I struggle with. Cant bring myself to use

  82. Kirsten says:

    Lovely fabrics ! I have trouble with using pastels, especially pinks and purples and lemony tones.

  83. Dark, muted colours. These are pretty, though!

  84. Anything floral or large print

  85. Ruth Rocker says:

    I can't stand the dark, muddy Civil War prints. Yuck!

  86. Bec Walsh says:

    Ginghams. I've collected a few through stash club and I'm at a loss about how to use them. Red and white quilts make me uncomfortable, maybe it's a laundry thing.

  87. SUZIPINK says:

    Orange!! It reminds me of my mothers kitchen laminate!!

  88. Heather says:

    I don't do pretty florals, especially pink florals.

  89. Deeau says:

    Batiks…can never seem to pick what goes well together …always ends up looking all the same with no definition to my blocks

  90. The O's says:

    I can't stand earthy country tones, they seem drab and dull. Before I read the text on this post the FIRST thing that sprung to mind was My Best Friends Wedding and the lobster cafe scene where they are all singing!

  91. Those fabrics are gorgeous! For me, I can't use reproduction or soft little pretties. I don't understand them at all. My brain craves brights, although I'm trying to expand my horizons a bit. Thanks to you and Kim for the opportunity to win some of those beautiful fabrics. email is cathrynstone@bigpond.com

  92. Firstly, thanks for the opportunity. And thanks for sewing for Sydney. I had some blocks but lacked the skill to make them the correct size. Taught me something though! I need to watch the seam allowance to the thread! I can't use cutesy girl prints or sunbonnet sue's type of thing…gag! Perhaps I can use these and make some more undersize # and actually get a quilt out of them? LOL!

  93. Jacks Room says:

    Uncomfortable for me = batiks!!

  94. cahirasnana says:

    I struggle to use pastels. Also, I don't use much yellow in my quilts although I try to as I read "somewhere" once that you should always try to include a bit of yellow in your quilts as it adds a bit of sparkle.

  95. SewPsyched! says:

    Molli!! I am laughing so hard that the tears are making that pool boy into two! Bonus!!!
    I'm from Alaska, so don't qualify, just wanted to say, another great post, and man, those net fabrics do sing!!

  96. Large florals scare me to death, a fear based on the finale not doing them justice.

  97. rubyyj94 says:

    I have always avoided using yellows and browns, in all my sewing.

  98. Christa says:

    Uncomfortable with Batiks, Brown and large flowers. Thank you for the opportunity.

  99. Min Matthews says:

    Uncomfortable with greens, yellows and browns. hermionemat@gmail.com

  100. Sue says:

    Out of my comfort zone would be using any colour that I truly dislike. In this bundle's case it would be that coral pink. I'm seeing it in all the home dec magazines though. Perhaps it would be worth playing with… Anyway, love the blues and I would love winning this bundle just for them. Thanks for the chance

  101. Linda Okeefe says:

    I don't like anything tea-dyed or country. I am not really comfortable working with large prints but am trying to overcome that one because I love the look of it. The tidal lace has gorgeous colours and would work with a lot of the fabrics I already have. lindakwilts@gmail.com

  102. Maria says:

    Not happy working with civil war fabrics…… Love that bundle of Tidal Lace though and thanks for a chance to win it….mariawilaon4@westnet.com.au

  103. Jo says:

    I find Kaffe Fasset hard to work with. Lots of colour BUT…….

  104. Claire says:

    Reds , batiks and browns I find hard to work with

  105. Salley says:

    Oh Molli Molli .. I wanna wanna..that ahmarhzing fabric . .what a clever lassie is Kim!

    Now for my darkest secret. …which i KNOW i've already shared with you before . . maroon…. (or "masala" for those who pant after pantone)


    And Look! Kim didnt use a smidgeon of maroon either. Now, she's my kind of gal!

  106. Peaches1003 says:

    Mmm, I really am not a fan of those really bright Kaffe Fasset prints or Civil War fabrics. As I tell my little when she doesn't like something "it's just not for me" (as opposed to "gross" accompanied by spitting food back out)

  107. Bridget says:

    Browns and large print

  108. hmm would be great for my first art quilt, a nautical theme 🙂

  109. Alesha Klein says:

    Very nice collection, I love working with pastels. Not fond of yellows (try hard to stay away from) and Batiks are just not favored either. Thank you for sharing the giveaway.

  110. Jessica says:

    Too easy – traditional style cream, maroon & hunter green. I was fascinated by the diamonds making up stars in a quilt my parents had on their bed but I could never understand why they had a Christmas colour quilt all year around. In a more general sense any colour combos that have a strong association with a recognisable event or group, mostly because I don't want something I make to be a this quilt or a that quilt just because of colour association (I do it to myself)

  111. Anything brown, yellow-gold or farmish

  112. Laurelle says:

    Nice fabrics and definitely some handy stash builders in that bundle. 🙂 I have never made a completely solids quilt. I find just solids alone a bit scary and everyone is doing it these days! As for everyone mentioning batiks I am also with them there. Don't own any, don't want any, not really attracted to them. Thanks for the giveaway chance 🙂

  113. Mel says:

    Just cannot do marbled fabrics, beige, kiwiana, or really lifelike prints of things like vegetables. A broccoli quilt, anyone? Thanks Molli. Mel (melanie99@gmail.com)

  114. marina clark says:

    FINALLY a competition I can win just because I live in Melb…. YES oh the fabric is gorgeous. Please ask pool boy to stir not shake it bruises the vodka.

  115. I just finished a quilt that is black and white with splashes of teal. It was way out of my comfort zone but has turned out beautifully. I can't wait to give it to my sister-in-law for her 60th birthday. Thanks for the giveaway. And hi to the pool boy. Wish I had one.

  116. Suze says:

    Since I live in the good old US of A, I only have one word to say – DRAT!

  117. Naomi says:

    Gaudy baby fabric with those abc's and dark teddy bears are the worst.

  118. Anne D says:

    I am not a fan of 1930s and civil war fabric. Definitely a fan of tidal lace, it is gorgeous

  119. Rachel says:

    country browns, reds and greens and cream/beige. nor large prints.

  120. Ali w says:

    I avoid novelty or whimsical prints, or anything with an image that is almost photographic. I also avoid "kiwiana" which I guess would be categorised as novelty fabric. Of those things the kiwiana and photographic would be things I don't ever wish to contemplate, but I think some novelty prints could get used by me eventually as they could look great cut up! Here's the irony – I love Tula Pink, which is somewhat whimsical, so I guess my dislike of whimsy depends on how twee it is as a certain type of kitsch becomes impossibly chic! Love this Tidal fabric – not whimsical or novelty in my book!

  121. Pattie Crum says:

    Civil War gives me the willies. Also peach makes me throw up a little in my mouth. That being said I have made quilts with Thimbleberries fabric and I still like them.

  1. November 9, 2015

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